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Tuesday Talk / 10 On Tuesday...

It's that time to do some linkin' up for some Tuesday Talk / 10 on Tuesday.  You wanna join in?  Well, of course you do!  Head on over to visit Jessica at Sweet Little Ones & Karli over at Sept. Farm.

This week:  Ten Reasons I'm Currently Broke.

  1.  New Vehicle.  I had to purchase some goodies for it - window visors, new way to charge/play my music, etc.  I haven't even gotten new decals on it yet but those will be happening.

  2.  Old Vehicle.  I had to take her & get her washed up & the oil changed before putting her in storage for the next year (we're saving the Cobalt for Sunshine - hopefully she'll have a job & good grades to be able to have it).

  3.  Leonardo.  I had to go buy The Revenant last week cuz it's so good.  Plus, my hubby loves Leonardo & I don't want him to miss having this movie that finally won his boy an Oscar.

  4.  Communions/Confirmations.  It seems that this is all we're doing now - "K" had her First Communion on the 17th & "G" had his Confirmation this past Sunday.  So, gifts had to be bought & such.

  5.  House Projects.  I still have my house that I bought when I was twenty-two & my brother & his girlfriend are renting it.  Some projects have been done so I pay for the materials & they do the work.  I sometimes help.  But it seems that there is always something to do.  Next, new interior doors.

  6.  Vacation.  I'm still trying to recover from vacation.  I tapped my savings account when I bought us tickets to Sea World & now I have to try to replenish it.

  7.  Harry Potter.  I have decided that since I enjoy reading the books along with the movie scores, I've bought the first three soundtracks in the last month.  But I really enjoy the music & I think that I'll get my money's worth out of them.

  8.  Movie Treats.  I went to the movies last night & when I go with my friend, Courtney, she pays for the tickets & I get the treats.  Well, I saw that they had pretzel bites & I had to have them.  Well, after everything was said & done, I spent over $20 on treats.  Eeek!

  9.  New Vehicle...Again.  Because I am so excited about my new vehicle, I tend to find reasons to just drive.  I pretty much just drove around on Friday night wasting gas.  Probably not smart but it's what I wanted to do at the time.

  10.  Bills.  I have too many bills & I don't like it.  I got rid of one credit card just to have to replace it with another when we were afraid of what the vet bills would be when Chandler was sick.  It was still more than $300 but now I have another damn bill to pay.  Ugh.  Credit cards are the devil!


  1. I will be adding new vehicle to the reasons I am broke soon too! It sounds great that you love it so much that you just want to drive it around though!

    1. Getting a new vehicle is always fun...until that first payment comes around. Ha, ha!

  2. I can totally relate to this post. I always have a reason I'm broke. Currently, it's graduation gifts.

    1. I'm sure that'll start soon as well. I've already gotten one graduation party invite.

  3. Paul is the one who loves Leo?! I know Mike resents my having a lingering crush on him from the Titanic days. I watched The Basketball Diaries recently (never saw it before) and then wrote a benign tweet pleasantly remembering my '90s crush on Leo. Mike flipped out about my "fawning all over" Leo on Twitter! Whatever; I cried and clapped when he finally won his Oscar!

    1. Oh yes, Leo is Paul's man crush & I'm okay with it. Ha! & you can tell Mike that you'll be safe from Leo, girls that are above the age of about 25 are not on Leo's radar, he likes 'em real young. Apparently, he's dating a nineteen year old, did you know that?!


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