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#Fav7Films Times Two...

So, I'm totally stealing this posting idea from the lovely Erin over at TexErin-in-SydneyLand.  If you don't follow her, you totally should cuz, well, she's awesome.  :)

Anywho, she saw on Twitter #Fav7Films & decided to play along (x two).  Well, I loved the idea & I'm gonna see what I can do with my seven...which may end up being fourteen like Erin...& it will be.  Now, I just want to let you know off the bat, that my list is quite different & I tend to not favor movies that "the critics" tend to go for.

    14.  The Dark Knight - I always liked Batman growing up but when I saw Christian Bale as Batman, that was it for me, he is the one & only Batman in my eyes.  & Heath Ledger as The Joker, can you beat that?!  I think not!  Such a great, great movie.

    13.  Pet Sematary - okay, I'm thirty-five years old, I've read this book at least twice & this movie STILL scares the living crap outta me.  I mean, really.  Terrifies me.  But I love it & when it's on, I am sucked in every single time.  The sad thing, I don't even own this movie.  I think that it must be a purchase when all the horror movies come out around Halloween.

    12.  Spaceballs - see, I told you, no Oscar award winners here & I don't care, I like what I like.  Anywho, this movie just makes me SO happy.  My parents loved comedies & that's what we watched growing up so it reminds me of the "easier times".  I loved this movie before I was into Star Wars & now that I'm into Star Wars, this movie is even MORE enjoyable to me.  :)

    11.  Dirty Dancing - another film that my mom watched when I was little.  She LOVED Patrick Swayze, I mean, my brother is named after his character in Road House.  As I got older & understood a more what was going on with Penny, I questioned my mom's parenting.  Ha, ha!  I just loved it for the music & the dancing.

    10.  Terminator 2:  Judgment Day - I cannot tell you how many times I watched this when it was on HBO when I was younger.  I used to pretend that I was apart of the movie.  Tee hee!  I have not watched a single Terminator movie since this one as I don't feel that it could be any better than this one.  So good.

    9.  The Shining - the first time I watched this movie with my mom, I was more scared of the musical score than anything else.  It just added SO much to the movie.  & Jack Nicholson, do they get any crazier than him.  Although I loved this movie, I thought the mini-series was better as it was closer to the book but the movie is still in my top ten.

    8.  The Great Outdoors - not only did my mom have a thing for Patrick Swayze but she loved her some John Candy & Dan Aykroyd.  Again, this movie just makes me happy, happy, happy.  I can quote it line for line which drives some people crazy but to me, it's like singing along with your favorite song.  RIP John!

    7.  The Amityville Horror (remake) - I read the book & watched the original movie & when this one came out, I had to see it at the theater.  It terrified me to my very core.  When it finally came out on DVD, I couldn't watch it by myself at night.  I might be able to do it now but it still gives me a pretty good scare.  Plus, Ryan Reynolds just running around in pajama pants - yes, please!  :)

    6.  Scream - can you tell that I love the horror genre?  When this movie came out, it was different than other horror movies as it made fun of itself & was actually quite funny.  I owned & viewed all these movies multiple times, had the soundtracks to every one & even dressed up as Billy for Halloween my Junior year of high school.  So yea, I loved the movie.

    5.  Wizard of Oz - who remembers getting excited to watch this on CBS every year?  I do & I did watch it every year.  I watched the specials that they would have along with it.  I even had a crush on the Tinman when I was a wee lil one...or maybe I still do.  Ha!  ;)

    4.  The Breakfast Club - can you tell that I'm an 80's babe?!  Ha!  Another movie that I used to watch on TBS all the time when I was younger.  I haven't watched it in a really long time but I did catch some of it on TV not too long ago & I wanted to run down to grab it from my collection to watch & enjoy.

    3.  Christmas Vacation - no jokes, I could watch this movie ALL year round...but I don't.  I wait until the day after Thanksgiving when I'm putting up the Christmas decorations to throw it in the player & listen/quote/watch.  It's tradition & one of my favorite traditions at that.

    2.  The Little Mermaid - I am a Disney fanatic & the fact that only this movie made it on my top fourteen, is weird but it's my number two.  I still wanna be Ariel.  I pretended all the time when I was younger in our pool that I was Ariel, I would cross my feet together into a "fin" & flip around in the "ocean".  Ah, to be young again...

    1.  Psycho - this movie was incredible all the way around.  I mean, a great story (based on local madman Ed Gein), a wonderful director (Alfred Hitchcock) & the delightfully, insane Norman Bates played by Anthony Perkins.  I have all the sequels & even the remake (even though I loathe it - Vince Vaughn as Norman, really?!).  I saw this for the first time when I was a Freshman & never turned back.  I even dressed up like Mrs. Bates for Halloween one year & still have the dress I wore...doubt I would fit it in but I still have it.


  1. You have a brother named Dalton?! That is awesome!
    Dirty Dancing and The Breakfast Club are two that could be substituted in my list.
    I really enjoyed all the Scream movies.
    Can you believe that I've never seen The Little Mermaid?!

    1. I do have a brother named Dalton. :)

      I still cannot believe that you've never seen The Little Mermaid! I'm giving you some homework: watch it in the next week or so & report back. You won't be sad that you did. :)

  2. I love several of these including The Little Mermaid, The Breakfast Club, and Scream!

    1. Now, all I want to do is go home & have a marathon of ALL these movies. :)


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