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Musical Monday...

Temperature by Sean Paul

"D" & I went to a birthday party this past weekend & I played this song on the way & she was dancing & she would also sing the "oh ohs".  It was so cute.  I love that girl to death!

Anywho, my weekend was pretty nice.  Friday, right after work, I went to pick up my mom & we went out to local bar/grille for their baked cod.  It's SO good.  I love it & typically burn my tongue on it cuz I don't want to wait for it cool down.  Ha, ha!  We ended up sitting there talking for about two hours until Paul sent me a message that Trouble was on a rampage cuz he wouldn't let her take the car.  Now, Paul is in Oshkosh about an hour & a half away.  She had acted up while she was there with him & then come to find out that she got fired from her job for not showing up.  So, there was NO way that she was getting that car.  So, home I go to make sure that everything is locked up like Fort Knox.  It's real sad that we have to live that way but I told Paul that I am just counting down to the day she's eighteen & we can kick her out.  I was being brutally honest.  I also told him that due to her behavior, I was not taking her back-to-school shopping nor was I buying her any new clothes, I'm taking Sunshine because she talks to me, respects me & listens to me (for the most part).  I told him it's all in the way I'm treated & Trouble doesn't not treat anyone well & that I just don't have it in me anymore to deal with her.  Horrible, maybe but I am just tired of her crap & refuse to play her game anymore.  Done.  But the rest of the evening went on without a hitch - I played on my new Kindle, watched some TV, read & hit the sack.

Saturday, I got my butt outta bed, did a little shopping with my mom & had lunch with her before I had to pick up "D" to head up to the birthday party.  We also stopped & picked up my bridesmaid dress for my cousin's wedding & when the girl brought it out "D" said "ohhh, pretty" & kept telling me it was pretty as it hung next to her in the car.  Ha!  When we got to the party, my little buddy "C" seemed to me a little turned off by the fact that I brought another child to HIS birthday party.  He loves his "aunt" Mandie so it was a little weird for him to see me with another kid.  But the party went well.  "D" was all over the place - I was chasing after her all afternoon!  Ha!  We made it through most of the gift opening before she had had enough & it was time to go...without cake.  *insert sad face here*  I brought her home, chatted with Greg & Jill for a bit & then went home to work on some crafties for Sunshine & "K" before watching some Grimm & hitting the sack.

Yesterday, Paul & Sunshine came home around 2:30 or so.  My alone time was no more.  But I got some chores done before they got home & an episode of Grimm in...however, Sunshine needed to see another episode before her dad took over the couch.  So, while he was running some things around & cleaning up, we were able to watch one.  She's so addicted, it's hilarious.  Then the rest of the evening was pretty typical for a Sunday night - laundry, shower, nails, reading & bed.

How was your weekend?


  1. Ohhh what Kindle did you get?! Sorry if you said that somewhere already and I missed it!! Did you see Paper Towns yet?!? And honestly, you should be just done with Trouble. She's too old to be babied through her bad behavior anymore. Let her dad and mom deal with it and let all the stress just goooo. You tried and tried and tried and tried some more and she is ungrateful.

    1. I got the Kindle Fire HDX 7". Basically, just an upgraded version of what I already had - the Kindle Fire HD 7". I got my use outta my last one & I'm sure that this one will be no different. I love my Kindle/s! :)

      I have not had a chance to go see Paper Towns yet & I need to get there, I'm hopeful that Sunshine & I may be able to catch it this weekend. *crosses fingers*

      You are very right, I've done everything I could possibly do for Trouble & she just doesn't want to listen or make the necessary changes so I just have to be done for my sanity. I told Paul that I'm just gonna concentrate on Sunshine. Trouble has to learn that she cannot treat people the way she does & they still kiss her feet. Nope, I'm done.


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