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To Be Honest...

To be honest...I am pretty crabby today.  Clients are making me crabby.  My eldest stepdaughter is making me crabby (I know, big surprise there).  My dreams are making me crabby.  I'm just crabby!  I don't know if it's the weather or the fact that I no longer have alone time or that I'm uber-busy at work.  I don't know but my list of "People to Punch in the Snotbox" is rather long at the moment.

To be honest...I am also crabby that I have never finished watching Dexter.  I may just have to do it without Paul cuz he always told me to wait for him but when I bring it up that I want to watch it, he always wants to watch something else.  Sigh.  Plus, we've never finished Spartacus or Sons of Anarchy.  I'm really glad that I continued moving forward with The Walking Dead without him.

To be honest...I think that I need me some time at the spa before I end up in jail for beating someone up for being stupid.  That's the problem, too many people are stupid & they need the stupid knocked out of them especially Trouble.  Ugh.  Just thinking about her raises my blood pressure.  For such a beautiful girl, she's pretty damn dumb.


  1. woosa girlfriend... woooooooosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! lol

    I'm not caught up on the walking dead either. I missed last season cause I didn't care for some odd reason. But now I want to see it. And it's not on Netflix yet.

    Dexter was awesome! Until the last few episodes. DISAPPOINTING!!!!!! The same thing with SOA. Hated the last season. Kurt Sutter could've done a lot better!

    1. I'm caught up on TWD & I know that some of last season was a little difficult to get through but it makes up for it in the end, I promise!

      Oh no, now I'm scared to watch Dexter & SOA. Makes me sad when great shows pretty drop a load in the end. :(

  2. If you do a spa day can I come please?? haha I get that urge to punch people in the face sometimes and then I remember that I'm not strong and it wouldn't even hurt them dang it
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. Spa Day Party! That sounds amazing. Actually, there is a local spa here that does that, it sounds pretty cool. Tee hee!

      & you know, I'm probably the same as you, if I would try to punch someone they would probably think it was a strong breeze. Ha, ha!

  3. WHOAH well I hope you feel less crabby tomorrow. Stupid people are never going away and you'll never catch up on all the TV you have to watch. Two of the hardest parts of life to accept!

    1. You are totally right, stupid people will never go away, that I've learned after working the legal field for 12 years. Stupid people are EVERYWHERE. Ha!

  4. Dexter is the only show I have watched in full in a long, long time. Yesterday, I posted on twitter something about wanting all the chocolate and wanting to cry all the tears because...well...I felt crabby too. I want that spa day as well!

    1. Yesterday just must have been the day to be crabby for us lovely ladies. But today is a new day & the spa is only a phone call away. Tee hee! :)


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