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Friday Five...

Happy Friday, yall!  Who's ready to start the weekend?!  I know that I am!  Ha!  But lets get my Friday Five outta the way first.  This week is five reasons you should go see Avengers tonight:

5.  Hawkeye - I don't know about you but my love for Jeremy Renner keeps growing with every time I see him.  I think that he's flippin' fantastic especially after he did this on The Tonight Show.  I thought it was great.  Tee hee!

4.  Captain America.  I just really think that Chris Evans is a stand-up guy.  He goes to children's hospitals dressed as Captain America to give those kids a little smile.  I love that.  Plus, he has that cute boy-next-door look.

3.  The Hulk.  I got two words for you - "Hulk, smash!"  Ha, ha!  I have suffered through Eric Bana & Edward Norton playing The Hulk (note: not bad actors, just not a good fit) but I LOVE Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk...okay, Bruce Banner.  He's just so likable when he's Bruce but you can see there is a twinkle of anger in those eyes.

2.  Ironman.  Robert Downey, Jr. - RDJ.  Amazing man & I just really feel that he is Tony Stark.  I cannot imagine anyone else playing him, I just really cannot.  He's done such a great job with the part that you love the cocky lil bastard!  Ha, ha!

1.  Thor.  Did you expect anything different from me, my heart belongs to this man - Chris Hemsworth & Thor.  He is the God of Thunder from Down, really, he is.  Tee hee!  I cannot wait to see him in action & maybe get punched across the room again by The Hulk.  I love ya Thor but that was funny.  Ha, ha!


  1. really want to see this! have a good weekend :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. It was good. I recommend seeing it asap! :)

  2. Your #1 and #2 are mine as well. I'll share. I'd even add Black Widow to the list. She's too cool to leave off :)

    1. I love Scarlet Witch, she's pretty dang cool & I cannot wait to see more of her.

  3. I have yet to see any of these Avenger movies but I want to haha

    1. They are fabulous! You need to rent them all right now & have a marathon! Tee hee!


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