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Northern Invasion...

My very first music fest...what a ride, it was...

We started our day off at 8:00 in the a.m.  We loaded up the car & hit the road - the hubby, me & our friends, Heath & Krista.  We stopped around Menomonie for a quick brunch at Denny's.  Well, my companions were pretty please to see that they had a bar & they ordered up some beers.  Things took FOREVER & our waitress didn't come back to check on drink refills even.  We were not pleased.  Then when we finally got our food, I didn't get all my stuff.  To make up for it, the manager gave one round of beers & the other round at Happy Hour price & then I got my meal for free cuz they made it my birthday.  Okay, I'll take that.

We got back on the road & jetted on up the interstate along with other concert goers - I saw some rockin' out, a couple of moons & some pissing along the side of the street.  It's for sure a rock music fest, that's for sure!  Ha!

We finally get there, park the car, crack some drinky-poos & then take the hike to the main gate.  We couldn't even get within a block of the main stage without having to get rid of our drinks.  We get to the main gate & run into my aunt, uncle & the people they came with...that was the last time we saw them.  There were SO many people & as the day went on, the crowds grew!  It was crazy!  Phones wouldn't work so we had to have a meeting spot if we got separated & we did at one point.  Eeek!

We got to see a lot of great acts but my favorites were Starset & The Pretty Reckless.  In This Moment was pretty good too, however, I think that she was doing some lip syncing which I thought would be frowned upon at a rock music fest.  But I may have been wrong & if I am, she was amazing!

Now, on to my near death experience:  they had two stages & after Volbeat was on the main stage, Halestorm was on the other.  So, people filed out & headed over to watch Halestorm.  One of the boys had the idea that we should get down on the ground for Five Finger Death Punch & Slipknot.  I was not too keen on the idea but I went along with it.  We ventured down & were able to get pretty close to the stage & watch Halestorm on the screens.  Well, more people were piling in & I was getting more & more nervous.  I don't like big crowds all in my area, so I was in my own personal Hell.  I couldn't even see the stage so it's not like it was any better than sitting on the grassy hill...the only thing better, warmth.  It got pretty cold when the sun went down.

So, FFDP comes out on stage & the whole crowd has a HUGE push forward.  I lose my shit & think all in about a millisecond that I'm gonna die by trampling at Five Finger Death Punch (death is right there in the name!), I turn to Paul & just start crying & tell him to get me the Hell outta there.  I dropped a bag I was carrying & as Paul was trying to pick it up, he almost gets knocked over so Heath had to block people from hitting Paul.  I have never hauled ass so fast before but it seemed to take FOREVER to get out of that crowd of people.  If people didn't move outta my way, I shoved them out of the way.  I got out & was just shaking & crying.  It was HORRIBLE!  I mean, you hear about people getting trampled to death at concerts.  I've never been down on the ground level before & that will be the last time.  Eeek!

We watched from afar for about a song & a half, hit the bathrooms & decided that we had all had enough.  I was the one to drive at least halfway home & I was burnt out & had a pretty bad headache so I made the final call that we were gonna skip out on watching Slipknot.  Sorry guys, I would have loved to see ya but this girl was spent.

So, I escaped the day with a bad sunburn, trampled feet, a Northern Invasion t-shirt, a near death experience & a new favorite band - Starset.  A bad day, no.  :)

Motionless in White.

In This Moment.

The Pretty Reckless.

Three Days Grace.

The hubby & I (& my t-shirt).


Prior to my "near death experience".


  1. Hahahah I am very very used to being in mosh pits since growing up all my boyfriends went in them. I always stand in the first few rows from the stage so it's always an annoyance having to deal with all the moshing / dancing / shoving but I refuse to be far from the stage!!!!!!! Glad you ad a good time even with the sunburn and near death experience. Music festivals are the best! Was this one only 1 day long? The one I'm going to next weekend is 3 days long... so excited! We are camping out in tents and everything :)

    1. They had two smaller bands on Friday night & a bonfire but the rest of the acts were on Saturday. There was camping there & I think that if we go again, I would like to camp & go VIP. But it was fun, I enjoyed it for the most part. :)

      So, what kind of music fest are you going to?


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