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Musical Monday...

Bitch, I'm Madonna by Madonna

Sunshine & I were watching an episode of Jimmy Fallon yesterday & her & I really dug this song/performance (although it's clearly a lot of lip syncing).  However, Sunshine could not believe that Madonna was fifty-six years old.  She was in just pure shock.  Tee hee!

As for the rest of the weekend, not much to report.  Paul & I had dinner with my cousin & her fiancee on Friday night, we went out to play some darts & have a couple of drinks afterwards but they needed to pick up their little one by 9:00 so it was an early evening.  Fine by me.  So, Paul & I rented A Walk Among the Tombstones (which you can read my review here) & settled in.  However, at about midnight, my stomach started to burn & then what followed for the next seven hours was no fun.  I couldn't participate in the 5k I was signed up to do & pretty much just hung out the rest of the day.  I did finish Gone Girl (FINALLY!), spent a little time outside with the kitties & watched Dracula Untold for the third time (review here).  Yesterday, I got myself out of bed early & started my Sunday chores, went out to lunch & grocery shopping with Jill & "D" (I made "D" attempt to say everything I put in my cart as she rode with me), come home to make banana bread, clean up the outdoor sitting objects, finished my chores, started my new book (Invisible by James Patterson), painted thy nails & then watched Game of Thrones with the hubby.

So, besides the whole burning stomach for about twenty-four hours, a good weekend.  :)


  1. To me, Madonna looks so much younger than 56...then other times, I think she looks so old. Who am I to judge?! Ha!

    1. I agree. Sunshine thought she was in her 30's when she watched but there are times that she does look her age. Plus, I think that sometimes she just tries a little too hard to be cool. I mean, she's Madonna & that's all she needs to say & that's cool enough for a whole lot of people.

  2. Boooo to your stomach and missing your 5k! But yay for finishing Gone Girl! Hope you feel better :) Did you see Madonna fall on stage at some British award show? I felt bad haha

    1. Yea, the weekend sure had its ups & downs, that's for sure. Ha, ha! I didn't see that fall but apparently she made out with Drake at Couchella over the weekend. Oh, that Madonna, she's so sassy.


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