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It's Wednesday So That Means...

This linkup is called Weekly Lessons & the hosts are Mattie and Lex.  So, if you wanna join in, hope on over to linkup!  :)

Mandie's Weekly Lessons:

  1.  Tattoo Excitement Never Ends.  Tonight, I got with my sister for my eleventh tattoo.  We are getting matching feather tattoos on the inner part of our upper right arms with our favorite colors - purple & orange - incorporated into them.  I am SO damn excited.  By this time tomorrow, I will have a sore arm but a beautiful new tat for my sister!  :)

  2.  Wearing A Sweater Brings Joy.  I've had my sweaters out & ready to be worn for quite some time now but today was the day that I could finally sport one.  If you would have talked to me about ten years ago about the cool weather & sweaters, I could have cared less but now as I get older, I'm liking the cooler weather more & more.  Cool weather, not snow, I still loathe snow!

  3.  Everyone Has Anxiety &/or Depression.  So, we had Parent/Teacher Conferences for Sunshine on Monday & we had to pick up this screening that they did on each student.  I sat down & was really able to go through it yesterday & it has me concerned.  From the screening, they have her at a "significant level of concern for possible anxiety" and "moderate level of concern for depression".  I mean, everyone has a touch of anxiety &/or depression but at what point do you think about medication.  She's only fifteen but I knew that this would be something that would come about as Trouble has it, horribly & should have been medicated & I continue to be on her about going in for medication.  Paul & I have not talked about it yet but it does cause me some concern especially now that Sunshine is a Freshman & this was about the time that we really started seeing the trouble in Trouble.  Also, Sunshine has not been going to see her mother nor really talk to her.  That's an issue.  I may look at doing something more natural with oils or supplements before we hit the heavy stuff but it's something that I need to talk out with Paul & her to figure out the best route.


  1. I am loving sweater weather too! So exciting about your tattoo appointment! Can't wait to see the finished product! Hoping you can find a way to help Sunshine.

    1. Sweaters & hoodies - love them both! :) I will be sure to post pictures of my new ink. I cannot wait! Eeek! I'm real hopeful that we won't have to medicate Sunshine but we'll see how things go.

  2. I'm getting a new tattoo this week too, and you are correct, the excitement is there! Can't wait to see yours.

    My advice about Sunshine? Talk to her. Talk to her as much as possible. Let her know that communication should be a top priority. If she doesn't want to talk to you, encourage her to talk to someone, anyone that is a responsible adult at school, in a club, at church. From my personal experience with depression and anxiety, we tend to bottle it up, hold it in, and it grows and grows. If she can figure out some ways to work it out without medication, that's always ideal. But, I am on medication, so I know sometimes that is an option that must be considered.

    1. Ohhh, what are you getting this time? I still really dig your book tattoo, that's is so awesome. :)

      Thank you for your advice on Sunshine. I do plan to talk it out with her & she does have a great support system around her, just a lil while ago my brother's girlfriend opened up a path of communication with Sunshine to talk about stuff & when Sunshine got her messages she just really brightened up & just said: "I love Katie". We'll work through it but the big difference between her & Trouble is that she's involved in something she loves - gymnastics - & I'm hopeful that will help as well.


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