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To Be Honest...

To be honest, I am forming an obsession for John Green.  No jokes whatsoever.  I read The Fault in our Stars - loved it.  I am currently reading Paper Towns by him & I'm loving it.  It is really keeping my interest & I just wanna know what Margo will do next!  Ha!  I am just hopeful that the movie coming out this summer will be done just like the movie for TFIOS was.  I was SO happy with how book was adapted to the screen on that one.

So, if you haven't read any of John Green's stuff, from the ones I've read thus far - diggin' him & I recommend that everyone gives him a try.


  1. Love love love John Green. Looking For Alaska is one of my very fav books of all time :)

    1. Really?! I'm debating on if I'm gonna read that one next or if I should do a book between Paper Towns & Looking for Alaska. You know, to cleanse the palate. Ha!

  2. I LOVE his books I've read! Fault & Abundance of Katherines - both were fantastic!!!

    1. Abundance is on my list but Looking for Alaska will be the next one I read & I already cannot wait to start it...but first, gotta finish Paper Towns which just keeps getting better & better. :)

  3. Good to know! I haven't gotten the chance to read him yet, and wasn't familiar with his books other than The Fault In Our Stars.

    1. The movie for Paper Towns comes out this summer so I knew that I had to hurry up & read it. It's a good read & I hope that the movie is just as good. :)


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