Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Another month starting with another Currently linkup - awhoo hoo!  So, what does Anne have going on this month?  Well, come along & check it out!  :)

Doing...the best I can not to go beat some sense into the girls' mom.  She was at it again last night with Sunshine.  It drives me nuts because Sunshine is such a kind-hearted kid & I really don't want her to end up broken like her sister & I fear that her mother is doing the same thing.  Ugh!

Enjoying...that Sunshine will be competing in her gymnastics meet this weekend!  She thought on Monday that she wouldn't be competing & was REALLY upset about it.  She told me last night that she got her vault & will be competing in vault for the meet!  Awhoo hoo!  I was so proud that I could not stop hugging her last night!

Cooking...quesadillas.  I'm gonna be making quesadillas tonight with or without chicken & I'm gonna make my own pico to go with them.  I am SO damn excited.  So, lunch will be pretty busy for me with running to the grocery store, getting home to start the chicken in the crock, make the pico & hopefully start the laundry.

Wrapping...nothing.  I have not wrapped a single present yet.  I probably should but I usually wait until my mini-vacation before Christmas to wrap everything while watching the Christmas episodes of Friends.  However, I do have plans this weekend to help Jill wrap presents for the kids.

Playing...a whole heck of nothing.  I should be listening to my "Merry Christmas" playlist on Spotify but I haven't.  It's wrong of me, this I know.  :\

Monday, December 5, 2016

Musical Monday / Weekend Update...

  Musical Monday:  Here Comes Santa Claus by Elvis.  Since Paul & Sunshine got the Christmas tree yesterday, got her all decorated & there is some snow on the ground, I'm feeling the Christmas tune a little bit more.  So, here is one of my favorites.  :)

  Weekend Update:

    Friday - I wasn't feeling well so I got home, made up the veggie bags for Sunshine's gymnastics meet the next day, had a quick supper & laid down.  I pretty much slept all night & until noon on Saturday.

    Saturday - since Sunshine didn't get to compete in this meet, they let me sleep &, like I said, I slept until noon.  I slowly got moving around, got ready & such.  Sunshine & I went to "K"'s winter dance recital & I was really sad that this was the first year in many that Sunshine wasn't on that stage.  I was, however, upset by the lack of Christmas songs at the recital.  They had two interpretive dances that each went on for about twenty minutes & they were horrible!  I cannot believe the teachers thought those were a good idea.  Blah!  We then got home & went to bed.

    Sunday - a usual Sunday:  chores, making soup, making bread, watching football.  We even had some snow so after the Packer game, Paul & Sunshine went to pick out the Christmas tree & decorated it (it's their thing to do together).  Then my brother & his girlfriend stopped over for a bit & then it was time for my usual Sunday night fun - shower, nails, The Walking Dead, reading & bed.

Sunshine making her snowgal.

The finished product.  :)

Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Five...

Why, hello, everyone.  'Tis that day of the week when we all pick five things to talk about.  So, if you would like to linkup you can head on over to Karli (I like the new button, by the way!) &/or Liz.

My five this week are five Christmas gifts that I got for Sunshine.

  1.  Adidas pants.  I had more thing to get her & she mentioned at her gymnastics meeting that she wanted a pair of these.  I got online & picked her up a pair ending my Christmas shopping for her.

  2.  Paper lanterns.  They were on sale one day at The Walmart & I couldn't resist getting them for her to hang in her bedroom.

  3.  A wax warmer & melts.  She has her bedroom upstairs & we don't allow candle burning up there were it cannot be watched.  Plus, with the mess a teenage girl makes, something is bound to catch on fire.  Anywho, so I got her this warmer and some melts that she can use to make things smell all nice & stuff.  :)

  4.  A Pink sweatshirt & matching socks.  I couldn't find a picture of the sweatshirt or socks but I'll be honest with ya, I didn't look very hard.  Ha!  Just know that it's cute & I know that she will love them.

  5.  Ghostbusters.  Sunshine love, love, LOVES Melissa McCarthy so I thought that she would enjoy this (my cousin bought her The Boss) so she should have her fill of MM.  :)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thankful Thursday...

    I am thankful...that I got my Christmas cards all out last Friday & that people have already been receiving them!  Now, it's my turn to receive some cards to hang on the front door.  I love receiving them & looking at all the smiling faces & reading the fun "family letters" especially from my aunt, Nellie.  :)

    I am thankful...that I got to have a nice evening with my mom & her boyfriend last night.  I had to drop off Sunshine's Christmas gift & pick up her pet carrier so I could take all three cats to the vet this morning so she fed me one of my favorite meals that I never get to have at home - tuna casserole.  & then when I got home, Jill was on her way over so I chatted with her, helped Sunshine with her outfit for tomorrow (she has to dress up as the gymnastics team has a meet this weekend) & then to bed to read & such.

    I am thankful...for this coloring book that I got Trouble as part of her Christmas present.  I looked through it yesterday when it was delivered & I really think that I'm gonna look at more of their books.  It is awesome & SO her!  I got her all things that she could use to calm/relax - a Himalayan salt lamp, sleep lotion & bubble bath, the coloring book & a big ol' pack of colored pencils.  She'll also get a gift certificate for our tattoo parlor & she already got a ticket to go see some rapper guy.

So, what are some things
that YOU are thankful for on this Thursday?!

Makes Me Happy Pics: November Edition...

Here are the things that made me happy during the month of November:

Me with the GM of the local
baseball team & their trophy.

Hanging out at Hobby Lobby
with one of my BFF's.  :)

Morning coffee brought to me 
by my hubby before jetting off
to Green Bay for a Packer game.

Reading The Walking Dead.

Being at Lambeau Field...
even though they lost.

Being able to vote!

Getting this in the mail,
"Z"'s first school picture.
I love him!

Some coffee from an blog exchange
in a mug from a blog exchange.

My first Red Cup of the season.

Finding sweet pictures like this.

My two girls getting along.

Me with my two girls.

My lil family.

My Sunshine.  :)

You can see these & plenty more of my pics on my Instagram.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's Wednesday So That Means...

Mandie's Weekly Lessons:
    1.  Karma Doesn't Act Quick Enough.  I am having a pretty rough morning & it took some talking off the ledge by my Southern Bestie, Ashley, not to go ape-shit on Trouble & Sunshine's mother.  Long story, short - she is doing the same thing to Sunshine as she did to Trouble & what she did was break Trouble.  She's breaking Sunshine & there is nothing more that I want to do right now then to drive over two hours to beat the damn woman!  She makes me so angry especially when her actions cause these girls to hurt & because of that hurt, lash out.  Ugh!!!!

    2.  I Don't Like Gold...Unless It Has To Do With Harry Potter.  So, I don't like gold jewelry, never have.  I even told Paul before we got engaged that if he proposed to me with a gold ring, I would throw it back at him.  All my jewelry is silver...except for two new necklaces that I bought over the weekend at Hot Topic.  They had buy two, get one free on HP stuff.  So, I could not resist.  I ended up buy theses:
    3.  A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Unmentionables.  I'm just a girl who has drawers FULL of bras, socks & underwear & still continues to want more.  I was naughty at Pink this past weekend & bought myself two new bras & some more unders.  I cannot stop especially when they are all just so gosh darn adorable!  I cannot wait until Sunshine starts wearing their stuff cuz then I can buy the stuff for her!  Yes, I have a problem, do they have support groups for people like me?!  Ha!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Musical Monday/Weekend Update...

  Musical Monday - Burning Man by Spank Rock.  I've been in a hip hop mood lately & listening the Hell outta my Hip Hoppin' playlist on Spotify & here is one of my favorite tunes.  It's just so much fun, I think.

  Weekend Update:  Extended Edition - 

    Wednesday - I had the day off of work to do my baking & get my hair did.  I was pretty much busy from the moment I got outta bed until about 8:00 that night but all the treats went over well & I feel a bunch lighter from my haircut.

    Thursday - we started the Thanksgiving holiday off with my in-laws.  We had a delicious meal & delightful convo followed by pictures.

Then we headed out to my uncle's place for dinner.  It was Trouble's first time seeing most of my family in a year & she did well as did everyone else.  We had a great time especially with some entertainment brought to us by my cousin, "Z".  I, unfortunately, didn't get any pictures from over there but believe me, it was a good time.  Then my sister came over & we did a couple of mannequin challenges & played some Sorry.  A very good Thanksgiving & that, I am truly thankful for.

    Friday - Sunshine & I got up & hit the road by 10:00 to pick up my sister for an early lunch at Panera Bread & then we went to the local humane society to drop off some food, walk some dogs & play with the kitties.  We spent over an hour there which made me want to take every one of the animals home.  We then came home & I put in Christmas Vacation & decorated.  Sunshine had two friends stay the night & they were very well-behaved...but it helps that the two she had stay are afraid to wake the beast in Mama Mandie.  Tee hee!

    Saturday - I got my butt outta bed early, got ready, picked up my cousin, Jennifer, & hit the road to Appleton to have lunch & do Christmas shopping.  I got a lot done but I'm not quite finished yet.  I'm almost there, I just have a few odds & ends to finish yet.

    Sunday - I got to sleep in a little bit while Paul did most of the household chores.  I had a couple of things to do when I finally rose from my slumber but there wasn't much so I got to spend the afternoon watching American Housewife.  If you have not seen that show, you should totally watch it, it's hilarious!  Sunshine really liked it as well.  Then it was time for my usual Sunday evening - soup, shower, nails, The Walking Dead, reading & then bed.

A mighty fine weekend, if I do say so.  :)