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Some Scary S**t

I love being scared! I'm viewing Sinister a true horror movie. Most people think that movies like Saw and Hostel are good horror movies. Not even! Alfred would be turning in his grave to hear that. Horror is the stuff you don't see, the creepy music that gets your heart rate up, the creepy man standing outside your window. It's not the gore of ripping someone's face off or shredding their leg. I love that true horror is coming back in the form of Insidious, Sinister, Dark Skies and The Purge. Thank you! Keep the scares coming!

It's Time To Blog

It's been a really long time since I've blogged but it has become quite apparent that I need to start again.  I used to belong to but after drama erupted there, I wasn't having it anymore & haven't blogged since.  But I've been getting that itch again...I need to get my thoughts out there into the universe about this, that & the other thing.  So, I'm here & I'm ready to blog away!  :)