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The Year Known As 2016...

Well, it is that time to talk about the year that was & what the new year will hopefully bring.  I'm gonna share some of my favorite pictures throughout the year & reflect on all the good moments.  Join me!  :)

  January - we started the year off with a gathering of friends over drinks & many rounds of Loaded Questions & Cards Against Humanity.

  February - my birthday month!  I got to experience my first Badger basketball game on my actual birthday.  They gave me a wonderful gift of beating Ohio State.  Awhoo hoo!  Then I wanted some of my favorite people to come out & help me celebrate the weekend after & to say that I have a great bunch of people surrounding me is an understatement, I am very lucky.

  March - what a crazy month this was.  Sunshine went to State for gymnastics, we celebrated Paul's 40th birthday & we went to Florida for Spring Break.  I cannot wait to go back to Universal Studios to take some more time with Harry & maybe enjoy some more quiet time on the balcony with my cup of coffee listening to the waves from the ocean.

  April - after the crazy month of March, April was a welcome semi-calm.  I attended my first gala to support the local Boys & Girls Club.  I typically don't dress up & look like a girl but it's kind of fun to do it from time to time.  :)

  May - although Trouble turned eighteen during this month, it was the month of Sunshine.  She performed in her last dance recital (she decided to give up dance & concentrate on gymnastics) & she got confirmed.  We also welcomed my newest cousin into the world - "T".  He is so dang tiny in this picture.

  June - Trouble graduated from high school.  Her & I were still on a "no-contact" so I didn't see it but she did it.  Also, don't mind the "Happy Donut Day" thing on the first picture, for some reason, Paul had that on there.  Paul & I got to have a nice weekend in Green Bay to see the Impractical Jokers.  We had amazing seats & such a wonderful time.


  July - what a frickin' fantastic month July was!  I got to see one of my favorite bands for the first time at Rock USA - Disturbed!  I almost cried I was so happy when I could see David yelling on the stage.  A great time & I got to experience it with my husband, aunt, uncle & cousin.  My Southern Bestie, Ashley, finally got a chance to come up & visit me.  We had such an amazing time!  I took her all around Central Wisconsin & we enjoyed much beer & plenty of cheese.  I loved having her & cannot wait to see her again!  I also got to hit up a Brewer game with the family - they didn't win & we cooked like bacon in the sun but, like usual, it was a good time with these great people.

  August - not only hosted but attended my very first painting party &, oh my gosh, were there tons & tons of laughs.  It was such a fun night with these ladies.  Some camping with Ben & Christa.  Birthday celebrations for my cousins.  & Ice Wine enjoyed at a local winery.  :)

  September - ah, the start of Fall.  The older I get, the more & more I love Fall.  We had some final trips on the boat for the year.  Trouble & I started talking again.  Did some apple picking with my other Ashlee.  & attended Pointoberfest with my Bestie, Kim.  We drank plenty of beer & ate us some delicious German grub.

  October - hung out at Pumpkin Fest with "Z".  Paul & I celebrated our third wedding anniversary in Wisconsin Dells with plenty of grub, wine & a Ghost Boat ride.  Added to my "collection" of tattoos with a sister one.  & dressed up like Samara from The Ring to celebrate my favorite holiday - Halloween.

  November - I got to meet the GM for our local baseball team & touch the trophy - a total "oh my gosh" moment.  Went to Lambeau to cheer on the Packers with Christa...for them to lose to the Colts.  :(  A great Thanksgiving with the family & my first picture with Trouble in over a year.

  December - plenty of Christmas celebrations with a Packer game thrown in there for good measure (where they beat the Vikings - awhoo hoo).

I really am thankful for the year I've had - the ups & the downs.  Posting this really makes me appreciate the life I have & the people I have in it.  I don't want to get all sappy & such but I am truly blessed.  :)


  1. Girl what a year!!! Congrats to Trouble for graduating! Can't wait to keep reading in 2017!!! <3 Hugs and kissed your way for the New Year!

    1. Thank you, pretty lady. I really am excited to see what 2017 has in store. :)


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