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Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful...that I got to go & experience my very first escape room last night with my friend, Kristin, & some of her other friends.  It was a Harry Potter themed room & it was so much fun.  I am ready to go back & do it again right now.  However, we did not beat the clock all because of one stupid locket!  Ugh!  I cannot believe that we didn't see that!  Grrr!  But it was still a blasty blast.

I am thankful...that I have lots of great friends & family to fill my time with wonderful things.  I have been going non-stop & it's all with fun things & I am so grateful that I have such amazing people around me to spend time with.

I am thankful...that in about three weeks, I'll be headed to Vegas again for a vacation & I really cannot wait. Vegas is fabulous & I really cannot wait to be walking down the strip & taking in all the craziness & then relaxing in a wonderful lounge with a fabulous drink.  This picture was taken from the Sky…
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I've decided to start linking up with Biana on reporting on activities of the weekend.  If you would like to join, hit her up!
So, on to my weekend...
Friday - we celebrated Paul & "C"'s birthday at our place with delicious food & great convo.  I think that our boys were pretty happy with their celebration & gifts - from me, I got the boys matching Han Solo t-shirts, Star Wars unders & tickets to the Star Wars theme night at Miller Park (Brewers vs. Pirates).

The cake made & decorated by Jill.
The boys in their matching shirts & Paul reading about their Brewer tickets.
  Saturday -  it was nice outside so I pulled my car outta that garage & cleaned the inside.  It needed it SO badly.  Then I got ready to go out to eat with some folks for Paul's actual birthday.  Yes, he's a St. Patty's Day baby.  :)

After dinner, we went back to our house for a game Scattagories.

I could not for the life of me get him to take a nice picture so thi…

Friday Five...

Why, hello, everyone.  'Tis that day of the week when we all pick five things to talk about.  So, if you would like to linkup you can head on over toApril to do so.  :) My five this week are things I am most excited about in the new Fantastic Beasts movie.  In case you didn't see the preview of it, here is one & this is one that I did not see until today:


  1.  Seeing more of Johnny Depp as Grindelwald.  Now, if you are new to these parts, I have been "forced" to be a fan of Johnny Depp as my mom is in love with him & told me that he's my dad.  Ha!  So, whenever I see him I always say to myself "hi, Dad!"  Ha!  Plus, it helps that he's an amazing actor.  I am so excited to see how he plays this character, I know that it will be fantastic!

  2.  Jacob Kowalski.  Oh my gosh, do I love this character!  Dan Fogler plays him so wonderfully.  He is just so likable &a…

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful...that after being in a car accident only five days after getting her license, Sunshine is okay.  She was probably more scared about how I was gonna react than the actual accident.  The car is fixable & should be back in the driveway within a week because my father-in-law is awesome!

I am thankful...that after a stressful day on Tuesday, I had off yesterday & got a massage in the morning & then hung out with my mom & sister.
I am thankful...that in my dreams I can body slam people that I really dislike - like the girls' mother.  Yea, I body slammed her twice in my dreams last night.  Tee hee!
I am thankful...that today is payday because my funds are pretty dang low right now.
I am thankful...that I was able to get the rest of Paul's & "C"'s birthday presents last night.  They are getting Brewer tickets to the Star Wars theme night, a parking pass, a Star Wars shirt & unders.  :)


I've decided to start linking up with Biana on reporting on activities of the weekend.  If you would like to join, hit her up!
So, on to my weekend...
Friday - the husband & I went waited for Sunshine to get home with the car after driving to school for the first day & such.  Once she was home, we ventured out to supper with my mom & her boyfriend as they stopped over to show us my mom's new vehicle.  We had a very nice dinner & then Paul & I went out for a couple of drinks & headed home to watch Thor.
Saturday - Paul had plans with friends during the afternoon & I couldn't find any plans plus I needed to stay home to make sure that Sunshine did was she was supposed to before taking the car for a couple of hours.  Well, my anxiety got going & it had been an issue for the last week leading up to Sunshine getting her license.  I was freaking out.  Long story, short, I made her call me to discuss what was going on, she got attitude with me & I…

Little Letters…

I've seen this linkup on Crystal's blog & just loved the idea so I have now decided to join in on the fun.  So, what you need to do is just do some random lil thoughts to something or someone & then linkup with Kristin over at Taz and Belly.
Here are my Little Letters for the month of March:
Dear Brain...start coming up with some things to write about.
Dear Jill...thank you for the nice evening of food, music & coloring last night.
Dear are the one of the best things EVER!
Dear Middle School Girls...stop being mean to each other, my lovely "K" is just too sensitive for mean girls.
Dear Husband...I cannot believe that you'll be going on ice tomorrow to "turkey bowl".  Weird.
Dear Trouble...I just hope that you continue down this road to happiness.
Dear Sunshine...don't make any mistakes behind the wheel of my Cobalt now that you have your license.

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful...that my hubby brought me coffee again today.

I am thankful...that tonight I have a coloring/wine night planned with Jill.

I am thankful...that with Spotify, I can go from listening to Five Finger Death Punch to the Frozen soundtrack.

I am thankful...for Girl Scout cookies especially the Smores ones.  Yummy!

I am thankful...for the show The Alienst as it's the only show the hubby & I are currently watching together & it's pretty dang amazing.

What are some things that YOU are thankful for?