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I Was The Kind Of Kid Who...

I saw this link-up on Miss Helene's blog & knew that I had to do it so here we go:

I was the kind of kid who...

  ...pretended to be Ariel in our swimming pool by crossing my ankles into a fin. to watch Porky's but couldn't watch Beetlejuice - I think that penises flopping about is more scary than Michael Keaton.

  ...would rather sit inside listening to Mom's records than play outside.

  ...had a ton of Hot Wheels (complete with car tracks) & Barbies to play with.

  ...sat with the adults just listening to their chatter rather than getting into trouble with the siblings & cousins (they were always getting into trouble - ha!).

  ...must have known that I'd eventually be the smallest so I beat up on my siblings as much as I could when they didn't listen to me while I was babysitting.  Tee hee!

  ...sat by the heating vent reading Babysitters Club & then eventually RL Stine books.

  ...went with her mom to the library to not only get stacks of books but to look at old newspapers. mom had a difficult time buying pants for cuz my waist was so small & my legs were so long (I have the same issue with Sunshine).

  ...came home from school & did my homework while watching Dark Shadows that I had taped during the day on SciFi.  I loved that show!  


  1. I have lots of memories reading and listening to my mom's records too :)

  2. Oh man I was the biggest Babysitters Club fan. Read every single book and even made a fake club in my room with my dolls. I had the Stacey and Dawn dolls. Also loved RL Stine! Apparently RL Stine is going to start writing kid books again!


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