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Funny Friday...

Every time I see this, I giggle like a little girl having to say "penis" in health class for the first time.  I love Daenerys & I love Smaug!

Daenerys cuz she one tough bitch who won't put up with anyone's shit!  Did you see the episode where she tricked a king into taking one of her dragons & then she instructed the dragon to "fire"?!  Oh my gosh, that was totally badass!  Hell frickin' yea!

Smaug.  I think that I love him due to the fact that I love Benedict Cumberbatch's voice & the way his lips move when he's talking...I know, I can't see the lips moving part with Smaug but just the thought of watching Benedict say those lines gives me goosebumps.  Am I weird?  Yea, I thought so.  :)

Sweet Baby Jesus... us all!

That there is Trouble behind the wheel of a car.  Goose & I finally allowed her to get her temps...but more because Goose was told by the Drivers' Ed. teacher that if she didn't get her temps soon & get some behind the wheel time, she would have to retake everything.  So, we kinda had to cuz we didn't want to have to pay to put her through the class again.  However, she'll be having the temps for quite a long time before she can get her license, she has to do a couple of things first:

  1.  Get all her grades to a "C" or higher (which she has a "C-" & an "F").

  2.  Get a job.  I told Goose that while they're currently driving around, to go pick up some applications.

  3.  Prove that she can be trusted behind the wheel of a car.  Right now, I barely trust her with a bike!

So, we'll see how it goes from here.  She's got some work to do but I feel that if she buckles down, she'll be able to do all …

Makes Me Happy Pics: Part II...

Since our printer is down & I really cannot do anything until it is fixed, I thought this would be a good time to do another installment of "Makes Me Happy Pics".  So, here we go!

The Home Depot - one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world!

Tickets to Sunshine's dance recital.  I get to go twice & I'm excited!

Reading a Chelsea Handler book, she's so funny.  I love her!

Watching Badger basketball in my Badger getup.  This was the game before the Final Four.

I LOVE THE WALKING DEAD!  Is it October yet?!?!

Monthly Movie Monday with Courtney & CE.  :)

Ahhh, the Hot Pepper tanning bad.  Yes, I know it's bad but I love it.

A lil dark but time with FM & Sunshine.

My brand new slippers that I got on sale.  Slippers are great!

Wisconsin Mac & Cheese from Noodles & Company.  Yummy!

Thankful Thursday...

It's a cold rainy day but even on days like this, there is something to be thankful for & here a few that I am thankful for today:

  1.  That the girls have had homecooked meals three days this week already & we're not stopping there, we're having Breakfast for Supper tonight.  One of my favorite kind of suppers!  We'll be enjoying waffles, bacon with either milk or OJ.  I'm really digging this whole dinner menu thing that we just started, I hope to keep up with it.

  2.  The fact that I haven't been pulled over today.  I've watched four people get pulled over right outside my office window this morning & it's not even 9:30 in the a.m.  I don't know if cops are out in full force or if people are just more stupid today than any other day...or maybe a lil of both.

  3.  Reese's Pieces Eggs.  They are AMAZING!  When I went to "The Walmart" on Monday to pick up a few things for this week's dinners, I looked over the Easter …

Words of Wisdom Wednesday...

This is totally true & I highly believe in this.  I may have done some stupid things "back in the day" but you know what, I learned & grew from them.  I've been with a married man, not for long, but I was & I cannot change that I did that but I did learn that I need to make sure that Goose knows everyday how much I do love him so I don't send him into the arms of another woman looking for the attention & "love" I don't give him.

Life is just one be learning lesson.  Everyday holds some type of lesson in it.  Like today, for example, I need to clean up my family's eating/drinking habits as Trouble was in the hospital for about four hours today with a viral infection in her intestines.  I basically boils down to lack of water drank by her & the fact that she either doesn't eat or she eats crap.  That will not be happening.  Eating out/fast food will only be "weekend treats" during the week, it'll be home cooked m…

The Meds Must Have Worn Off...

Well, apparently PPB is back at it again.  She talked to Goose today & told him that he's the reason that Trouble is the way she is & the reason Sunshine is a little liar/snot.  It has nothing to do with the fact that she has abandoned these girls & picked men over them & that she has called Trouble a tramp & a hooker & a whore.  Nope, it's 100% Goose's fault, the one that has been there for them, that cared for them, etc.

PPB is upset that the girls like to go shopping & out to eat with me but not with her...but that's because Goose & I get them whatever they want.  Nope, not even half-true!  I take them out to eat cuz, well, I need to eat too.  As for the shopping, I typically do not take them shopping unless they have their own money to spend cuz they do from time to time whine that they don't get what they want.  But they know with me that if they do that, I will not take them with me again for awhile on top of them not getting w…

To Be Honest Tuesday...

To be honest, after spending time with my two year old cousin, Z, on Sunday kinda made me want to keep him.  He was SO much fun!  He got lots of Easter goodies which meant lots of candy.  We got him ALL sugared up (I'm glad that I didn't see the crash cuz I'm sure that it was a big boom).

In his gift from us, I bought him some Pop Rocks & had to watch him try them for the first time.  It was hilarious!

Anywho, after this video, he was spinning around on the kitchen floor & kissing his reflection in the dishwasher.  After one of his kisses, he calls out Sunshine's name.  I think that he has a lil crush on her!  It's cute.

He truly is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world & I love him so much.  I really do want to keep him!  :)

Note To Self...

So, I had to run to "The Walmart" during lunch & when I have to do that, I don't have time to sit down at home & eat lunch.  Therefore, I pick myself up a quick, easy healthy lunch from the produce section.  I got one of my favorite little packs with ranch, broccoli, carrots, almonds & cheese in it & also bought me a packet of celery & peanut butter with raisins.

I love these things.  They are so delish & so convenient.  I know, I could buy an entire thing of celery for the price of one of these packs but then I would have to clean it, cut it, etc.  That's a lot of work.  Well, my "Not To Self" is that I shouldn't eat Ants on a Log at work anymore cuz I didn't realize how frickin' noisy they are!  Eeek!  I feel like I woke up the dead while munching away on them.  At least with the carrots from the other pack, I can pop right into my mouth so I don't have to chomp into them.
Oh, the problems I have on the Monday after…

Musical Monday...

I cannot get enough of this song right now, I love it!  It makes me happy!  :)

Funny Friday...

This is funny cuz it's true.  I remember sitting in my 1st grade classroom with a boy named Brandon & we tried glue.  Yes, we're both pretty unique.  But you know what, he this crazy artist now & me...well, I come up with creative things to hang on my dining room walls.  Ha!
Since it's Good Friday & I only work until noon today, I think that I'm gonna go out to lunch with Goose & Sunshine (Trouble is at a friend's) & then come home to do some crafting.  I saw this really cool idea on Pinterest that I really wanna try.

These are scraps cut out of magazines & I kept all my Us Weekly magazines for a project just like this.  So, we'll see what I can come up with.  I'm sure that I'll take some pictures.
Well, I hope that yall have a good Easter weekend & hope that the Easter bunny is good to you & your kin.  :)

Makes Me Happy Pics: Part 1...

I loved the idea of 100 Days of Happiness pictures - or whatever it was called - so I started doing that & now I'm gonna start sharing them with yall & if you wanna see them right away, you can follow me on Instagram.  :)

Watching Grimm - I love me some Nick Berkhardt!  :)

The puddles in the driveway from the melting snow.

Pancakes - breakfast foods make me VERY happy.

Watching Catching Fire with my grandparents.

A Red Velvet Blizzard from DQ.  Yum!

Happy niece, D.  I love her!

Spending time with this crazy fool!  My cousin, Colton.

One of my many pairs of Pink sweatpants.

Swiss Cake Rolls - I'm addicted to Little Debbie.

My preserved wedding dress.  So pretty...I wanna wear it again right now!

Dinner Menus...

So, I've always thought about doing dinner menus for the week & I've finally sat down & came up with a month's worth of dinner menus & shopping lists.  I have one thing new each week that we're gonna try & I'm really excited about that.  Some of the new things we've tried have been amazing (baked ravioli) & some things, not so much (chicken parmesan in the crock).  I do plan to try chicken parmesan again but not in the crock.  I'm pretty excited about this & I had told Sunshine about it last week & she was pretty excited as well.

I plan to do my shopping for the week on Sunday mornings (I'll have to actually leave the house & I loathe doing that on Sundays) & that is when our week starts.  So, will be our first week:

Dinner Menu:  April 20th– 26th
Sunday:  Easter Sunday! – ham, potatoes, corn, rolls, etc.
Monday:  Steak, veggies & potatoes (Goose & girls only)
Tuesday:  “Fend For Yourself”.
Wednesday:  Tater Tot C…

Thankful Thursday...

Today is a warmer Wisconsin day so lets start this Thankful Thursday off!

  1.  40* morning.  I didn't have to put on my winter jacket this morning!  I got to sport my Wisconsin Badger spring jacket!  Awhoo hoo!  I was SO excited to put it on this morning.  There is nothing better than that feeling of wearing a light jacket...well, except for no jacket.  Oh yea!

  2.  Snaily & Bunny.  That's what the girls & I call Goose's parents.  His dad moves at a slow pace - Snaily - & his mom is always on the go - Bunny.  But since Goose & I were unable to take any time off during Spring Break & don't really have the money to go on a little getaway right now, his parents decided to take the girls & a friend each to an indoor waterpark today.  While I hate that I'm stuck here at work, I am glad that the girls are having a fun day.

  3.  Happiness reminders.  Every day I do my "Good Thing Jar" & I have to write one good thing that happened …

What's Your Number...

Yes, here I go again stealing blog ideas from people.  This time I'm stealing from Courtney.  Thanks for the inspiration, doll!  :)

So, basically, the name of the game is the we go!

179 - the number of days that Goose & I have been married.

16 - the age that Trouble will be in less than three weeks.  Eeek!

2 - the number of times I've been to Noodles with Sunshine in four days.  She loves it!

52 - the number of minutes it took me to walk my first 5k on the cold rain.

2 - the number of cats we have in our dwelling - Chandler & Magic.

33 - the number of years I've been on this Earth...okay, a lil more since my birthday was in February.

14 - the number of people Goose & I had stand up in our wedding.

6 - the number of times that Goose &/or I had to visit The Home Depot during our painting adventure.

3 - the number of siblings I have.

10 - the number of pictures I posted in this entry.  :)

Words of Wisdom Wednesday...

True frickin' dat!  The old phrase "think before you speak" comes to mind.  I know that sometimes emotions get the best of us & we don't think things through before we let words leave our lips.  Sometimes those words can be hurtful, embarrassing or lovable.  Lovable doesn't seem to be one that comes to mind, I'm sure, but I remember the first time that Goose told me that he loved me.  He didn't think it through & those three lil words came flying outta his mouth at a birthday party in an old friend's living room.  I could not believe it but those words were already out in the universe.

I doubt that Goose would change anything now but at the time, it scared him to say those words & he probably would have thought it through a little better but, in that case, I'm glad that he didn't.

However, I'm really trying to get the girls to think before they speak & I tell them that once words leave their lips, they may have it off thei…

Literary Junkies - April 2014...

I saw this on Jenni's blog & I had to just join right in cuz I'm a reading freak...although not as fast as I would like to read.  But here we go...

1. What are you reading right now? Tell us about it!
At the moment, I'm reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth & I"m loving it.

2. Divergent, Hunger Games, or Twilight. Which do you prefer and why? (If you've never read them which do you think you'd prefer?)
I've read Twilight multiple times, Hunger Games twice & I'm on the Divergent series.  I'm kinda thinking that the Divergent series may be my favorite.  I love them all but there is just something I'm really drawn to with the Divergent series.

3. TV Series Based on Books they start out very close to the book to draw in the fans but then will start to separate themselves by changing things and adding characters. What are you thoughts on this?
I hate that!  I hate it a lot!  Example:  the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series.  I have now decided t…

To Be Honest Tuesday...

To be honest, I am SO sick of this crappy weather.  I mean, I live in Wisconsin & I know that the winters can be long & hard but this one really takes the cake!  It snowed yesterday, it's supposed to snow tomorrow.  I seriously want to put my winter coats away & rock my spring ones.  This sucks so horribly bad that I cannot stand it.  One of my co-workers hit a robin yesterday & he said that it felt like Mother Nature's way of telling him that spring would never come...I second that thought.  I don't know what is up Mother Nature's bum but she better dislodge it fast cuz she's got some pissed off Wisconsinites that have her number.  Sigh.

Long Time Gone...

It's been a really long time it seems that I've actually had time to blog.  Life has been just one crazy moment after another lately.

Work has been insane but today, a new girl started & she'll be taking on one of the attorneys I work for & that'll really lighten up my load.  I was so excited to give her a stack o' papers this morning to start on (she's from another law firm so she'll learn quickly).  So, I should be able to get back in line with blogging during the week.

At home, Goose & I have been doing some painting & redecorating.  We first started with the dining room/kitchen.  Both rooms had sunflowers from both me & PPB.  The dining room had sunflower boarder & was sponge painted.  The kitchen was bright yellow.  I said goodbye to all the sunflowers & hello to more grown up decorations & a fresh new paint color called "cappuccino".

We've also painted the hallway going upstairs to the girls' rooms &am…

Musical Monday...

This song is very fitting for this post.  I feel like it's been a "long time gone" from my blog.  I'll get into more details about my absence & what I've been up to but in the meantime, enjoy some Dixie Chicks.  I know that I will!  :)

Musical Monday...

I know, I'm a day late but work was crazy yesterday!  Like, totally insane!  So, I'm posting it today.  :)

Freak on a Leash by Korn!
This was my SOTD today & it made me want to watch the video so why not have it as my Musical Monday selection.  This video is probably one of my favoritest videos of all-time.  Not even joking especially the scene where Jonathan Davis is "singing to the bullet".  Ha!


Funny Friday...

Hell frickin' ya, boys!  I love this, it makes me giggle cuz it's SO true and I'm not just saying that because I'm a HUGE Beatles fan.  How huge, you ask?  Well, I have a room at home that is pretty much covered in posters & other Beatles art.  I bought the whole Beatles Rockband & then proceeded to play the whole game in one night with my sister & youngest brother.  I have Beatles Monopoly.  I even have a Beatles tattoo.  No jokes.  I have the first two measures of I Am The Walrus on the small of my back (yes, a "tramp stamp").  I'm not quite done with the tattoo yet, I want the The Beatles logo above the music & the Apple Records logo beneath it. I hope to get that next month but we'll see as Goose doesn't feel that I need anymore ink (I have seven).  I love the Beatles & I love tattoo, I don't think that he'll be stopping me.  Ha!

So, I end this post with a little video:

Thankful Thursday...

Well, guess what, it snowed again here in Central Wisconsin.  What the Hell?!  It just enough to cover things again in a blanket of white crap.  Ugh!  But even with that there are still things to be thankful for on this day & here they are:

  1.  PPB.  Yes, I'm thankful for her.  If you're new to reading my stuff PPB stands for Psycho Pathetic Bitch, a name given to Trouble & Sunshine's mother by Trouble (yea, she doesn't like her mother too much).  In the past, PPB has been quite the thorn in my side.  She would say terrible things about me to everyone - her family, Goose & even the girls - & tried to get the girls turned against me.  Well, that did not work, she just drove them closer to me with her actions.  She has finally seen the evil of her ways (or is on some really good meds - ha!) & has been civil towards me for the last couple of months & even apologized for the things she's done in the past.  It's been so nice to be able to t…