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Musical Monday...

Roses by OutKast

So, I found this amazing playlist on Spotify called Heaviest Hits Throwback Workout with some old hip-hop music like Roses.  Well, I played this song for Sunshine & her friend, AT, on Friday & they were dying.  They thought the song was pretty goofy.  I loved that I could share it with them & hope that they get it stuck in their head like it gets stuck in mine.  Ha, ha!

Anywho, had a three day weekend &, like usual, it was a busy one.  Friday, Sunshine & I were on the road at about 8:00, we picked up AT & headed to Appleton for some shopping.  We even got to the mall before the stores opened so we wasted some time in Target.  I was going to just let them go off & do their own thing but they decided that they wanted to hang with me.  Awww, ain't that sweet?!  It was a successful shopping trip for all of us.  However, I was naughty & bought more bras & unders from Pink even though I have almost an entire drawer of just those two things.  Sunshine made me!  Ha!  We were all done at about 11:30 & headed over to Olive Garden for a delicious lunch, hit up Jansport (which I've never been to before) & then headed home.  I dropped the girls off at AT's house as they were gonna be heading to a rodeo with her mom.  So, I stopped at Book World for two copies of the Sports Illustrated with Brett Favre for my hubby & cousin.  Then home to look at my purchases & get ready to go golfing.  I actually didn't golf, I just rode along as my hubby played against my co-worker's husband.  It was a nice day on the course.  We then went out for dinner & then came home.

Saturday, I got to sleep in a little bit & then got things ready for the 4th of July gathering.  Since we live a few blocks off of the Wisconsin River where they shoot off the fireworks, people tend to come over as we can watch them from our backyard.  For the most part, people were well behaved.  I always get anxious cuz in the past, people have drank too much & drama had happened.  It was pretty tame & I made sure of that especially since we had a bunch of young ones around.  The fireworks were good as well.  I got pictures but I haven't had a chance to edit them yet.  Sigh.

Yesterday, I slept in even later, got up, did my chores & then hung out in my room watching old episodes of SNL while playing games on my Kindle.  Nothing too exciting.  We did have to deal with a sobbing Trouble as she was almost an hour later after she had gotten THREE extensions on her curfew & then had to take a punishment.  She tried to get sympathy from me, it didn't work & she got mad.  Oh well.  She knew she would be in trouble & begged & pleaded but it didn't work.  Someday, she'll learn...maybe.


  1. Woohoo so important to stay strong on those teenage punishments. My mom always gave into me and I learned absolutely nothing and was out of control haha

    1. I was SO proud of Paul for standing his ground as she tried everything to get out of her punishment, which wasn't even that bad - she no longer was able to have her friend spend the night. Horrible, I know. Teenagers are such drama. Ha!

  2. haha, oh my gosh that song took me right back to high school! Gonna be stuck in my head all day!!! ;) Glad your 4th of July was fun and drama-free, I can relate to getting anxious when certain people are partying!

    1. "Roses really smell like poo-poo". Ha, ha! All day, in your head. :)


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