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To Be Honest...

To be honest, I'm pretty pissed off at the moment.  My husband thinks that it's okay to make me out to be the bad guy all the time.  That may not be his intent but it's what he does.  Example:  he sent me a message today asking if it would be okay for Sunshine to be out our house with two friends unsupervised.  I don't like it one bit.  The visions I have in my head is that they'll eat everything they can get their hands on, make a huge mess, go into Trouble's room & go through her stuff (they've done that while we've been home), etc.  But he just goes ahead & lets them even after I have voiced my concerns.

Then he'll talk to the girls about us going on all these vacations, vacations that he has not discussed with me & gets their hopes all up to go to Florida or to here or to there & then when they tell me about them I'm all confused.  It pisses me off.  He brings these girls up & then I have to bring them back to Earth & I'm the bad guy.  Why is that I have to be the big mean bad guy all the time?!  I'm so tired of it!  & they know that I'm the one that has rules set & making them do chores because they've never had to do them before I came around.  But that's the way of the world, you gotta follow rules & do some work once in awhile.

I'm just getting so frustrated that I can't think straight!  Ugh!


  1. Aw that's not fair to you at all!! I am always the bad guy with my daughter but that's because... I am her only parent. Her grandparents and other family members spoil her and promise her the world and then all the mean stuff is left for me to do so it feels like I'm always the only person disciplining her. If I had a 2nd parent with me I'd hope we would back each other up and share the burden of being the bad guy equally!

    1. Exactly! Co-parenting is supposed to be a team sport & it's nice to have that other person for support. Ugh. Being a parent is hard. :\


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