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It's Wednesday So That Means...

I confess...that I so badly want to order either a Harry Potter shirt like this one here for when we go to Florida & hit up Universal Studios.  But Paul made fun of me.  #HeMadeMeThisWay #HarryPotterForever

I confess...that all I want to do tonight is to get into my Avengers fleece jammies & watch Grimm with Sunshine.  I don't want to do laundry, I don't want to have to clean up supper...butt on couch watching Grimm, that's it!  #IHeartNick #IWannaBeAHexenbeist

I confess...that when clients don't pay their bills, my blood really boils.  We do not work for free.  They get monthly bills.  So, when they don't pay, I like to file judgments & get monies that are owed.  #IDontScrewAround #ImLikeAMobBoss

I confess...that I think that I'm getting sick.  My body aches, my face hurts, I've been sneezing & coughing.  I don't want to be sick...but some time in bed does sound quite nice.  #BeingSickSuck #LayingInBedAllDayDoesnt

I confess...that one of the associates went to get breakfast sandwiches from McDonald's this morning & he got me a sausage & egg biscuit.  Well, I'm very vanilla & only like sausage & that's what was asked for.  So, I ate about half of it with the egg & then pulled it off.  Now, I feel bad but I really don't like eggs all that much.  #AreEggsFromMcDonaldsReallyEggs #SoVanilla


  1. Yeah I doubt that McDonalds eggs are real eggs. I've actually stopped eating fast food totally. I didn't even mean to but it happened. I went to McDonalds about four months ago and got the chicken and it was literally rubbery and wet. I was so turned off.

    1. I try not to eat fast food much cuz, well, it's not real food & it's damn expensive...but sometimes, just sometimes, nothing makes you feel better than biting into a Big Mac. Tee hee!

  2. oh no don't get sick!!! Drink lots of OJ! And buy that HP shirt!! :) It would be awesome for universal studios!

    1. I'm taking my vitamin C, drinking my water & I think that I should get my butt to bed early tonight. We shall see.

      You know, I probably will order that shirt. I mean, seriously, how cute is it?! Ha!

  3. You need that shirt. Loving the bitch better have my money gif lol, so perfect. I hope you don't get sick though! Don't do it!

    1. That's it! I'm getting the shirt. You have sealed the deal. The husband will just have to deal with me looking like "nerd". Ha!

  4. my 7yr is just getting into harry potter now! she's on book #3 :D

    1. That is SO awesome! I got the first two books for my "niece" who is 9 for Christmas. I told her that I could not wait for her to read them so we could talk about them & maybe watch the movies together. :)


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