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Funny Friday...

If that doesn't make you giggle, you need to get the Hell outta here cuz that is some funny shit right there!  No jokes.  I mean, really.  I died when I first saw & continue to die a little more every time I read it.  Tee hee!
So, what's on the weekend's agenda, people?  Me?  Well, not a whole lot.  Tonight, the hubby & I are going to go out with his buddy, Tim, for his birthday - dinner & gambling with him & his wife.  Tomorrow, nothing is on the calendar.  Sunday aka SuperBowl Sunday, we're going to have Greg, Jill & the kids over to eat & watch the game & maybe do a little crafting on the side - Jill, the kids & I - the boys, I'm sure will not join in on some crafting.  Tee hee!

December/January Ipsy...

And my Ipsy bag review...


NYX Butter lip balm ~ I'm just gonna say it right now, give me lip balm & I will most likely love it.  Especially over lipstick, I do not like lipstick at all.  Blah.

Nourish Organic eye cream ~  I'm a sucker for anything with the eyes & even though using eye cream means I'm getting old, I use it cuz my eyes are beginning to tell my age a little too much for my liking.  Tee hee!

Cailyn eye polish ~  I was nervous to try this cuz any liquid eyeshadow I've tried has left me puffy-eyed & itchy.  However, this one did not & I really adds that perfect lil pop of shimmer.  I love it.

Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara - this stuff really got my lashes looking really full, kinda scared me a lil bit but it's a good look for a night out.  :)

Bb Repair ~ I haven't used this yet cuz, well, I never blow dry my hair.  No jokes, I just let 'er air dry all the time.  But I have it saved for the rare occasion that I do decide …

Friday Five...

It's Friday, bitches!  Awhoo hoo!  It's not like I have anything fun &/or exciting planned for the weekend, I'm just glad that the weekend is upon us.

So, today's Friday Five are the five most recent movies I've seen & maybe a little bit of what I thought about them.  :)

The Interview - I was so excited to see this & not just because of all the hype leading up to it but because I loved Seth & James in This is the End & Pineapple Express.  Paul laughed like a lil girl when we viewed it.  I giggled in parts & thought it was okay & maybe it's one of those comedies that has to grow on you so I'll give it another go at some point.


Guardians of the Galaxy - the hubby & I watched this for the second time last weekend.  I thought it was pretty funny for a superhero movie.  Plus, I LOVE the soundtrack to it.  Awesome music & after watching it, I want my Walkman back! …

Thankful Thursday...

Oh, the things I am thankful today are as follows:

  1.  I'm thankful for the TV show New Girl.  I'm almost done with the third season & that show cracks me up all the time.  I think that my favorite character goes back & forth between Schmidt & Nick.

  2.  I'm thankful that I did not fall asleep at my desk today.  Soooo, sleepy.

  3.  I am thankful that I came up with two things to be thankful for cuz I'm having a difficult time coming up with anything more cuz as I type this I'm doing as Chandler is doing above.

December/January Birchbox...

Yes, I got behind again with my reviews.  Sigh.  At some point, I'll have to stay current for, at least, two months, right?!  Anywho, here are my December & January Birchboxes.  :)


Mirenesse iCurl mascara:  I love any kind of mascara & this one was no different.  Loved it!

Real Chemistry peel:  I tried this once & it's like any other peel that I've used - leaves my face nice & smooth.

Davies replumping shampoo & conditioner:  I have yet to try these as I'm waiting for a special occasion to give my hair some plumping action.  I'm thinking next Saturday for my birthday dinner.

SeaRx Anti-Wrinkling Serum:  not going to lie, I have not tried this yet.  I know that I should start caring more about my skin as I get older but the whole anti-wrinkling scares me!

Coola mineral sunscreen:  being in Wisconsin in December/January, there isn't much of a need for sunscreen of any type so I have not tried it yet but I'm sure that I'll end …