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Tuesday Talk...

So, in yesterday's Musical Monday / Weekend Update post, I had said that I had gotten some information from my cousin on Sunday and that I was saving it for today to talk about.  So, that's what I'm gonna do.  I got a text from Trouble to see if I had seen my cousin's Facebook post.  I hadn't so I went on over to see what the deal was to see this:

So this is a bit of a long post, and for once it's not about a crazy customer I had, but it's still very important to me. In fact, I can feel my heart beating faster as I'm typing this. But today is somewhat of a holiday and I know I would be upset with myself if I didn't take advantage of it. Today is National Coming Out Day and I would like to take this opportunity to officially say that I am gay. This has been a major source of depression and poor self-esteem my whole life, but it's 2015, times have definitely changed, and I'm definitely ready to start living a life where I am comfortable with who I am. A lot of you already knew this about me, and I cannot thank you enough for your support and discretion. I've made a few amazing friends in the LGBT community who definitely helped me reach this point where I can be comfortable enough to post this on social media. So basically I just want to encourage anyone who may be struggling with their selves to try and be comfortable with you are. If you need support, I'll always be here for you.

To those of you are uncomfortable with this or believe that my lifestyle is immoral or wrong, please feel free to remove me from your friends list. I don't need your hate in my life.
Thanks a ton for reading this. I love you all smile emoticon

Now, if you know me, you know that I'm a supporter of any kind of love but, of course, I was little shocked as I never even thought that about him.  Not even once.  But I immediately gave him my support & told him that I loved him.  A person's sexuality doesn't matter to me, it's a part of who they are but not who they are, if that makes any sense.  I talked to him in private message as well to see how he was doing & how conversations went with his parents.  His mother & stepdad were as supportive as I knew they would be but his dad, my uncle, I was worried about.  He surprised us both & told my cousin that he supported him 100%.  My cousin sent me a picture of the text & it sent us both to tears.  He's got a great support system around him & no matter what, he'll always be my cousin & I will love him to death.

I posted this for his last birthday.


  1. So awesome! What a relief for him. So glad he has an awesome support system! :)

    1. He says that a huge weight has been lifted & then I made sure to tell him that our grandparents also support him. I told him that he had two more folks on his "Support Squad". He loved that. :)

  2. Lovely. It is SO wonderful to hear support and love given to him. I have an aunt who is now in her 60s that is lesbian who had such a struggle in life with support and feeling accepted. My family never shunned her, but my grandparents (her parents) and her siblings (my mom, other aunt, and uncle) just NEVER talked about it. It has only been the last ten years that the family openly discusses things and accepts her. Sadly, there is still judgement from some family members. I'm SO glad your family is surrounding your cousin with love and acceptance.

    1. That's sad that they couldn't give your aunt the support & love she needed but I am glad that things have turned around & that they accept her. Even my grandparents are pretty open & accepting & my grandmother got teary-eyed when I read them the posting from him saying how proud she was of him for doing that as it must have been tough.


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