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Thankful Thursday...

Another Thursday is about halfway's really crazy how these days fly by!  Eeek!

Here are some things that I am thankful for today:

  1.  My group of friends.  I have so many great friends & people to go to when I need to.  I'm so grateful for all these amazing people in my life.

Jill.  Her kids are my nieces & nephew.  I love her to death.  Plus, she's my neighbor!

Gladys.  My lil crazy Phillpiine beauty!  She's always so much fun to be around. 

Courtney.  One of my longest friends, we've known each other since high school.

Holly.  My crazy hippie girl.

Kim.  My Bestie, my MOH, my lovely.  I miss her as I don't see her as much as I would like.

Melinda.  My "siser".  She's a pain in my butt but I love her all the same.

Jennifer.  My beautiful cousin who always keeps me on my toes.

Ashley.  My southern bestie...I want/need you up here in 'Sconnie!

  2.  The You Are Beautiful stickers I got in the mail yesterday.  Diana has really inspired me to do small kind things so because of her I ordered these stickers & I started right away with handling them out & have plans for future "sticker bombing".

  3.  I am also thankful for Sunshine getting excited about passing out the YAB stickers as well after I told her about them, she wanted to give them to the cashiers at Michael's & Maurice's...she just wants them all over the place.  She is such a kind lil soul!  :)


  1. Maurice's... It's like walking into a death trap for me and my credit card, haha.

    1. It really is for me too but I walked outta there with necklaces for a birthday gift & some necklaces for me...even though I didn't need anymore but I sure wanted them. Ha!


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