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Musical Monday / Weekend Update...

Halo by Ane Brun
I was playing the Acoustic Morning playlist on Spotify this morning & this song played & I just love this version of Halo.  It's fabulous.
This weekend was pretty nice.  On Friday, the hubby & I went out to dinner & then decided that since we had a little time to kill before seeing Jurassic World that we would hit up the casino.  I lost horribly & quickly so we didn't stay long & ran some errands.  We then went to Jurassic World & you can read my thoughts on it here.  We'll just say that I was not disappointed, that's for sure.  :)

Saturday, we ventured for a day/night of camping with our friends, Ben & Christa.  We had such a blasty - we sat around the fire, we drank, we ate, we played a very long session of Cards Against Humanity, drank some more & ate some more.  Such a great time.  Plus, no cell phone reception so nobody from the outside world could ruin our fun.  Loved that the most.

Yesterday, we got home at a…

My Thoughts...

IMDB's summary:  A new theme park is built on the original site of Jurassic Park.  Everything is going well until the park's newest attraction -- a genetically modified giant stealth killing machine -- escapes containment & goes on a killing spree.
My thoughts:  Intense, intense, intense.  I was on the edge of my seat for most of the movie just wondering what was going to happen next.  I won't give anything away but I did totally call the ending, I actually leaned over & said something to Paul about it before it happened.
Will this movie win Academy Awards?  Probably not.  Is it better than the original?  No.  Is it better than the original's sequels?  Yes.  I enjoyed it.  Plus, who wouldn't want to watch Chris Pratt run around with some Raptors?!

Jurassic World's Grade: B

Friday Five...

Another, it just seems like it was Friday.  Ha!  Anywho, this week's Friday Five are movies that I cannot wait to see.  The hubby emailed me this morning & told me that they are releasing Sinister 2.  I loved the first one, so good.  So, here are some upcoming flicks that I cannot wait to watch:

  1.  Star Wars:  The Force Awakens.  First of all, how badass is that movie poster?!  Shit!  I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan but I am a fan of the franchise - except for Episode One, I really disliked that one.  Anywho, when I saw the preview with Han & Chewy, I almost lost it.   Add the Ewoks & I'm done!  Tee hee!

  2.  Mockingjay:  Part II.  I am really anxious to see how they do some things that were in the book.  It's gonna be intense.  For those of you that haven't read the books (which I urge you to do so), you're in for a wild ride cuz it's gonna get CRAZY!

  3.  Ant-Man.  Yes, you read that correctly, Ant-Man.  I'm a huge fan…

Makes Me Happy Pics...

Salted Caramel hot cocoa.  I love salted caramel.  Yummy!

Breakfast at Perkins & the mini-waffle platter with a side of hash browns.   I didn't finish it all but I sure tried cuz it was delish!

Parking lot lunch with one of my favorite authors, James Patterson. Seriously, if you're a reader & haven't picked up Zoo yet, you need to do it!

These are my favorite Little Debbie snacks EVER! There were three boxes at the Walmart but I figured that if I bought all three, I would be a pig. Tee hee!

Paul was on my Shit List so he decided to pick me some daisies. Love them!

My Rafter boys lined up for the National Anthem. GO RAFTERS!

I know, I know, yall are tired of this picture but it does make me happy so deal! Ha, ha!

Ahhh, me & my boyfriend, Sam. He just doesn't know that he's my boyfriend.  ;)

Rosco (the mascot for the Rafters), "Z" & Aaron. "Z" was always on the lookout for Rosco but got a little scared when he came around.

My cous…

Thankful Thursday...

I'm thankful that lil Miss Sunshine is wanting to be so involved in things - dance & gymnastics.  I'm just afraid that she's going to take too much on.  I told her that she should concentrate on one or the other & she's currently doing dance.  We currently have her signed up for Jazz & Musical Theater & she's thinking that she would like to try to get into Pointe.  I spoke with her instructor & it was suggest that she join Ballet 4 & see how the ankles hold up & then possibly be pushed up to Pointe.  Also, she'll have a head start if we get her signed up for the week of Dance Intensive where they do every kind of dance plus a Pilates session for one week from 9:00 to 5:00.  Paul & I are discussing that especially since it's $300 to enroll her.  If we could get her mother to pay half of it, then it would be doable.  So, we'll see.

I'm thankful that Trouble finally got a job.  The work permit was handed in yesterday &…


I'm Loving...that my hubby thinks that we are living a real life Bull Durham & that the lil guys from our local baseball team that I got pictures taken with last week are after me.

Kim & I with Demetrius Sims.

Me with Sam Tolleson.
Paul was cracking me by saying that these two are baseball players & that they've seen Bull Durham & I'm Susan Sarandon to them.  This all came because Demetrius started an album on Facebook with pictures from his time with the Rafters, well, he took the picture above & tagged me in it (yes, I'm friends with both of them on Facebook).  Now, Paul thinks that these two boys - yes, boys - are after me.  Ha, ha!
I'm Loving...that I have two informers as stepdaughters.  They both crack me up.  Trouble has been talking with her mother again & she said that her mom's favorite topic to talk about is me.  Ha!  So, Trouble either has to call or text me about what crazy things her mother is saying about me - sometimes compl…

To Be Honest...

To be honest, I am getting pretty nervous about a doctor's appointment I have this afternoon.  I'm getting the birth control implant & I hear that it's easy peasy but I hate needles - said the girl that has ten tattoos.  That's different though cuz at the end, I have a pretty new thing on my skin that I'll have with me always.

I digress.

So, after much thought I decided to go with the implant & it's not that I couldn't take The Pill but with my schedule lately, just getting to the pharmacy was becoming a hassle - #BusyMomProblems.  Plus, no period - I'm in.  Hopefully, if I remind myself of how great it's gonna be, I won't pass out while the doctor is putting the implant in.  Yes, I'm a fainter.  *crosses fingers*

Makes Me Happy Pics...

This version is super sized with twenty pictures rather than ten.  :)

Sunset over my happy place - Crystal Lake.

Another sunset over Crystal Lake.

Fire at Crystal Lake.

My cousin, "Z", playing in Crystal Lake. "It's not the cold, Mandie, come in."

My Thor goodies.  :)

Sunshine on the boat.

Root beer & artichoke dip.

Peanut butter cup martini - yum!

Caramel latte - I could go for one right now.

Miller Park...even though the Brewers lost.  :(

Heavenly Nuts - so delish!

Awww, I wanna snuggle with him.

New Thirty One bags.  I love Thirty One!

A pretty flower at my grandparents'.

Yes, Nerd Alert - Avengers band-aids.  Tee hee!

Magic & Tyrion snuggling.  So cute.

My glitter Wisconsin done by Candace.  :)

My Thought On...

IMDB's summary:  In the midst of veteran con man Nicky's latest scheme, a women from his past - now an accomplished femme fatale - shows up & throws his plans for a loop.

My thoughts:  I love Will Smith but his movies tend to be real hit or miss & this one was a miss for me.  I thought the story line was pretty weak.  I watched the whole thing (mostly due to the fact that our WiFi was acting up) but I didn't really enjoy it all that much.  My favorite scene was the one at the SuperBowl with Will's character betting another man on things at the game.  It got a little intense.  But other than that, a pretty forgettable movie.  Sorry, Will.

Focus' Grade: C

Musical Monday...

Crash & Burn by Thomas Rhett
Ugh, Monday.  I am so tired.  I don't think that I've caught up on sleep yet from Thursday night baseball game/drinking fest.  But life must go on & I must participate.  The weekend was good, very busy but good.
Friday night, I went to the chiropractor right after work & then went to pick up my hubby for dinner & a movie.  We went to see Spy (you can read my review here) & then went to the Walmart to pick up goodies for our tubing trip on Saturday.

Saturday, the weather was not cooperating with our plans to go tubing so we decided that since Sunday looked nicer, that we would reschedule to then & that way both the girls would join us - Trouble didn't want to join at first & Sunshine wanted to go to a party with a friend instead.  Paul played the Father's Day card so they would both come.  Ha!  The storm then dissipated so Paul & I decided to take out the boat.  It was a little chilly on the water but we stopp…

My Thoughts On...

IMDB's summary:  A desk-bound CIA analyst volunteers to go undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arm,s dealer and prevent diabolical global disaster. 
My thoughts:  it was another goofy Melissa McCarthy movie.  They are all pretty funny but it always ends with her being a potty mouthed gal but some of the aliases they give her are hilarious & the wigs/outfits to go with them are even better.  Ha, ha!
I thought Rose Byrne was great!  I first saw her in Damages on FX & the Insidious movies, serious roles but then she was in Bridesmaids & I think that she is good in comedies & I hope to see her in more.  I think that she's adorable as well.

& Jason Statham, hilarious!  I wish that he would have been in it more or that they do a spin-off about him cuz it was just hilarious.  He basically made fun of all of the other characters he's played before & to laugh at yourself is the best.

Spy's Grade: B

Friday Five...

Oh my, another Friday is here & I cannot believe...mostly cuz I'm still half-asleep right now.  Anywho, that leads me to my Friday Five:  five things I'll have to do to keep myself going today after a late night of drinking.

1.  Coffee.  I have the big mug o' coffee filled up & I'm shocked that I'm not drinking right from the pot at this point.

2.  A nap.  I plan to go to the tanning salon during lunch & taking the bed that I can lay in the longest so I can nap.  Nice & toasty warm with some coffeehouse music softly playing in my ear hole - perfection.

  3.  Water.  I must rehydrate after I get my caffeine.  I met a new friend last night named Hurricane Mixx Tail.  She was a good friend...until this morning when she left me with a headache.  Sigh.

4.  Mountain Dew.  After my water, I'm going back to caffeine with a lovely, delightful can of Mountain Dew - my favorite thing ever.

5.  Remind myself that it's a short day & I'll be out…