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#Blogtober: Costume Reveal...

The last #Blogtober post.  I'm kinda sad about that as I always had something to blog about everyday besides my usual crap.  So, thank you.

This post is supposed to be the Halloween costume reveal since I won't have it put together in time to post it with this, here are the pieces of the costume & you'll just have to put them together until I can post pictures.

These are the colors of the tulle used to make my tutu.

My shirt that I will just leave.

Hot pink leggings (that are from the lil girl dept.).

Sparkly shoes.

A flowered headband that will hold back the curls I want.

Glitter spray...all over me from head to toe.

My makeup kit.  All about the glitter & jewels.  We'll see how the 'lashes work.

My wings.

Happy Halloween...

If it has not become clear yet, I LOVE Halloween.  I've always been interested in the things that go bump in the night - ghosts & goblins & witches.  All that fun stuff!  I've been a fan of horror movies - horror movies NOT slasher flicks.  Some of my favorites are:


The Scream movies.

The Insidious movies.

The Conjuring.

Amityville Horror (remake).


Halloween (the original).

The Shining.

Pet Sematary.

The Exorcist.
I've seen all these movies multiple times but I still got those scary butterflies in my tummy when I was searching for the GIFs especially Pet Sematary.  I love that book but the movie really scares me, Rachel's sister is the WORST!  Eeek!

Thankful Thursday...

Today I am thankful that I took tomorrow off at the beginning of the year & forgot until the other day that I had done so.  I always took Halloween off because when Trouble & Sunshine went to private school, they were able to wear costumes & they had a "costume parade" at school.  So, I would have to get them ready & then go attend the parade.  Now, though, neither of them are in private school so I won't have anyone to get ready, I won't have a parade to attend.  I'm kinda sad about that but I can get Sunshine to school & then come home, pop in a scary movie or two, finish my costume, maybe have a drinking lunch with Paul, go get K & C from school, bring them home, feed them & then get them ready for trick-or-treating.  So, it'll be a nice day.

Then after the trick-or-treating is all done, Sunshine & AT will help me with my hair & getting ready to go out as a lil fairy.  I'm pretty excited about my costume, I just hop…

#Blogtober: Facts About Me...

Facts about me...well, I am an open book, really.  There aren't many secrets I keep so here are a couple of things that you may or may not know about me.  Fyi: I'm gonna do this whole post with supporting GIFs.  Tee hee!

  1.  I heard Sunshine drop the F-Bomb for the first time last night at a haunted house.

  2.  Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is one of my favorite movies of all-time & I hope to watch it tomorrow on Halloween.

  3.  I'm looking a little like Bert right now as my eyebrows haven't been done in a long time.  Luckily, I have an appointment tonight.  Thank God!

  4.  I'm am counting down to Mockingjay: Part One.  Every time a preview comes on TV, I hush everyone in the room.

  5.  I always wanted to be an NFL coach...maybe just like Jim Harbaugh.

  6.  I love to sleep & I love sleep more than a lot of people.  I LOVE sleep!

  7.  Even though I don't care for the movie Mary Poppins, Supercalifragilisticexpialicocious is probably my favorite …

Words of Wisdom Wednesday...

Oh, how true this is.  However, what really bothers me is that girls are getting younger & younger that have "big girl problems".  I totally bothers me that K has already made comments about how she's fat - SHE'S EIGHT!  That upsets me so much that she even has that thought about herself.  She is a very beautiful girl.

It seems that nowadays, kids really cannot be kids anymore, they cannot live carefree & unbroken like they did "back in the day".  Yes, I'm making myself sound old.  Now there are just so many broken homes & deadbeat parents that these kids are forced to grow up way before they should.

Even schooling drives me crazy.  Before we know it, infants will be forced to attend school!  K told me that she's already doing algebra - SHE'S EIGHT!  What happened to learning the basics in Kindergarten & working your way up from there.  I mean, it's more often than not that these kids have homework - HOMEWORK!  Drives me b…

#Blogtober: Most Embarrassing Moment...

My most embarrassing moment.  I guess there really is only one time that I was super embarrassed, the rest I must have just blocked out.

But I was in 5th or 6th grade, I cannot remember which grade but we were out at recess & swinging away on the swings when one of the boys decided it would be fun to run behind us & swat our butts (nowadays, he probably would have been expelled for that).  We were all laughing so hard & I laughed a little too hard & pissed my pants.  Yup, right on through.  My mom had to bring me some new pants & unders to school for me to change.  Oops!  Ha!

#Blogtober: Superstitions...

Superstitions or OCD...can they be considered the same thing?  You be the judge...

  ~  When I'm driving at night & a streetlight goes out, I'm just waiting for bad luck...or vice versa.

  ~  "Make a wish, it's 11:11!"

  ~  My bra & underwear have to match.

  ~  When I walk, I still don't step on cracks.  I don't want to break my mother's back.

  ~  Itchy nose means that someone is thinking about me or that I'll kiss a fool.  My husband is a fool, that's for sure!

  ~  If the Packers lose, the soup we had that day cannot be eaten the rest of the season.

  ~  Having an itchy palm means that I should be heading out to the casino cuz money is in my future.  Ha!  My mom always told me that one.

  ~  Every Sunday I must paint my nails for a fresh new look for the week.

  ~  Still to this day, I will not look into mirrors when it's dark.  Bloody Mary really scared the crap outta me when I was younger & she's stuck with me.

  ~  …

Musical Monday...

Welcome to my Nightmare by Alice Cooper
This is probably my favorite Halloween tune.  I remember after trick-or-treating, I would come home & watch some music videos on VH1 & they always played this one.  Love it.  I cannot wait for Halloween, I'll be getting stuff for my costume tonight.  I'm gonna be a pretty lil fairy.  :)
As for my weekend, it was pretty good.  Friday night, Paul & I went out with my cousin, her fiancee & some of their friends (which were all approximately ten years younger than us) & went to this haunted forest walk.  We had to wait for about three hours but the twenty minute walk was totally worth it!  I was scared.  Eeek!  And, before that, my cousin officially asked me to be one of her bridesmaids:

Saturday, I went on my first ever horseback riding adventure.  The ride was two hours long.  I'm glad that I did it to say that I've done it but I don't think think that I'll do it again.  My body hurt SO bad when I was d…

Makes Me Happy Pics...

Flowers from our garden.

The Packers...need I say anything more?!

C playing baseball with Paul.

A selfie of me & D.

A Birchbox delivery.

Goodies I got at a yard sale with Chelsie & Jill.

Crafting with Jimmy on.

Little notes tucked in with my purchase.

I have a debate with myself - this makes me happy but sad at the same time.  So, which is it?!

My pretty Sunshine on her 13th birthday.