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Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful for...while I loved being on vacation last week, I am thankful to be back to my normal routine, sleeping in my own bed & with my kitties.  I am a total creature of habit & being on a schedule keeps my anxiety at a low.

I am thankful for...McDonald's screwing up the office breakfast sandwich order this morning.  While I would have loved to have a sausage biscuit, I didn't really need it.  I ate a whole lot last week & I need to get back on course with my eating.

I am thankful for...nice evenings like last night.  My mom came over to have dinner with us, then we went to church & after church, I went with my mom & Sunshine to get some goods for the local food pantry per the church's request.  When we got home, Sunshine & I watched an episode of Grimm & then off to bed where I started Chamber of Secrets.  :)

I am thankful for...great friends.  My friend, Christa, & her husband, Ben, dropped off an Easter plant for me on Sunday.  I, u…

It's Wednesday So That Means...

I confess...that I wish that I was still able to just open the balcony to feel the warm sun & hear the waves from the ocean.  Being able to do that with my morning coffee last week was the bestest.  #NeverRealizedIWouldMissItSoMuch #IWannaLiveInTheOcean

I confess...that I'm currently angry with my husband & we have not spoken too much in the last couple of days.  The last two night I have put my headphones on & just read my book from bed.  #GuessWhoWereFightingAbout #WhyWontHeJustListen

I confess...that I'll be downloading the score to Chamber of Secrets tonight.  I listened to the score to Sorcerer's Stone while reading that & I feel that I should just continue with that.  #MusicPlusReadingIsGoodForTheSoul #AnythingAndEverythingHarryPotter

I confess...that during the 4th viewing of Mockingjay: Part 2, I finally didn't cry during one of the deaths.  Obviously, I knew before I even saw the movie the first time as I read the book twice but it still gets me e…

Tuesday Talk / 10 On Tuesday...

Well, I am back from vacation & back at it.  While I love being on vacation & not working, it's nice to be back to my routine.  I'm a creature of habit & I like having a schedule.

Anywho, I'm joining the lovely ladies - Jessica for Tuesday Talk & Karli for 10 on Tuesday.  You should too.  :)

What I'm gonna do are my ten favorite pictures from vacation, so here we go:

1.  Our first view of Diagon Alley.

2.  Hogwarts.

3.  Our view from our balcony in Daytona.

4.  Standing in Victory Lane at Dayton International Speedway.

5.  I just really loved this sign.  :)

6.  My heart playing in the sand.

7.  Me & the hubby after a delicious dinner.

8.  My camera goofed while Sunshine  was looking at her "spirit animal" & I loved it.

9.  She smiled just for me.

10.  Go get a room, whales!  Tee hee!

Musical Monday / Weekend Update...

Everybody (Backstreet's Back) by Backstreet Boys
Since I just got back from a week long vacation, I just have time to let you all know that I am back & that tomorrow for my Tuesday Talk / 10 on Tuesday, I'll talk about my Spring Break with yall.  In the meantime, enjoy some Backstreet Boys, know that I am alive & that I have missed you!  :)

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful...for evening viewings of Grimm or Once Upon a Time with Sunshine.  Just that forty-some minutes of just her & I is special & I hope that she cherishes it as much as I do.  :)

I am thankful...that tonight we'll be celebrating the births of two of my favorite guys - my hubby, Paul, & my "nephew", "C".  We'll be celebrating with tacos, cupcakes & gifts.  I just so love that they have the same birthday, really adds to their bond as well, I think.

I am thankful...that when we return from vacation, we'll be looking at new vehicles for me.  Paul & I have decided that since his vehicle is such a POS, we're gonna give it to Trouble as her 18th birthday present but she'll have to get a job to keep it gassed up & after she's 18, to pay for insurance.  Her responsibility.  He'll probably buy his parents' Impala from them & we'll trade in my Cobalt.  So, we'll see what we'll be getting into.  :…

It's Wednesday So That Means...

I confess...that I almost went into a murderous rage when I saw that our rain had decided to switch to snow.  However, it didn't stick & it has since switched back.  Thank the Lord!  #IReallyHateSnow #KillIt

I confess...that I have SO much to do before we leave on vacation & I'm running out of time to get it all done.  I really need another me.  #CloneMePlease #SomeoneElseDoMyShit

I confess...that if Paul thinks that I'm gonna be running around during our whole vacation, I will go into a murderous rage as I would really just like to sit on the beach with my Kindle & reread Harry Potter.  #INeedToRelax  #BeachTimeIsAMust

I confess...that I cannot wait to give "C" his birthday gift - a box of Star Wars goodies.  I got him a stuffed Kylo Ren hugging a fleece blanket, jammies, a BB8 cup & then this cool Kylo Ren tin with special 3D bubbles & glasses.  #IReallyWannaKeepHisGift #KyloRenIsABadAss

Tuesday Talk / 10 On Tuesday...

Since Thursday is St. Patrick's Day & Jessica is talking about it for her Tuesday Talk, thought I would list ten things to do on St. Patrick's Day for Karli's 10 on Tuesday.

  1.  Celebrate Paul's birthday.  Yes, my hubby is a St. Patrick's Day baby.  He'll be the big 4-0 this year & as a bad wife, I didn't plan a party or anything.  :(

  2.  Celebrate "C"'s birthday.  I really cannot believe that he'll be seven this year.  He's such a big boy now.

  3.  Relive "C"'s adventure into this world.  I was on-call to care for "K" when Jill went into labor with "C" so I was at the house when she was in labor & it scarred me for life.  Ha, ha!

  4.  Wear some green.  Since I don't wear much green except for Green Bay Packer green, I tend to wear the same shirt every year.  I did think about getting a fashion scarf with shamrocks on it but I didn't.

  5.  Get a Shamrock Shake.  I love them …

Musical Monday / Weekend Update...

Musical Monday:  Faith by Limp Bizkit.  I'm having a major Limp Bizkit phase right now.  For the longest time, Fred Durst was on my "To Marry" list...I mean, I don't think that I would say "no" if he asked me now.  Tee hee!

Weekend Update:

  Friday:  right after work, I jumped in the car & drove to my friend, Ashlee's, for an overdue visit.  Her & her hubby bought a house back in December & I hadn't gotten a chance to see it yet so I ventured.  She showed me around their new home with seventeen acres of land out in the boonies - just the way they like it.  Beautiful home.  Needs some work as it was just kinda left but they'll truly get to make it their own.  We then ordered up some Toppers & hung out at her place with the Party Play of Friends Scene It? playing.  A nice relaxing evening.

Saturday:  I slept in & when I got up, I headed over to my mom's new place to help with her move/unpacking.  You would not believe how much…

Friday Five...

I am really at a loss on what my five should be on this day.  I've been helping my girl, Ashley, with some plans/ideas for her upcoming wedding & thought that I should post some of my favorite pictures from my wedding...but thought that would be an idea best used around our wedding anniversary...but what's to say that I'll even remember to do that...ah, screw it, that's what my five will be.  Ha!

  1.  This is my sister (Melinda), Sunshine, my bestie/MOH (Kim) & cousin (Jen).  I loved this picture so much that I have it in my office.  It really makes me smile.  I really do not know who is photobombing who & that cracks me up.

  2.  I don't know if there will ever be a picture of Sunshine & I that I love more than this one.  I mean, she was 12 here & her thoughtfulness & beauty is beyond her years.  

  3.  Holy crap do I look happy here.  I don't know who I'm smiling at but it's one big smile.  Ha!  I also have this one in my off…

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful for...videos on Facebook taken of my favorite Friends scenes & such.  I may have watched/listened to them all this morning.  Ha, ha!

I am thankful hubby buying a Milky Way latte for me this morning before I went to work.  It was quite delicious & I had been wanting to try one.

I am thankful for...chatting about wedding decorations with my girl, Ashley.  I just wanna go do it all for her.  That was probably my favorite part of planning my wedding - figuring out the table decorations.  :)

I am thankful for...time with Sunshine.  Last night, Paul went out after dinner while Sunshine & I went through her clothes to either give to her friend, "VE", or Goodwill.  Then we had time to sit down & start Once Upon a Time.  We ended up watching two episodes & are already diggin' it & planning to continue to watch it.

What are YOU thankful for on this Thursday?

It's Wednesday So That Means...

I confess...that I went & bought the complete Harry Potter collection for my Kindle last night so I'll have it to read on vacation.  I didn't tell the hubby cuz not only does he hate that I reread books when I have a ton that I haven't read yet but that I also already have the complete series in paperback.  #TheDarkLordMadeMeDoIt #CantHaveEnoughHarryPotter

I confess...that even though Paul asked me to send Trouble a text telling her to have a safe trip (she left for Mexico this morning with a friend & her family), I didn't.  I didn't even respond to him.  Per her last correspondence to me, she wants me "out of her life forever".  I'm complying with her wishes.  Plus, she proved again less than a week ago that she still refuses to make the necessary changes in the way she treats people.  So, nope, not going to send her anything.  #ImSuchABitch #SorryNotSorry

I confess...that Sunshine & I are really sad that we're now caught up on Grimm.  …

Tuesday Talk / 10 on Tuesday...

Man, do I love me a good link-up & here I am putting these two together - Tuesday Talk and the first 10 on Tuesday with Sept. Farm (she's hoping for at least fifty to link up with her on this so lets help her out, people!).

So, my ten things that I'm gonna talk about are:  Reasons Why I'm a Nerd.

  1.  Twilight.  My nerdiness first started with Edward & Bella.  I've read the series twice, had theme parties for each movie when it came out on video & seen the movies countless times.  I was a Twi-hard.  Ha!

  2.  Harry Potter.  It took me a long time to get into Harry.  All the books had been released & most of the movies before I even started reading them.  The only two movies I actually saw in the theater were Deathly Hallows.  & now, in less than two weeks I'll be visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal &, to be honest, it's the only thing I really want to see.  Ha!

  3.  Hunger Games.  Again, I was late to the boat on…

Musical Monday / Weekend Update...

Musical Monday:  Slip by Elliot Moss.

Weekend Update:

  Friday:  I got done with work, went home to pick up Sunshine & her friend, "AT", & took them to Noodles for supper.  I dropped "AT" off at her grandmother's, hit up Shopko with Sunshine to get her some goodies to fight off her cold, came home, we got into our jammies, watched two episodes of Grimm, then prepped the humidifier for her room (as I was doing this, she gave me a hug & thanked me for being so great & taking care of her when she was sick), gave her some NyQuil, watched one more episode of Grimm & then she went up to her room at about 9:00 to pass out while I got into bed to watch some TV & play on my Kindle until Paul got home.

Saturday:  the hubby made me get up to have a good breakfast & since I had some time before heading to Sunshine's gymnastics meet, I made some rice bags, got ready & we hit the road.  Again, I thought she did well in all events (I'm sti…