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It's Wednesday So That Means...

This linkup is called Weekly Lessons & the hosts are Mattie and Lex.  So, if you wanna join in, hope on over to linkup!  :)

Mandie's Weekly Lessons:

    1.  You gotta start somewhere.  Trouble recently got a knock on the melon & wants to "make things right" between us again.  How long this will last or what her true motive is, I don't know but at least she made an effort to come talk to me & get on the path to fixing things.  However, if history teaches me anything, it's that she's all talk & no action.  So, I told her that she needs to use her head, make better choices & we'll see how things progress.  She does have a full-time job & that's a step in the right direction but she's only had it for about a week.  My heart hopes & prays that she's serious & wants to make things right but my head is cautious because this isn't our first rodeo.  Guess we'll see...

    2.  Homemade bread must be planned.  I wanted some bread for our first Souper Sunday so I grabbed a loaf from the freezer & started up the "speedy method".  Well, needless to say, it did not rise as it should & did not turn out.  I was upset, Sunshine was upset.  It sucked.  We both wanted some good bread with our Potato Soup.  :(  But I learned that I need to take it out of the freezer much sooner to get it to rise so we can have some delicious bread with our soup.

    3.  Fall is my time to purge.  I don't know what it is but on Sunday, I was on fire.  I got a new shelf next to our bed & I started pitching things I didn't need.  Then I went on to my dresser drawers & got rid of more stuff that I didn't need.  Next stop:  the Spring/Summer stuff in my closet.  I am loving it!  :)


  1. Here's hoping that Trouble doesn't have any ulterior motives and has seen the error of her ways. My step-sister is 10 years older than me, and was about 10 or 11 when our parents started seeing each other (I was just a baby) and there were definitely some rocky years with her and my mom. Homemade bread sounds so good! We love to eat soup...I wonder if I can make good homemade gluten free bread (my husband is GF)... I've been putting off purging for so long...I know once I do it I'll feel so much better!

    1. It's super hard being a stepparent & even more difficult having a child fight your every move. How did your mom deal?

      Oh, I'm sure there are plenty of GF bread recipes out there. Soup & bread are the best thing on a cool Autumn day. :)

  2. No matter what has happened in the past, I'm still glad to hear about you and your step-daughter. It's okay to be cautious. I really am pulling for you both!

    1. Thank you, girlie. I really am hopeful that she's actually seeing the light & knows that I wasn't just "out to get her". I do miss her...


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