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$10 At Target...

The second time I've been able to do this & I love it!  If you wanna join in, look up Liz or Courtney for details.

I went in not really needing anything but I figured that I was bound to find something.  I mean, it is Target, am I right?!  Ha!  Now, don't mind my pictures taken from the driver seat...& no, I was not driving, I was sitting in the parking lot.

My haul.

I loved, loved, loved the first Zoo 
& this wasn't even $5 so I snatched it up
to hopefully read by summer's end.

My lunch that day.
I love Pringles, they are the bestest!

I picked these up for "Z" to do during the
Father's Day cookout.  We opened them
& that was about it.  Too many other
fun things going on.

I wanted some more colored pencils as
I purchased myself one of the 
adult coloring books with swear words.  Tee hee!

The grand total:  $10.72
That's close enough, right?!


  1. There is an adult coloring book with swear words? I need that!!! And oh gosh Pringles!!!! Once you pop, you surely cant stop! I love those things!

    1. I didn't realize until I started looking but there are a TON of adult coloring books with swear words. I ordered mine from Amazon & I had a hard time picking one out! Ha!

  2. Close enough for me! And lol at the swear words coloring book.

    1. I was so excited when it came in the mail. Now, I just gotta find the time to color in it. :)

  3. I can't believe you got that book for so cheap! What a steal.
    You got some great stuff and I love that you bought those little kiddie packs for Z for Father's Day. Too bad you didn't get to play with them then but I'm sure Z will love playing with them a different time!

    1. The book is what they call a "Bookshot". It's about 150 pages meant for a quick summer read. I'm pretty excited to jump into it. I may even take a break from reading the Harry Potter series for a second time & read it quick. :)

  4. I love books! Did you watch the T.V. series Zoo last summer (which was based on the book)? Oz was played by Jimmy Wolk, who went to my high school! The next season starts on the 28th of June.

    1. I did start to watch the TV series with a friend that also read the book & we stopped watching after three episodes because it was NOTHING like the book. The book was SO good, it was a shame that they couldn't follow it. However, that's cool that you have that connection to the actor in it. :)

  5. Look at you bargain shopper :). That looks like a good haul! Maybe I should do what you can get for $10 in a truck stop. Oh, wait, that would be like 2 drinks! Lol!

    1. Maybe you could get one of their horrible books & a pack o' gum. Tee hee!


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