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Thankful Thursday...

I know that I keep saying how quickly the weeks are flying by lately but they totally are!  I cannot believe that I'm here getting ready to post another Thankful Thursday.  It's just crazy!

Here are the things that I am thankful for on this day:

  1.  Avengers.  I am SO excited for the new Avengers to come out tomorrow.  I have become a huge geek when it comes to Marvel superhero movies.  I've never been this way before, I blame Paul...& Chris Hemsworth.  Ha!  I just cannot wait to see all the boys on the big screen but this video of Hawkeye (aka Jeremy Renner) singing his own praises, will due in the meantime:

  2.  Warm weather.  It's been pretty frickin' fantastic - I have not been wearing socks in two weeks which means I'm sporting sandals.  I haven't worn a jacket/fleece to work the last two days.  It's been just lovely.  I hate having to wear all that extra stuff all the time.  I also like being able to jump in my car & not have to wait f…

My Morning...

Why must there be mornings that start like this:

The first picture is of Trouble's foot.  I get home from dropping Sunshine off at the bus & I'm greeted by "Mandie, Mandie, Mandie...come here, come here, come here...IT HURTS!"  A body on the living room floor rolling around in a pink t-shirt & unders clutching its foot.  I make my way over & there is a pin stuck right into the heel of Trouble's foot.  I tell her to stop being so dramatic & to give me her damn foot.  I pull the pin right out, calmly throw it away, grab her a bandaid & tell her to go finish getting ready for school.

I then go into the bathroom to get ready myself & got insta-crabby for seeing the second picture.  I mean, really.  How frickin' difficult is it to put the goddamn toilet paper on the frickin' roll?!  I really should have just turned right back around & went back to bed as all this happened BEFORE 7:15.  7:15!

I hope that this day gets better...

Words of Wisdom...

Ipsy April Bag...

I know, only one bag to review - what?!  Ha!  Here are my goodies from April's Ipsy bag:!  :)

Bonita nailpolish:  I got a teal color & this stuff was amazing.  It stayed on rather well.  It finally began chipping about a week after I put it on.

Oval Concealer brush:  I was naughty & didn't use this for concealer cuz I don't wear concealer, I used it with my eye shadow & I liked, I'm gonna continue doing that.  Yea, I'm a rebel!

Nude Dude eye shadow:  I am really into this natural colored eye shadows lately so my fancy was tickled when I got this.  I'm actually wearing it today!  :)

Klorane dry shampoo:  I used this stuff after I had had my hair up & I didn't seem to work really well & I was SO excited to try it.  Maybe I didn't use enough, maybe I didn't leave it on long enough.  I'll have to give it another try.

Hikari blush:  I don't use blush so this went right to Sunshine as she likes to…


So, here is three months worth of Birchbox of these days I have to be on time, right?!

derma-e scrub:  I love this stuff!  However, I think that Birchbox needs to back off on the whole wrinkle stuff, I'm only 34!  Ha, ha!

Read My Lips lip balm:  I love me some balm of the lip kind & this one does not disappoint, a lil pop of pink & some shine.

Marcelle eye makeup remover:  I ended up giving this to Trouble as she cakes on the eye makeup & it's typically waterproof.

Juicy Couture perfume:  I love me perfume but it has to be a soft smell & no citrus - this one followed that so I liked it.  :)

Beauty Protector leave-in conditioner:  I don't like using leave-in conditioner as it tends to leave my hair greasy looking.  So, I gave it to Sunshine to use.

Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes:  I am a sucker for facial wipes, I love them especially ones that are cucumber.  I did like these as I tend to wipe my face every afternoon at work.  …

Musical Monday...

I Eat Boys Like You For Breakfast by Ida Maria
I was listening to my "Hidden Gems" playlist this morning & this song came on - I love this song, Sunshine loves this song.  It's good music.  Ha!
So, how was your weekend?  Mine was pretty dang good, I had some crabbiness yesterday (which is pretty typical) but other than that - good times.
Friday, I went out to dinner at Chili's with my friends, Ashlee & Colie (they are sisters), & then we went to see Furious 7 (you can read my review here).  It was a nice evening.  I was home by 10:00, got ready for bed & just hung out in bed playing on my Kindle while Paul was asleep on the couch.  I don't disturb him now cuz one time I did he ended up hitting me - not hard or on purpose but waking him up doesn't work.  So, I let him be.
Saturday, Paul decided to take me, Sunshine & her friend, AT, to Noodles (us ladies like it very much, him not so much) & then we came home to hang outside with Greg&…

My Thoughts On...

IMDB's summary:  "Dominic Torretto and his crew thought they left the criminal mercenary life behind. They defeated an international terrorist named Owen Shaw and went their seperate ways. But now, Shaw's brother, Deckard Shaw is out killing the crew one by one for revenge. Worse, a Somalian terrorist called Jakarde, and a shady government official called "Mr. Nobody" are both competing to steal a computer terrorism program called God's Eye, that can turn any technological device into a weapon. Torretto must reconvene with his team to stop Shaw and retrieve the God's Eye program while caught in a power struggle between terrorist and the United States government."
My thoughts:  I will start off by saying, I love the Fast & the Furious franchise.  I own every one of them & have seen them all MANY times...except for Toyko Drift (no Paul, no Vin, no interest).  Anywho, the main reason I got into the movies was because of Paul Walker.  I loved him…

Funny Friday...

It is a daily struggle on whether to be a dick or not.  Tee hee!
Well, here we are again talking about our plans for the weekend...weren't we just doing that?!  It's just crazy on fast time is flying lately.  However, another day gone means another day closer to having no kids in the house!  Awhoo hoo!  Tee hee!  You folks with younger children will totally get me when they enter their teenage years.  Ha!  My girls have been good - *knocks on wood* - but it sure is delightful when we don't have to worry about homework or phones that don't work or curfews.  Maybe I'll be bored when they are gone but right now, I'm just excited for the calmness of no children.  
Anywho, on to the weekend plans!
Tonight, I'm going out to dinner with my friends. Ashlee & Colie, & then we're gonna go see Furious 7.  Finally!  I am pretty dang excited.  Tomorrow evening, we have a big ol' birthday bash for Greg & Chelsie.  I'm not sure what the daytime ho…

My Thoughts On...

IMDB's summary:  "Ex-government operative Bryan Mills is accused of a ruthless murder he never committed or witnessed.  As he is tracked & pursued, Mills brings out his particular set of skills to find the true killer & clear his name."

My thoughts:  If Liam doesn't scare you enough to watch his films & at least applaud his performance, he will most likely hunt you down...& kill you!  Tee hee!  This movie did not disappoint.  Lots of action - on-foot chases, gun shots, car crashes, etc.  Enjoyable.  Lots of folks got shot & there was even one death of a guy in tighty-whities.  Ha, ha!

Kick some ass, Liam!!!!  :)
Taken 3's grade: B+

Friday Five...

Holy crap!  It's frickin' Friday again?!  Seriously, the weeks are just flying by lately!  Damn!  Well, since it's Friday that means it's time for another "Friday Five".  This week my Five are the last five pictures I posted to Instagram.

"Lunch that isn't #PaneraBread.  #InsertSadFaceHere"

"I saw this on a onesie tonight at Walmart and I want it on a big girl shirt for me.  #MilwaukeeBrewers"

"My basket of paint.  #ColorfulLife #30PhotosInBetween #PhotoChallenge"

"Mini martini and Andy Gibb playing.  Happiness.  #MakesMeHappyPics #StJamesCocktailLounge"

"Good morning.  #MakesMeHappyPics #Vacation"