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Musical Monday / Weekend Update...

Brass Monkey by Beastie Boys

Lately, I've been into some Beastie Boys action.  I heard Brass Monkey one day on the radio & it's been my earworm lately.  So, hopefully yall get this little diddy stuck in your head as well.

As for my weekend, it was kind of "eh".  It started off fine each day but by the end of the nights on Friday & Saturday, I was in bed & emotionally exhausted.

Friday, Paul & I went out for a couple of drinks & supper & then he choose this time to try to talk to me about the issues with Trouble.  Long story, short, I just kept telling him that when I was ready to talk to her, that I would & that I couldn't put a time table on it but at that moment, I was not ready to speak with her.  He made me feel guilty & I told him, that if he & Sunshine wanted Trouble back in the house, I would bow out as I do not want to live under the same roof as her.  So, I went to bed crying & he went to talk to Greg.

Saturday, Jill had called & asked if I was interested in coming over for some coffee & to talk.  I wondered if Greg had told her what Paul had told him the night before but we didn't talk at all about Trouble & I was thankful for that - we talked about my upcoming birthday, her childrens (as "D" sat there with us) & other miscellaneous topics.  At one point, I was getting "D" dressed & she leaned over & gave me a hug.  I asked her if she loved me & she said "yea, I love Mandie".  She made me cry, even while typing this I'm getting misty-eyed.  Damn that cute lil two year old!  Ha!

I then ran some errands & came home to get ready to go bowling & go to my work Christmas/Packer party.  All was going well, I only had a drink before dinner & then some coffee with Bailey's afterwards so I was sober & chatting up with my co-workers & such while cheering on the Packers.  Then Greg made a comment about the whole situation with Trouble & I started crying.  I fought it SO hard.  So, night ruined.  Then the Packers played with my emotions some more & again, before the game even ended, Greg brought up Trouble again & it was real apparent this time that I was crying.  So, at the moment the game was over, I grabbed my coat said some goodbyes & went to the car.

Paul & I got into another argument as I told him that I was not going to the bar.  I was already upset & I didn't have a good vibe & I just wanted to go home but that he could go.  He went out, I went home.  He got home shortly after midnight & told me that Jill had gotten into a fight with one of the husbands of a co-worker.  She apparently had tried to even hit him.  Sigh.  See, drama ensued.

Then yesterday started off on an interesting note:  Paul told me to get up cuz Trouble had called crying & wanted to talk to me.  So, she came over, we talked a little bit but we're still no where near her coming back.  She still has some self-improvement to do & I still have some forgiveness to work on.  I don't think that she has a good grasp on why I'm upset with her as the only thing she apologized for was for calling me a "C U Next Tuesday".  I explained to her why I was upset with her but I still don't think that she fully understands & until I know that she fully understands & has made some positive changes in her life/attitude, I cannot live under the same roof as her.

After that, I then got a call/visit from Jill about her night.  I have now started calling her Floyd after "Floyd Mayweather".  Tee hee!  She apparently even came in the house after the incident with a puffed chest & a confident walk per Sunshine (she was babysitting).

Then I just concentrated on my chores, watched some Jimmy Fallon, made potato soup, took a bath, did my nails & went to bed.  I really think that I need a vacation after a weekend like that!


  1. Geez, what a weekend for all of you! I'm sorry to hear :( Hope things start to look up soon.

    1. Thank you, beautiful lady. I hope all is well with you in CA. :)

  2. Crazy weekend! Drama is never fun, and it seems to follow everywhere we go, but hopefully next weekend is better!

    1. My fingers are crossed for drama-free days, that's for sure. :)


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