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Musical Monday / Weekend Update...

Musical Monday:  Fly Away by Sugarland.  This song is "mine & Ashley's song" & since she came all the way up from Kentucky to spend the weekend with me, I knew it had to be this week's Musical Monday song.  :)

Weekend Update:

    Thursday (the night she came in) - she was supposed to come in on Friday but with change of plans, I got her a night earlier.  Awhoo hoo!  Sunshine had no idea that Ashley was coming that night & even thought that she wasn't coming until this coming weekend.  So, when I walked around the corner with Ashley, Sunshine almost lost it.  It was so cute.  We then took Ashley out for dinner at Polito's where I ordered her the pizza/shirt combo with a Point Root Beer.

Then we drove around a little bit showing her around, brought her home where she got to meet our crazy neighbors (Greg, Jill & the kids) & then back to house where we hung out on the porch just chatting & such.
Friday - I went to work & my boss was supe…

Musical Monday / Weekend Update: Part II...

I'm doing my weekend in two parts as it was a long, fun weekend.  If you missed Part I, you can read it here.
Friday - the alarm seemed to go off right after I put my head on the hotel pillow.  I was up & ready to rock & roll by 9:45 as we were meeting my aunt, uncle & cousin for breakfast before venturing back to the grounds.  We got into the elevator with a guy with a Slipknot crew member t-shirt & pass on him & I asked if he was ready to for that night.  He simply replied:  "oh yea" & then another guy got on that was most likely a roadie for Slipknot as the other guy knew him & he was carrying a guitar.  A was able to snap a picture of their bus as we headed out.

We had a great breakfast & got ourselves into line & got some really excellent seats.  We then went to hit up the merch. tent & I got myself a Disturbed tour t-shirt.  Awhoo hoo!

Me & Aunt Julie.
It was another day of great performances:


Jen Ledger of Skill…

Musical Monday / Weekend Update: Part I...

Musical Monday:  Die for You by Otherwise.  This is by a band I probably would not have found if I didn't go to Rock USA.  I made up a Rock USA playlist on Spotify of all the bands that were performing.  I did there two most played songs & added them.  This was one for Otherwise & I was really excited to see it.  They put on a great show & I would see them again, if I had the chance.

Weekend Update:  since my weekend started on Thursday, that's where I'll start...

Thursday - I got my butt outta bed & got ready to hit the road to Oshkosh to start our Rock USA weekend.  I was SO damn excited!

First, we wanted to get fully bellies so we had lunch at Olive Garden, headed to the hotel to drop off our stuff & then headed to the Ford Festival Grounds.  By the time we got there, the first band was already playing - Wayland.  We picked out our seats & then went to get our big ol' Rock USA mugs (which I didn't get a picture of - ugh!).  As we walked int…

My Thoughts On...

IMDB's summary:  "Following a ghost invasion of Manhattan, paranormal enthusiasts Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and subway worker Patty Tolan band together to stop the otherworldly threat."
My thoughts:  growing up I had watched Ghostbusters 2 multiple times.  It probably was one of my favorite films growing up so when I heard that they were going to reboot it with an all female cast, I had my doubts.  But the gals they got - Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon & Leslie Jones - could not be denied.  All of them are solid comedians but my favorite had to be Kate McKinnon.

I thought she was just amazingly funny.  I mean, I like watching her on SNL but I really think that she killed it as this character in this movie.  Love her!

I also loved all the special appearances, they all rocked it hard core.  Plus, Chris Hemsworth as the adorably stupid, Kevin - wonderful.  He's funny, he really is.  I'm not just saying that …

$10 At Target...

I wish I would have remembered that this was coming up & for some birthday goodies for a friend last weekend...but sadly, I did not.  So, when I went to Target, I really didn't have anything in mind & since I just had been there walking around just a couple days before, I couldn't think of anything...except that I promised my lil guy, "CE", unders if he was doing well with his potty-training.  So, that's what I did, one packet of unders:

I got him some Zootopia unders as I know it was the first movie he saw in the theater & I didn't think that he was into Star Wars quite yet (that's what I really wanted to get him - ha!).
My grand total:

I went over...again!  Only thirty-three cents but that's over.  On one item!  Turds!  I'm ready for the Dollar Spot to start getting some cool Back To School &/or Fall stuff, that's for sure.

Favorite Things Blogger Exchange...

Guess what - this girl loves a good exchange.  I've really had fun with them & met some pretty swell folks by doing it.  So, when I saw that the lovely Sarah was co-hosting, I jumped right on board.  :)

I got linked up to get things for Dara & Stephanie, so venture over to their blogs to check out what goodies they received from yours truly.

On to my goodies that I received...

First up, my goodies from Lindsay:

My package.

4th of July paper straws. These I got in time for the 4th & put them out for usage.  They really added to my decorations.

"Make time for the things you love most." A totally true quote on the cover of a wonderful journal.  I actually have it  at my bedside reminding me every night that I should make that time.

I typically am not a peach/citrus girl but I really like this stuff. It's in our kitchen & really smells up the place when it's used.
My next batch of goodies came from none other than the co-host, Jess:

My package.

How a…