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Friday Five...

Happy Friday, folks.  Well, it's Halloween Eve & my Friday Five will be about my favorite horror flicks.  So, lets get this train a-moving.

  1.  The one, the only, Psycho.  This movie is one of my favorite movies of all-time & I have my cousin, Magnolia, to thank for that.  She had a little party one night & we watched this movie.  I've been hooked ever since.  I have this movie on VHS & DVD along with all the sequels & the remake on DVD.  I cannot stand the remake but I thought to finish out my collection, I should have it.  I should try watching Bates Motel on TV but I'm so afraid that it will not live up to my expectations - Alfred Hitchcock & Anthony Perkins are hard to beat.

  2.  Amityville Horror.  I've read the book, seen the original & went to the theater to see the remake.  Everything about this story interests me.  It took me a long time to be able to watch this movie alone at night but when I finally did, I was so proud of myself.  Ha!  Not only does the story really grab my attention but so does Ryan Reynolds in this movie.  Yum!

  3.  Insidious.  This movie really scared the crap outta me.  I yelled at Paul for turning off the light in the kitchen while I was still in there in fear of the old woman.  No jokes, I really did.  She really haunted me for a bit.  I also love that they did Chapter Two & explained everything.  I really want to watch them back-to-back but have not had the opportunity to do so yet.  So good.

  4.  The Conjuring.  After seeing this one in the theater, I wouldn't go down to the basement that night, I made Paul go down & turn off the left on light.  Ha!  I especially hated that damn Annabelle doll & then they made my worst dreams come true when they made that movie!  Eeek!  I already have a fear of dolls, so Annabelle really freaks me the Hell out!

  5.  Pet Semetary.  I know most people will talk about the worse thing in this movie was Gage but to was Rachel's sister, Zelda.  I mean, look at her, she's scary as Hell!  This book is one of my favorite books of all-time, I've read it at least twice & I've been wanting to read 'er again.  So good, the scary, messed up mind of Stephen King.

What are your favorite scary movies to watch this time of year?


  1. If you visit LA, you'll have to go to Universal Studios for the tram tour- you'll get to see the Psycho house & Bates Motel sets! :)

    1. Oh my gosh, I would love to! Someday, someday.

      Did you like my shout out to you. :)

    2. Of course! I remember that night :)

  2. I'm with you on Amityville Horror (both versions) and The Conjuring. Those movies freaked me the f@ck out!

    1. So good. I love them & I think that it's the things "unseen" that get me more than anything else.

  3. I've never seen ANY of these! I need to get busy!

    1. You do, these flicks are great! Ha! :)


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