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Musical Monday / Weekend Update...

Musical Monday:  Mayhem by Halestorm.  You know who's one cool bitch?  Lzzy Hale.  Oh yea.  She's awesome!  I've seen Halestorm twice now & both times was amazing.

Weekend Update:  

    Friday - I got done with work, headed home to get my stuff packed for the weekend & we head up to Eastwood which is apart of the National Forest outside of Medford, Wisconsin.  We went there last year with our friends, Ben & Christa who have been going there for, at least, twenty years.  The first night we just hung out around the fire, listening to music & chatting.  We did play one game of Scattagories before venturing off to bed.

    Saturday - we got up early, hung out for a bit eating some bacon for breakfast.  The boys hung back at the campground to gather wood (start drinking) while Christa & I headed into Medford to hit up the Walmart to pick up some stuff.  We then headed back, had some lunch & hung out for a bit while I fought off a slight headache.  When all was well, we hit up the glacier spring for some fresh spring water & went for a hike.

Can you find a friend in this picture?

We then went back to the campsite, got supper started, ate up some good grub - nothing like baked beans warmed in the can over the fire.  Yum!  We then settled in with our Tippy Cow & Cards Against Humanity.  We had played well into the night so when it was getting late & I was feeling like I had had enough Tippy Cow, I proclaimed that if my next card I had did not win, I was done!  I don't even remember what the black card said but who WOULDN'T pick this card I put down?!

I mean, come on!  So, we ended on that one & rejoined the fire for a bit.  I had enough, I cleaned some stuff up & went straight to the tent without saying anything, got ready for bed & passed right out.  I was so sleepy!

    Sunday - we all slept in a bit, got up, chowed down some bacon & started packing stuff up.  It seriously seemed like we had just gotten there & we were already packing up.  It sucked!  We headed home, got things unpacked & started laundry & such.  I got all showered up & into my Packer pajama pants ready to watch the first preseason game...

However, there would be no game.  I was so sad!  I guess not real sad as it was only preseason but sad enough that I wouldn't be seeing any football.  I did get to watch me some gymnastics & swimming & that made me happy.  At one point, Sunshine told me to sit down while watching swimming & I told her that I couldn't cuz I was just so excited.  I love watching swimming...for the Olympics.  :)


  1. Bahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa your card in Cards Against Humanity. That game is so awesome.

    1. I know, right?! I know that if I saw that card, I wouldn't care what the black card said, that one would win hands down. Ha, ha!


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