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Tuesday Talk / 10 on Tuesday...


Man, do I love me a good link-up & here I am putting these two together - Tuesday Talk and the first 10 on Tuesday with Sept. Farm (she's hoping for at least fifty to link up with her on this so lets help her out, people!).

So, my ten things that I'm gonna talk about are:  Reasons Why I'm a Nerd.

  1.  Twilight.  My nerdiness first started with Edward & Bella.  I've read the series twice, had theme parties for each movie when it came out on video & seen the movies countless times.  I was a Twi-hard.  Ha!

  2.  Harry Potter.  It took me a long time to get into Harry.  All the books had been released & most of the movies before I even started reading them.  The only two movies I actually saw in the theater were Deathly Hallows.  & now, in less than two weeks I'll be visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal &, to be honest, it's the only thing I really want to see.  Ha!

  3.  Hunger Games.  Again, I was late to the boat on this one as well.  I read the first book in time for the first movie to come out on video but I was hooked.  This series is probably my favorite.  I just wish that it was longer than three books / four movies.

  4.  Divergent.  This one I was on board with right away & the hubby actually really enjoys these movies & is counting down until Allegiant comes out.  I really enjoyed the first book/movie but as the series went on, I thought it got a little weak.  I love me some Shailene Woodley though.  :)

  5.  Batman.  When I was younger, I loved all the Batman movies - Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, & George Clooney.  I watched the movies multiple times & even had the soundtrack to Batman & Robin (no jokes!).  But I didn't realize that the best was yet to come - Christian Bale.  To me, he's Batman & will always be Batman.  There is nobody that says "I'm Batman", like Bale.

  6.  Game of Thrones.  Paul & I didn't get into GoT right off the bat, we had to rent the first two seasons, I believe.  Once we got caught up, we didn't give it up.  It's the one show besides American Horror Story that we watch right away.  We even named our cat after Tyrion Lannister / Peter Dinklage - Tyrion Peter.

  7.  Thor.  I was really never into Marvel until I saw Thor & I do believe that Paul made me watch it.  I feel deeply in love with Thor / Chris Hemsworth.  Ever since, anything Marvel has my attention except for Fantastic Four, I just cannot get into that one.  I am counting down to Captain America: Civil War.  Eeek!

  8.  X-Men.  Now, this obsession, I can only blame on myself.  I got the first X-Men from Netflix when you got the DVDs in the mail & I was hooked, I went out right away & bought all three of them - yes, there was only three at the time.  Now, I have all of them, even the Origin ones.  When I saw the preview for the next X-Men, no jokes, I got chills.  I'm actually more excited for that than Civil War.

  9.  Deadpool.  I know this one kind of stems from X-Men but I love me some Ryan Reynolds & when he played Deadpool in Origins, I knew that I needed to see more of him.  Finally, my prayers were answered & they made the movie.  We saw it opening weekend & I loved it!  I mean, LOVED IT!  So good.  I'm really waiting for more.

10.  Books.  I guess that being a bookworm is the nerdiest thing you can be & I'll gladly accept that.  I have tons of books - books I've read multiple times, books I've read once & books I haven't even read yet.  I love me some books!  I just wish that I had more time to read as much as I would like cuz it's awesome!  :)


  1. Linking up with 10onTuesday. Love your list.

    1. Thanks much for stopping by to give me a read. :)

  2. i'm the nerdiest nerd. harry // twilight // hunger games...give them all to me. thanks so much for the shout out and linking up. you're the best!

    1. Nerds are the coolest! Ha, ha!

      I really cannot resist a good linkup so you really had me right away. Thanks for hosting! :)

  3. Love almost all of these too! Never got into GoT. HP all the way, and I love the marvel universe right now.

    1. Marvel has REALLY rocked it lately & I fall more & more in love with it with every movie. BRING ME MORE THOR! Ha!


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