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Friday Five...

Why, hello, everyone.  'Tis that day of the week when we all pick five things to talk about.  So, if you would like to linkup you can head on over to Karli &/or Liz.
My five this week are things that I love most about Halloween.

  1.  Watching Scary Movies.  I love scary movies anytime but there is just something extra special about watching them during the Halloween season.  My favorites to view are The Ring, Pet Semetary &, of course, Halloween (the original & no sequels).

  2.  Putting Up My Halloween Decorations.  These are just a couple of my lil areas of Halloween decorations.  I have some on the shelf over the TV in the living room, on the dining room table, on the front porch - I don't screw around when it comes to decorations.  Ha!

  3.  Dressing Up.  I've decided that I'm gonna go as Samara from The Ring.  I got myself a long black wig, a white nightgown & a VHS tape that I'll be carrying around with me.  I'm sure that I'll be saying…

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful...that my sister & I finally were able to get our sister tattoos.  Our guys did such a great job & they got pinned perfectly!  My sister's looks more like a watercolor & is a lil messy & all over the place.  Mine is more detailed & structured.  Just like our personalities.  Ha, ha!  We are both SO in love with them.  :)

I am thankful...that Sunshine had a good week - she behaved, she didn't argue, she listened - so when she asked me last night to get up a half hour early & curl her hair, I told her that I would.  Since I'm a kid of the 80's & like big hair, I think that she looks adorable when it's curled & big.

I am thankful...that tonight we'll get to spend some time with three of my favorite people - "K", "C" & "D".  Greg & Jill have a function to go to so we are watching the kids for a little bit.  I'm hopeful that once I pickup "K" from dance, she'll hang wi…

It's Wednesday So That Means...

This linkup is called Weekly Lessons & the hosts are Mattie and Lex.  So, if you wanna join in, hope on over to linkup!  :)
Mandie's Weekly Lessons:
  1.  Tattoo Excitement Never Ends.  Tonight, I got with my sister for my eleventh tattoo.  We are getting matching feather tattoos on the inner part of our upper right arms with our favorite colors - purple & orange - incorporated into them.  I am SO damn excited.  By this time tomorrow, I will have a sore arm but a beautiful new tat for my sister!  :)
  2.  Wearing A Sweater Brings Joy.  I've had my sweaters out & ready to be worn for quite some time now but today was the day that I could finally sport one.  If you would have talked to me about ten years ago about the cool weather & sweaters, I could have cared less but now as I get older, I'm liking the cooler weather more & more.  Cool weather, not snow, I still loathe snow!
  3.  Everyone Has Anxiety &/or Depression.  So, we had Parent/Teacher Conferen…

Tuesday Talk...

You wanna talk about something today?  Well, linkup with some fabulous girls for some Tuesday Talk - JessicaLizStephanie or any of the other hosts.  :)

I know that I've been pretty absent lately so lets talk about the reason behind that, shall we?

  1.  Work has been insane lately.  It seems for every file I close out, two more take it's place.  That's good for business but some days hard on the stress level.

  2.  My uncle was home from Texas for a couple of days & my sister is still home from Oklahoma so it's been a whole lot of time spent with family - dinners & such.  It's been nice.

  3.  Dealing with an emotionally compromised teenage girl.  Oh my gosh, I know that I've said it many times but teenage girls are horrible lil human beings.  Sunshine has been more Black Hole Sun lately & it's driving me banana sandwich.  Please give me the strength to make it through three & a half more years!

Musical Monday/Weekend Update...

Musical Monday:  Sweet Transvestite from Rocky Horror Picture Show.  So, we were talking about this movie the other day & yesterday while I was showering & such, I had to play the soundtrack.  So good!  Tim Curry looks sexier in that getup than I ever would!  Ha, ha!

Weekend Update:

    Friday - when I got home from work, I got quite the lovely things in the mail - a package from my Southern Bestie & my Harry Potter sweatshirt that I've been wanting for years.

The hubby & I went out to dinner with our friends, Ben & Christa.  Once we were done, both of us ladies went home while the boys went out for a couple of drinks.  When Paul got home, we watched an episode of American Horror Story before venturing to bed.

Saturday - I relaxed most of the morning while Paul & Sunshine went to get pumpkins & such.

Then I decided before my massage appointment that I would go & search for things for my Halloween costume as we have a party that we are attending this we…

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful...that my hubby actually listened & got Sunshine the HPV shot this morning at her doctor appointment.  I had a scare a couple of years ago & was told that if I would have had the chance to get the HPV shot/s, I probably wouldn't have had the pre-cancerous cells.  But she got her first round & I'm so glad cuz I do not want her to experience what I did.  Plus, I know that Trouble has had them as I took her in for one round.

I am thankful...that my sister is here from Colorado & that I just sent a picture of what we want for our sister tattoo to my tattoo artist this morning.  So, hopefully by this time next week, I'll be sporting some new ink - #11!  We are getting this with our favorite colors (purple & orange) incorporated in it on the inside of our upper right arms.  :)

I am thankful...that I don't currently have anything planned for this evening.  I feel like I've been running, running, running.  So, I just wanna go home after work…

The Third Year's The Charm...

So, three years ago today, I was probably sitting at one of our favorite spots enjoying a drinky poo in my bride getup as a married lady.  It's weird to think that I've been married three years - some days it seems like we just got married & other days, it seems like we've been married for 345 years.
Paul & I have been through a lot in our short time together.  I knew that things would not be easy especially when there were two girls involved & a crazy ex-wife but, man, some days were just horrible.  Just all the stuff that went down with Trouble almost tore us apart.  
At the end of the day, I love my husband & it's still kinda weird that I have a guy that I call "my husband".  Some days, I even think that he loves me more than anyone should love me.  Is that weird to think cuz I do.

Just some random pictures of us through the years.

Some of my favorite pictures of just us at our wedding.

It's Wednesday So That Means...

This linkup is called Weekly Lessons & the hosts are Mattie and Lex.  So, if you wanna join in, hope on over to linkup!  :)
Mandie's Weekly Lessons:
  1.  Family is Important.  I've known this for a very long time as I've always been close with my family (& people who are like family) but lately it's been all about the family with my uncle who visited over the weekend from Texas & my sister being home for about a week from Colorado & Trouble coming slowly back into our lives.  When we had my family over for dinner on Monday night, nobody knew that Trouble was gonna show up & I guess that when my mom saw her, she started crying.  So, we all love that girl but we just want to see her do better for herself - tough love, tough love.
  2.  I love pumpkin.  Again, something I've known but it's become rather apparent lately.  Sunshine got some pumpkin scented stuff as a birthday gift from Bath & Body Works so this past weekend, I went & got me…

Musical Monday / Weekend Update...

Musical Monday - Feed my Frankenstein by Alice Cooper.  Just seems that during this time of year, I like to me some Alice Cooper - this song, Welcome to my Nightmare...yea, that's about it.  Ha!

Weekend Update - 

Friday:  my uncle, Darren, came for a weekend visit from Dallas so right after work, I headed out to my grandparents' to visit.  I hung out there for a couple of hours before my uncle kicked us all out so he could go to bed.  So, I ventured home to an empty house, watched some Jimmy & then got into bed right before Paul got home at 11:00.

Saturday:  Paul ran Sunshine to go stay in the Dells for the night with one of her friends & while he did that, I did the grocery shopping & such.  When he got home, we went out for a quick lunch, did a lil shopping, hung out home for a bit, went out for dinner, headed to my brother's house to celebrate his girlfriend's birthday, out to the bar to watch the first half of the Badger game & then home to watch the s…

$10 at Target...

One of my favorite linkups because, well, I get to go to Target & buy some goodies from the Dollar Spot - I LOVE THE DOLLAR SPOT!!!!  Anywho, if you would like to join the fun hit up LizCourtney or any of the other hosts.  :)

Alright, here are my goodies:

My total haul...all from the Dollar Spot!

I loved this plate the last time  I shopped for $10 at Target. So, this time it was all mine!  I'll use  it as a display, not to use.

I'm always about getting new things to hang up around the house for the holidays & I thought this was cute.

You can NEVER have too many cards to send out from time to time.  :)

How did I do? $.50 over!  Doh!  :)

My Thoughts On...

IMDB's summary:  "A divorcee becomes entangled in a missing persons investigation that promises to send shockwaves throughout her life."

My short summary:  "Drunk lady creepily watches a couple from a train, lady from couple goes missing, drunk lady decides to turn detective...madness & crazyness ensues."

First of all, let me say that I loved the book.  I actually missed it when I was done reading it.  I thought it was well written & just when you think it couldn't have anymore twists, it throws in one more.  However, I did figure out who the "bad person" was well in advance.

On to the movie, I went & saw it on Monday with a friend who also read the book & we both agreed that it went from the pages to the screen well.  My only complaint is that in the book, Rachel is much more beaten down & her drinking is really a problem.

I'm in total lust of Luke Evans & I think that he played Scott Hipwell with such intensity that I wa…

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful...that the weather is finally starting to cool down & that I'm able to sport socks from my huge collection of fun socks.  Awhoo hoo!

I am thankful...that I won a little money when the hubby & I went to the casino this past weekend & that I was able to go back to the mall & pick up some more goodies from Hot Topic that I liked:

I also got a Five Finger Death Punch shirt & a Harry Potter wallet that I couldn't find on the Hot Topic site.  I was a happy girl walking outta that store with my purchases.  I really do like that store a whole lot!  :)

I am thankful...that since Trouble & I are now talking & just a picture of her face doesn't put me into a rage, I was able to work on some of her Senior picture stuff.  I put together a basket of goodies as a housewarming gift & one of the goodies were two pictures from her picture session - one with her mom & one with her dad.  I also put together a book & collages for myself &…

Mug Love Exchange...

Boy, do I love doing exchanges!  Not only do you get some pretty cool things but you get to meet some even cooler folks.  :)

I was matched up with Crystal over at Hall Around Texas.  She is a delightful lady & I really enjoyed getting to know her & to continue to learn more about her.

So, here is what the Texas gal got me & it was a WIN!

My haul.

I told her that I was a  Harry Potter nerd & this is now my favorite coffee mug.  If it's clean, I'm using it!  I love it!

I looked through this & my friend, Jill, has actually already borrowed it from me to come up with a pumpkin themed dessert for an upcoming girls' weekend.

This was after I opened the package, I could not wait to use my new  mug so I washed 'er up & used it for my  nighttime tea.
Thank you SO much, Crystal.  You did a wonderful job.  I love my goodies!  :)
If you would like to see what I got Ms. Crystal, hope on over to read her blog post.

My Thoughts On...

IMDB's summary:  "Frank is a sausage who has always wanted to be purchased and "go home," but he does not yet know the truth. What he does not know is that his kind is used as a snack and he strives to find the truth of his existence in this cruel food-eating world."

My thoughts:  I was really excited to see this movie when I was first showed the preview.  It was funny & I giggled out loud a couple of time but in some parts, I think, they were just trying a little too hard & kinda crossed a line into "ewww, that's gross".  But again, that's just me.

To be honest, I think that my favorite parts of the movie were ones that I already seen in the previews.  I love Seth Rogan, I think that he's a hilarious but this will not be a movie that I'll be running out to buy when it comes out.  Sorry, Seth & all the other actors who has a part in this.

Sausage Party's Grade: C

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful...that Trouble & I are talking again.  She drives me nuts with some of her decisions but now that she's an adult & living on her own, it's on her & that takes a great deal of stress off me.  She was a hard kid to raise, I tried everything with her but I'm hopeful that she's beginning to see a little bit of light.  We do text/message about once a day, typically she's in search of some advice or knowledge that only I can provide...makes me wonder who she talked to during those months we didn't talk, her dad says that she probably just talked with her dumbass friends.

I am thankful...that I decided to take the full day off tomorrow rather than just a half day.  The hubby & I are venturing out of town to celebrate our upcoming wedding anniversary.

We'll be married three years on October 19th.  So, before we head off to Wisconsin Dells for the weekend, I'm gonna go get a ninety minute hot stone massage with my girl, Kathi.  I ty…

It's Wednesday So That Means...

This linkup is called Weekly Lessons & the hosts are Mattie and Lex.  So, if you wanna join in, hope on over to linkup!  :)
Mandie's Weekly Lessons:
  1.  Too many cooks in the kitchen DO ruin the stew.  So, without getting into too many details, too many people got involved in a situation & it exploded all over the place yesterday leaving Trouble & one of my friends hurting.  I am so angry that it got blown up so big when I was going to be the one to take care of it but other people open their damn mouths which caused more of an issue.  I talked with my friend this morning & explained everything from my point to her, told her that I had her back & that I was there for her.  It's going to be a battle for her & I hate that more people got involved than should have been.  Ugh, it just makes me so mad!  
  2.  Bread-makers are only second to crock-pots.  Now, if you're new around these parts, I have a great love for my crock-pot.  I make SO much in it &am…


Another month starting with another Currently linkup - awhoo hoo!  So, what does Anne have going on this month?  Well, come along & check it out!  :)

Cheers-ing...right now, some coffee with some Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer in it.  I'm am cheering to a drama-free day!  Awhoo hoo!

Organizing...I've organized both mine & Sunshine's clothes this past weekend.  I swapped out my Spring/Summer stuff for my Fall/Winter things & we got rid of a couple of bags of her stuff that doesn't fit or she doesn't wear.

Dreaming...of this weekend.  The hubby & I are taking our wedding anniversary trip.  Since I don't have any vacation time left, we are just going to spend the weekend in the Wisconsin Dells.  I am SO excited cuz I'll finally get to ride Ghost Boat.  I've been wanting to do that for YEARS now!

Buying...Christmas presents.  I've slowly been coming up with ideas & I've bought two gifties already - one for Jill & one for Sunshine.  I…