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Musical Monday/Weekend Update...

  Musical Monday - Burning Man by Spank Rock.  I've been in a hip hop mood lately & listening the Hell outta my Hip Hoppin' playlist on Spotify & here is one of my favorite tunes.  It's just so much fun, I think.

  Weekend Update:  Extended Edition - 

    Wednesday - I had the day off of work to do my baking & get my hair did.  I was pretty much busy from the moment I got outta bed until about 8:00 that night but all the treats went over well & I feel a bunch lighter from my haircut.

    Thursday - we started the Thanksgiving holiday off with my in-laws.  We had a delicious meal & delightful convo followed by pictures.

Then we headed out to my uncle's place for dinner.  It was Trouble's first time seeing most of my family in a year & she did well as did everyone else.  We had a great time especially with some entertainment brought to us by my cousin, "Z".  I, unfortunately, didn't get any pictures from over there but believe me, it was a good time.  Then my sister came over & we did a couple of mannequin challenges & played some Sorry.  A very good Thanksgiving & that, I am truly thankful for.

    Friday - Sunshine & I got up & hit the road by 10:00 to pick up my sister for an early lunch at Panera Bread & then we went to the local humane society to drop off some food, walk some dogs & play with the kitties.  We spent over an hour there which made me want to take every one of the animals home.  We then came home & I put in Christmas Vacation & decorated.  Sunshine had two friends stay the night & they were very well-behaved...but it helps that the two she had stay are afraid to wake the beast in Mama Mandie.  Tee hee!

    Saturday - I got my butt outta bed early, got ready, picked up my cousin, Jennifer, & hit the road to Appleton to have lunch & do Christmas shopping.  I got a lot done but I'm not quite finished yet.  I'm almost there, I just have a few odds & ends to finish yet.

    Sunday - I got to sleep in a little bit while Paul did most of the household chores.  I had a couple of things to do when I finally rose from my slumber but there wasn't much so I got to spend the afternoon watching American Housewife.  If you have not seen that show, you should totally watch it, it's hilarious!  Sunshine really liked it as well.  Then it was time for my usual Sunday evening - soup, shower, nails, The Walking Dead, reading & then bed.

A mighty fine weekend, if I do say so.  :)


  1. I feel like I haven't listened to hip hop in forever... I usually blasted that on Friday's on my commute to work but now that I don't do that- I forget to ever listen to it! LOL! Glad you had a good weekend with family and friends! :)

    1. Sometimes, I just get in these moods where I need to hear me some Ludacris or Eminem & blare it. However, I don't think that "T" would really appreciate hip hop so much at this point. Ha, ha!

  2. I love your hair! I forgot to tell you earlier today! Super cute! :)

    1. Thank you, sweet friend. Paul isn't too nuts about it but it's hair, it'll grow back...& then I may cut it again. Ha!

  3. I loved seeing the pics of you and the girls!
    Applause for your time that you spent at the humane society. I was actually looking at gathering some things to donate to our Animal Welfare League. They have a "wishlist" of items on their website.

    1. We had a fun time & we walked all the dogs that we could & even asked what dogs don't get walked as much & it was the pitbull breeds. You best believe we took all of them that we could! :)


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