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To Be Honest Tuesday...

To be honest, I can be a real bitch.  I'm not even kidding.  Like I've told Trouble & her friends, I can be the coolest person in the world but the second they don't follow the rules/break my trust, I'm gonna be the biggest bitch they've ever met.  I don't take kindly to being stabbed in the back & I do hold grudges.  I won't deny that, I do.  You piss me off, you'll see how far that gets you cuz I'm a grudge holding bitch!

I'm actually going through a situation right now with a co-worker.  Long story, short, she ended up sleeping with a real sleazeball that everyone warned her about & she didn't listen.  Well, he being the sleaze that he is, got what he wanted & proceeded to treat her like shit.  Well, we were all out one night & she was letting him get to her & in an attempt to make her feel better, I did the girl thing & told her "he's an asshole, he's a loser, just ignore him & this stupidity".  Well, what does she do, she went & told him everything I said.  He's never been an asshole to me but he's never screwed me & left me hanging.  But he's pissed at me, I'm pissed at her & I really think that she's oblivious to the whole thing.  However, I'm not losing any sleep over the whole situation.  If she wants to pull that kind of crap, fine, but now that I will not be a friend, I'm just gonna be a co-worker now.

So, moral of the story, don't piss me off.  Ha!


  1. People like that SUCK. And I'm like you; a huge bitch and if you do something unfaithful to me you can bet your ass I'm gonna make you pay for it! "I remember facts" :) Just ask my ex-boyfriend, haha.

    1. I've just gotten to the point now that I don't care. You don't wanna be a friend to me, that's fine. I have plenty of people that will be so I don't need that shit in my life, I'm not in high school & I don't want the drama.

      You & me, girl - BITCHES UNITE!!!! Tee hee!

  2. WOW that sucks. I hate that in the work place I know I can't ever trust anyone - even my best work friends, I know they'll just rat me out to make themselves look good in a second. Good luck with your situation!

    1. Thanks, girlie. I'm not going to lose any sleep over the whole thing. I have plenty of other people in my life, I don't need her crap. So, it's all good in the hood! Tee hee!


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