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Funny Friday...

Since it's Shark Week, I thought this was rather appropriate.  I only watched one thing, Submarine, & that's typically all I tend to watch cuz sharks freak me out & a whole week dedicated to them attacking people is just too much for this girl.

There aren't too many things that freak me out but the things that do are all animals.  You can put me against a poltergeist over a mouse any day of the week.  So, here are some things that freak this chick out:

1.  Sharks.  Jaws - HELLO!  Don't really wanna be swimming along in my tankini & get one of my limbs ripped off.  Nope, no way!

2.  Mice, rats...basically any rodent.  I hate that they are fast & they have those long gross tails.  Just thinking about a rat gives me the chills.  Blah!

3.  Snakes.  They are quiet & they have no souls.  Yup, that's right - no limbs, no souls!  Creepy!

4.  Fish.  I hate fish, they are smelly & slimey & they poke you & some have really big teeth - Muskies & Northerns.  Eeek!

5.  Cougars/Mountain Lions.  Those SOBs are quiet & fast & they'll be feeding on your liver before you know what hit you.  No thank you!

Well, I hope that yall have a good weekend & that you don't encounter anything that freaks you out...what does freak you out?  Tell me about it!


  1. My list of things I'm scared of goes:
    1. Bees
    That's it! I'll take a shark over a bee any day!

  2. Replies
    1. I know! People tend to think I'm nuts cuz I don't like swimming in lakes cuz of the fish.


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