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To Be Honest...

To be honest, I'm pretty pissed off at the moment.  My husband thinks that it's okay to make me out to be the bad guy all the time.  That may not be his intent but it's what he does.  Example:  he sent me a message today asking if it would be okay for Sunshine to be out our house with two friends unsupervised.  I don't like it one bit.  The visions I have in my head is that they'll eat everything they can get their hands on, make a huge mess, go into Trouble's room & go through her stuff (they've done that while we've been home), etc.  But he just goes ahead & lets them even after I have voiced my concerns.

Then he'll talk to the girls about us going on all these vacations, vacations that he has not discussed with me & gets their hopes all up to go to Florida or to here or to there & then when they tell me about them I'm all confused.  It pisses me off.  He brings these girls up & then I have to bring them back to Earth &…

My Thoughts On...

The hubby & I had another kidless night last night so we got real crazy - made ourselves some Mac & Cheese & settled in to watch Exodus.  Hey, it was a Monday & we both had to work today.  So, dinner & a movie at home, it was.
I'm a huge fan of Christian Bale, he's amazing & he did not disappoint in this.  Playing a holy figure is no easy task & some people may turn their backs on actors that do but I thought he did well as Moses...however, I'm not the most religious person so it does not bother me.
Anywho, I thought the costume & makeup was great:

And the special effects were stunning especially the parting of the sea & the tornadoes:

Exodus:  Gods & Kings' Grade: B-

Musical Monday...

Just Gettin' Started by Jason Aldean
I woke up with this song in my head & it's been a Jason Aldean kind of day ever since.  I also came to realize that he has no more songs on Spotify.  Seriously, Jason, please come back to Spotify.  Luckily, he's on Amazon & I have Amazon Prime so I was able to listen to him while I was getting ready this morning.  Awhoo hoo!
My weekend was actually another good one.  Friday night, the hubby & I ended up being kid-less so we went out for fish at the casino, did some gambling (I lost horribly) & then out to a local bar to play some darts (that's our new thing).
Saturday, I watched "D" for a little bit while Greg & Jill did some chores around the house - "D" makes it rather difficult to get anything done.  Ha!  Then hung out on the couch a little bit until Paul & I left to meet up with some friends for supper & the Badger game.  Another win for my boys!  Awhoo hoo!  FINAL FOUR!  Then we …

Friday Five...

Holy crap, it's Friday again?!  Where does the time go?!  I mean, really!  Damn!  I don't have a particular theme for my Friday Five so I'm just gonna go with five things that are on my mind:

  1.  Wisconsin Badgers basketball.  I have caught the madness...the madness of March Madness basketball.  I'll tell ya, I've never really been into basketball.  I'm a total girl when it comes to basketball cuz I don't understand the rules but this year, I'm all in.  I even have two brackets & I'm still doing decent in both.  However, my Badgers are gonna give me an ulcer if they continue to have close games like they have been.  Last night's game almost killed me!  Eeek!  Lets keep it going, boys!

  2.  Farts & poop.  Yes, you read that right - "farts & poop".  My friend, Chelsie, has a birthday coming up & I'm making her a Poop & Fart jar for her.  It's all quotes having to do with farts &/or poop cuz she finds t…

Around The Horn: Favorite Team...

I love the one, the only Milwaukee Brewers.  I'm a hometown team kind of girl.  The "brew" part of my blog name is for the Brewers.  I have their logo tattooed on me.  I think that I'm a fan.  I'm not much for writing today so I'm just gonna let my pictures tell the story of my love for the Brewers:

A game back in 2009 with my Uncle Felix, Aunt Julie & cousin, "Gunther".

I hate Barrel Man so, of course, I would get that cup that day.

Game day with the girls...always my favorite games.

Game with my aunt, sister & mama.

Goofing around before a game in 2010.  Note:  I typically sit in the first or second section,  not the "nosebleeds" but we were exploring.  Ha!

Life is good when you're at Miller Park, watching the Brew Crew & enjoying some strawberry margaritas.  :)

Another all girls game with the sister, cousin & aunt.

In 2011, we took the whole crew to Miller Park.  Ah, so young & sweet we all were.

Yes, I'm we…

Words of Wisdom...

This is me to a "T".  I'm the perfect defined introvert, always have been, always will be.  Even when I was younger, I choose to sit with my parents, aunt & uncles & grandparents while my cousins ran around being crazy.  I enjoyed listening to the adults talk, the calmness of it & the fact that my grandpa would often give me some of his beer.  Tee hee!

I am an introvert & I am proud of that!  :)

My Thoughts On...

Oh, The Hobbit.  This movie was the last piece of the hubby's birthday gift & he was SO excited when I sent him the pic of it sitting on his pillow yesterday.  He told me that he was going to watch it everyday for the next week.  Ha!  We really should have named our baby boy cat Bilbo instead of Tyrion.  Ha!
Out of The Hobbit movies, I thought that I would like this one the best but it just made me mad because Smaug was killed (which I knew was going to happen), Thorin was a douche, etc.  It was a good sort of mad though.  Ha!  However, I think that The Desolation of Smaug was my favorite out of the series.  This one was still good & I cannot take anything from the book as I have not read it.

I do really enjoy seeing more of this man though - Bard aka Luke Evans.  He's one of my boyfriends.  Plus, Bard is such a great man & one that just wants peace & kindness, who doesn't want more of that.  :)
Battle of the Five Armies' Grade: B

To Be Honest...

To be honest, it was a bittersweet trip to the gym last night.  I got my butt on the treadmill, got Lost loaded up & did my thing there for thirty minutes but didn't feel quite right.  I then went over to the bike but Netflix wouldn't load the rest of the episode for me & I still wasn't feel well.  So, cut my workout short & come to find out, Aunt Flo was in the house.  Which was a good thing & a bad thing - good because I'm not pregnant & bad because I had to cut my workout short & not go tanning.  So, straight home I went.

I had been in a little bit of fear that I was pregnant cuz I just haven't been feeling "normal" lately.  If my period hadn't had come, it was off to the store to buy a EPT.  Thank you, Aunt Flo, for coming to visit.  Ha!

Makes Me Happy Pics...

I haven't done one of these for awhile so I thought that today would be a good day to do one.

January Ipsy Bag.

Carrot Cake Cupcake from Panera.

Birthday coffee with Jimmy...& Tyrion.

Thought gifts from good friends.  Thanks, Ashley!


The Walking Dead.

Tyrion snuggling with his fishy.

My Happy Jar from Sunshine.

Sweet Valentines from a friend.  Thanks, Jen!

Donuts & milk.

My Thoughts On...

The hubby & I went to see Insurgent on opening night - Friday.  I will start off with the fact that I read this book about a year ago but there are just some things that stuck with me from the book that didn't make it in the movie like the fact that Tris had a very difficult time handling guns after she shot & killed Will but they just showed her jumping right in.  I feel that in the book, they made her more human rather than a robot.  I liked the movie but it wasn't as good as Divergent or anything close to The Hunger Games series.
However, I still love my girl, Shailene.  I think that she is so stinkin' adorable.

Plus, who wouldn't want to stare at Four aka Tobias aka Theo on the big screen for a couple of hours?!  I know that I thoroughly enjoyed that.  

Insurgent's Grade: C+

Musical Monday...

Homegrown by Zac Brown Band
The first time I heard this song on SNL, I put it on my Spotify right away.  Not only am I going through a country kick right now but I really like Zac Brown Band, they come out with some good tuneage.  :)
So, how was your weekend?  Mine was good.  Friday right after work, the hubby & I left for Appleton right away, stopped at Scheel's because he forgot his Jordy Nelson t-shirt that he was supposed to wear, then to the theater to see Insurgent (I'll do my review in a later blog), to our hotel to drop our stuff off, to a bar to watch the second half of the Badger game, to the martini bar for a drinky drink & then back to the hotel.  Tired.
Saturday, we woke up early enough to go relax in the hot tub for a little bit before we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel, got ready & then hit the road to "the thumb of Wisconsin" to celebrate "C"'s birthday at Greg's parents' house.  We partied it up & then the grandp…

Friday Five...

It's Friday, it's Friday - awhoo hoo!  I decided for today's Five that I'll do my five favorite Disney princesses.  I've been thinking about doing this one for quite some time & today is the day I'm gonna do it.  However, I'm gonna work this backwards to my favoritest.  :)

5.  Jasmine.  When Aladdin came out, I had everything Aladdin themed - bedset, dolls, stuffed animals, etc.  I loved Aladdin & everything about it.  I not only had the soundtrack but the sheet music to the soundtrack so I could play my flute right along.

4.  Anna.  Some people would pick Elsa & she's cool as shit & such, however, she's not a princess.  She's the queen.  Also, I think that poor Anna just gets tossed to the side & she's actually the main character on Frozen.  I think that she's a fabulous lil lady.

3.  Rapunzel.  She is just so stinkin' adorable & sassy with her lil frying pan.  Plus, what lady wouldn't want a Flynn Rider…

Around the Horn: Favorite Player...

Favorite player...oh, this is gonna be hard one cuz if I had to choose, my favorite player actually doesn't play for the Brewers anymore.

Corey Hart.  He's actually the one that got me into baseball & not because of his looks or his athletic ability - it was all because of his name & a certain song from the 80's:

I would always say:  "ah, Corey Hart...does he too wear his sunglasses at night?"  He was my man.  I had many of the t-shirts with his name on the back.  I voted non-stop for him during his run at the All-Star Game.  I was a fan!  Then...then, he left the Brewers & me for the Mariners & then off to the Pirates.  So, the good thing with the Pirates, the Brewers play them a lot so I'll see him again.  Awhoo hoo!
Now, if I had to choose my favorite player from my favorite team, I would probably go with Scooter Gennett & again, not because of his looks or ability but because of his name.

Okay, maybe he's a little cutie.  :)