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What I'm Loving Wednesday...

I'm loving...all the blogs that I've been reading where girls are going back to being stay-at-home moms.  I think that's wonderful.  Those first years before children are sprung into the school system is important to grow with them.  However, I really believe that socializing with other people/kids there age is important so I would have my young one booked in some classes at the Y for swimming & such just to make sure that they get to socialize with more than my dumb face all day.  Tee hee!  But I really do think that it's great that women are able & willing to do that.  Good for you, ladies!  If my stepdaughters were younger, I would consider the same thing but they are not so at work I will stay.

I'm loving...that I'm back on the path of being a drugged out gal.  I ventured to the doc yesterday to talk about being put back on some anti-anxiety medicine.  I don't need it at work, it's home where I need it - & it was just getting more & more anxious & when that happens I end up picking at my skin & my shoulders/legs are not looking good right now.  One way to stop the picking, Paul told me to go get acrylic nails as they make it more difficult to pick...not impossible but more difficult.  Plus, I feel like I'm pretty much pissed of all the damn time.  It sucks.  So, hopefully I'll notice a change with these meds.  *crosses fingers*

I'm loving...that the cool weather is coming in.  It's been pretty chilly here in Central Wisconsin & I got to wear a sweatshirt last night.  Next step, socks.  I love socks!  I have some new Thor socks, Badger socks & Brewer socks that need to be worn & loved.  Socks are amazing...except for when it's bedtime, I cannot sleep with socks on.

Actually, this should read:  "I love socks like Dobby loves socks".
Giggle, giggle.  :)


  1. I'm loving the cooler weather, too! I hope it's around to stay!!!!

    1. That would truly be the best thing ever.

  2. I remember you posting a pic of those Thor socks, and they were awesome! I hate wearing socks in bed too.

    I hope the anti-anxiety meds work. Too reach the point that you are "picking" is a bad habit and difficult to stop :(

    1. I am so excited to wear those socks...I'm gonna be the coolest person EVER! Tee hee!

      I'm hopeful that the meds work too but if not, the doc already has a Plan B ready. So, we'll see in a couple of weeks. *crosses fingers*

  3. UGH cold weather approaching means doctor visits for my brain. I hate going back on medicine in the colder months but I'm so bummed without it... which is why I can't wait to move South haha. I'm that weird stay at home mom that is home during day 7 days a week but I work 3-4 nights a week... so I feel like a stay at home mom but really I'm making as much money as some full time working parents haha. Regardless, I would never be able to not work at all... I would go CRAZY. I love getting to the bar and working all night to be around adults and be productive. However, it's fabulous having so much time during the summer to go to the beach and go on vacations and such!!! Once Lyla is in school we won't be able to do nearly as much :(

    1. Yea, the snow really tends to get me down. I really hate snow. Sigh.

      It's so nice that you are able to have that time with your lil lady & it will be totally different when she starts school but you'll have summers with her. :)


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