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Thankful Thursday...

I'm thankful...for my burning Apple Pumpkin candle I have burning in my office.  There is just something about having a burning candle that calms me...that's why I have fifty million candles burning at home at night.  Paul is fearful that I'll be burning the house down with all the candles.  I love them, I cannot help it!

Me too, Britney, me too.

I'm thankful...that tonight I should be able to sit down & watch Ant-Man.  I bought it on Tuesday & we thought about watching it last night but it got to be too late.  So, my fingers are crossed that tonight will be the night for some Ant-Man action.

I'm thankful...that after the holidays, I can finally take my acrylic nails off.  They look nice & such but I kinda miss painting them every Sunday night.  I really enjoyed doing that & I liked seeing a fresh coat every Monday morning to start off my week.

I'm thankful...that because Paul & I are watching "K", "C" & "D" while Greg & Jill go to the Packer game on Sunday, they bought us tickets to see Star Wars next Thursday.  I am SO excited!  Honestly, I've never been this big of a nerd but I really cannot wait to see it.  It's gonna be awesome!


  1. Love this! I painted my nails tonight, while we drive down the road:). I thought about lighting the candle too, but thought we may have a disaster with all these bumpy roads! :)

    1. Yea, I don't think that burning a candle in a moving vehicle is probably a good idea. Ha!

  2. I'm the same with nail polish! I love changing mine all the time so I can't ever commit to a longer-lasting nail solution.

    1. It's been really hard for me, I've had these things on since September & I'm ready for them to be gone so I can paint away again. :)


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