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August Ipsy Bag...

Yes, I'm a blogging machine today... I just wanna start the weekend already.  Soon enough, soon enough.  So, in the meantime, I thought I would blog my review of the August Ipsy bag.  Here we go:

I LOVED the new pouch I got!  <3

Pores No More pore refiner.  I have yet to try this which I should really get on top of asap.

Lord & Berry eyeliner.  I typically don't like the pencil eyeliners but I really do like this one & have been using it daily since I got it.

You're the Balm green apple lip balm.  I love this!  It smells amazing & really hydrates my kisser.  I like to slather it on right before bed.

Forever Blush.  Again, I'm not much of a blush girl so I ended up giving this to Sunshine who loves blush on her little cheekers.  :)

Perversion mascara.  OH...MY...GOD!!!!  I love, love, LOVE this stuff!  It really plumps up my eyelashes.  I've never had a mascara that I liked this much before.  LOVES IT!

Funny Friday...

Oh yea, I'd totally take a Care Bear down!  They think they can "Care Bear Stare" me?!  Pssht!  I could play hopscotch around that shit!  Tee hee!

Well, another weekend is upon us & I'm pretty excited cuz it's not only three days but at the end of it, the girls start school!  Awhoo hoo!  I now totally understand why my mother was always so excited about school starting in the Fall.  Ha!

My weekend will start off with my picking up my "sweetie", D, from daycare.  Once her mama gets home, we're gonna go out for supper & do some birthday present shopping for a party we're invited to tomorrow.  Then after that, we head to a mutual friends' house where our hubbies & other children will be for an eve of just hanging out.

Tomorrow, Goose & I will drop Sunshine off to work the carnival with my sister & then we'll head to the birthday party.  After that, I'm not quite sure, maybe we could hit up a movie or something as we…

Football Friday...

This weekend is a grand day, wanna know why?  It's the start of Wisconsin Badger football season.  My favorite season of all!  I love Badger football SO much.  If you had tickets to see the Badgers or the Packers, I would take the Badger tickets without a thought.  I love going down to Camp Randal in Madison it's one of my "happy places".  It's such a fun place with the game & the marching band & Bucky roaming.  It's truly fabulous!  I love it!

I'm sporting my new Badger "fashion scarf" complete with Bucky's faces all over it today.  I have another Badger scarf but there is no Bucky on it & I love Bucky.  In fact, that I last weekend while shopping with Trouble, I bought a Bucky from Build-A-Bear.

Isn't he adorable!  I love him!  He's currently sitting on my headboard & he watches Goose & I sleep at night.  Tee hee!

Jump Ar…

Thankful Thursday...

Well, today is the last Thursday of summer & to be perfectly honest, I'm not real sad about that.  I mean, the summer was great & all but I'm ready for what Fall has to offer.  So, here are the things that I'm thankful for on this day:

  1.  I'm thankful that school will be starting on Tuesday & that the girls will be busy with school, dance/work, church & school work.  It won't give them much time to get into any trouble & I love that.  I want them to stay busy, busy is good.

  2.  I'm thankful that I made my appointment for my next tattoo/s - I'm not quite sure if they would be one big tattoo or three smaller ones.  I'm going to get the logos for the Badgers, Brewers & Packers on the inside of my right upper arm.  I love tattoos!



  3.  I'm thankful that today is Thursday which means it's Breakfast for Dinner tonight at our abode.  Tonight will be eggs, hash browns, toast & sausage.  I love BF…

Words of Wisdom Wednesday...

This is so true.  I am small but I strike the fear into many that are twice my size.  Tee hee!  I was told once by the girls' uncle that "dynamite comes in small packages" & I loved that cuz it's so right on!  I'm only 5'4" and about 115 pounds but I can take a person down with just a stare.  I think that I learned well from my mother.  She too was small by mighty.  Now, I want Trouble & Sunshine to carry on the tradition as they are both pretty dang small.  Although, Trouble is probably good with the sass for such a small body.  Ha!


To Be Honest Tuesday...

To be honest, I just took a pregnancy test in the bathroom at work.  I could not tell if it was negative or positive cuz it looked to me like there was a slight line for the "holy shit, I'm pregnant" window.  I could be paranoid or whatever but I did buy a two pack so I'll take the other one in a couple of days.  Guess we'll see.

I'll deal with either outcome.  Roll with the punches as they say.  Ha!  Is it nice having two girls that can pretty much take care of themselves?  Oh yes.  Would it be great to give Goose a little boy of his own.  For sure.  But what will be, will be.  I'm not going to drive myself crazy until I take the next test cuz there is nothing at this very moment that I could do to change the outcome.

August Birchbox...

Oh my goodness, I'm reviewing my August Birchbox in August?!  Wow!  Tee hee!

Okay, here we go:

"The Fabulous Mandie Schroeder" - I love that!

The complete box.

Catherine Malandrino fragrance.  This smelt lovely!  When the sample is gone, I may have to look into getting me a bottle cuz it's amazing!

ModelCo bronzer.  Again, I don't use bronzer so I passed it off to Trouble.  As far as I know, she digs it.

theBalm Stainiac.  I haven't had a chance to use this yet as I've had a stupid cold sore that will just not go away.  But I feel that I'll like it for when I'm feeling sassy.  ;)

Vasanti BrightenUp! face rejuvenator.  I love exfoliating cleansers, I feel like I'm getting a better clean from using them & this one was no different from the rest.

Whish shave creme.  I'm pretty attached to my Intuition shaver but I did buy some regular razors to try this stuff out & it was good.  It's not something I'll go out & buy becaus…

Musical Monday...

How to be a Human by Powerman 5000
I need a little something to wake me up.  This is horrible!  My weekend was really good but I'm paying for it now cuz I'm just exhausted & getting a cold.  Yea, Mondays are the best...or something like that.
When I'm more awake, I'll blog about the weekend.

Makes Me Happy Pics: Part VII...

I'm not feeling well & pretty exhausted so I thought it would be a good day to an installment of "Makes Me Happy Pics":  

Crabcakes & hush puppies from Joe's Crab Shack.  Yum!

Boating on Lake Petenwell with my hubby.

Enjoying a delicious Bloody Mary.

Birchbox!  I always get excited when these come around.  

My sleeping baby, Tyrion.

A big glass of milk & some Double Stuffed Oreos.

Hanging out at my in-law's cottage.

Dinner outside, on a lake with live music.

Reese's Pieces frappe.  Delish!

New sandals.  

Funny Friday...

This makes me giggle so hard!  Tee hee!  Who doesn't love a good ol' Harry Potter funny to start the weekend?!  If you don't, well, you ain't cool!  Ha, ha!
I'm pretty excited to start this weekend, it's gonna be a busy but fun one.  Tonight, I have a double birthday party for my nieces, K & D.  I still cannot believe that K is gonna be 8 & that D is already 1.  Insane!  Tomorrow, a group of us are heading down to Milwaukee to watch the Brewers for my cousin's birthday who just turned 14 today.  We'll be staying in Oshkosh & then on Sunday while everyone else heads home, Trouble & I will be heading to Appleton for some school shopping for her.
I just hope that I'll get to bed at a decent hour tonight cuz I'm gonna need a good night's rest!  
What are your plans for the weekend?  Please share.
Have a good one!  :)

Football Friday...

I'm joining the lovely Erin over at Love, Fun and Football with this fun link-up.

If there is one thing you need to know about me, it should be that I'm a football girl through & through.  My biggest loves are the Wisconsin Badgers & the Green Bay Packers but I do have love the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts & Denver Broncos as well.  So, I bleed many colors but my closet is mostly taken up with Badger attire with Packers being a very close second.

Bucky did your mom...& she liked it!

Oh yea, Aaron, you put that belt on!!!!

July Ipsy Bag...

Yea, yea, yea...I'm behind.  I realized that once I got my August bag that I didn't post about my July bag or my Birchbox.  So, I got the July Birchbox but now I'll have Augusts to do of both.  I hate being behind!  Even Sunshine had words with me when I told I didn't do my reviews yet.  Ha!

bareMinerals 5in1 eyeshadow.  I tried this & I liked the way it looked but for some reason, my eyes do not like cream eyeshadows & I got all puffy & itchy.  So, to my makeup garbage can - Trouble.  No complaints from her.

Clear Clinic clear spot treatment.  Anything that that will help with the occasional pimple, I'm in.  I did really like this stuff & continue to dab it on when needed.

Tints & Sass lip & cheek stain.  Okay, am I the only one that LOVES that name or what?!?!  Ha, ha!  Makes me giggle everytime.  So, when I'm feeling sassy - date night - I'll throw some of this on my lips.

Pur-lisse sunscreen.  Smelt good but I don't use sunsc…

Thankful Thursday...

Well, it's a gloomy day here in Central Wisconsin but even on a gloomy day, there are things to be thankful for & here are my things for this day:

  1.  200th.  Yup, 200th.  This is my 200th blog posting which I'm sure a lot of you passed a long time ago but I'm just glad that I found a place that I like to post again & that I'm finding new people that I love to read & get comments on my stuff from.  So, thank you, Blogger!

  2.  Fun-filled weekend plans.  This weekend is gonna be a busy but really fun one & I cannot wait to get it started with K & D's birthday celebration tomorrow night, a Brewer game on Saturday to celebrate my cousin's birthday, staying in Oshkosh Saturday night & then going shopping with Trouble in Appleton on Sunday.  I cannot wait!

  3.  Breakfast for Dinner.  I have came to the conclusion that every Thursday at our dwelling is "Breakfast for Dinner" night.  I love breakfast foods, they are SO delish &…

Words of Wisdom Wednesday...

I love this so much that I may have to make a painting or something with this saying cuz it's just so dang awesome!  I mean, really, be weird - HELLO, who doesn't want to be weird?!  I just wanna be who I am & have people love/like me for being the person I am.  If you don't like me, that's okay.  I just wanna be the weird lil hippie girl I am!  :)

July Birchbox...

Yes, you read that right, "July".  So I'm a little behind.  Life has been really crazy at work, outside of work & even in my dreams (last night I threw my wedding ring at Goose cuz he wanted to sit by a cute little Asian girl at a hockey game rather than me - ha!).

So, here is my review of the July Birchbox:

Hello Body Cream.  I didn't think that I would like the scent of this stuff as it said on the tube that it was "citrus-floral scent".  I'm not one for citrus but this stuff smelt amazing.  I loved putting it on my hands right before bed.  Some good stuff!

SmartyPants vitamins.  Gummies - yes, please!  I love anything gummy!  Ha!

Super Comb Prep & Protect.  Since I don't have much hair at this point & I rarely have issues with snarled hair when it's long, I don't have much use for leave-in conditioner but I still tried it & it was pretty nice.  I should try out on my niece's crazy hair! 

Cynthia Rowley silver eyeliner…