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Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful...that tonight, I will have the house to myself for a couple of hours.  Sunshine will be at an away gymnastics meet & Paul will be doing something...I don't know what but that's okay cuz if I have some time to have a crappy dinner - soft pretzels - & watch some Jessica Jones, I'll be happy.

I am thankful...that because I've already finished the first season of Daredevil & that I've started Jessica Jones, I can almost get my "Nerd Card" back that my cousin took away from me because I hadn't watched those & Luke Cage yet.  Tee hee!

I am thankful...that I have the day off tomorrow to clean up my rental property.  I'm not real happy about the state that it's in but a day off of crazy work with some music blaring might be pretty therapeutic.  :)

I am thankful...that I get to celebrate "Z"'s fifth birthday with him on Sunday.  I cannot believe that he's gonna be five.  He really is one of my favorite peop…

It's Wednesday So That Means...

So, back in the day, there was a linkup about weekly lessons.  I really liked it but since it has crumbled & the linkup is no more.  :(  I really liked doing it so I'm going to continue doing it, join me!
I've learned...that Sunshine has an interest in law.  We had her registration expo for her upcoming sophomore year of high school & while trying to figure out the course to put her on, she came to the conclusion that she really likes American Government/Social Studies & is thinking about joining the Mock Trial team next year & possible going into law.  That makes me proud as a legal assistant.  :)
I've learned...that the hubby & I are gonna take a trip to Las Vegas over Spring Break as Sunshine will be going to California with a friend.  I am WAY excited & I'm hopeful that we'll be able to go see at least Love & maybe Zumanity.  I love Cirque shows!
I've learned...that if I start the day off with a headache & I'm really busy, t…

Tuesday Talk...

You wanna talk about something today?  Well, linkup with some fabulous girls for some Tuesday Talk - JessicaLizStephanie or any of the other hosts.  :)

Since I was a busy lil bee yesterday, I didn't get a chance to post my Musical Monday/Weekend Update so I'm gonna do it today on this Tuesday Talk.

Musical Monday - Do Something Crazy by Outasight.  I just came across this song on Spotify & immediately loved it.  It's such a fun, fun song, I love it.  :)
Weekend Update - 

    Friday:  I met up with some friends from high school - Tracy, Kim & Courtney.  We had such a fun time!  We met up for dinner at a local bar & grille & sat there for almost four hours just chatting, drinking & laughing...there was a LOT of laughing.  We had such a great time & I really cannot wait to hang out with these three lovely ladies all again.

Saturday:  Sunshine had a gymnastics meet so the hubby & I had the day to ourselves so we went to this tapas place in Stevens Po…

It's Wednesday So That Means...

So, back in the day, there was a linkup about weekly lessons.  I really liked it but since it has crumbled & the linkup is no more.  :(  I really liked doing it so I'm going to continue doing it, join me!

I've learned...that you really do mutter "awww, nothing left" when lifting your coffee cup up & see that there is, in fact, nothing left.  I pouted & then moved on to my water.

I've learned...why my mother would be unhappy whenever school was called off due to weather.  This week, Sunshine had school for a half a day on Monday & that was it.  It was cancelled yesterday & today & then tomorrow & Friday was already out.  I love her but she drives me nuts when she's home.  She was at us last night at 11:00 p.m. to be allowed to go somewhere...she was pissed when she was told "no".  *shakes head*

I've learned...that the natural food store can be an expensive place.  I spent about $82.00 on four bottles of essential oils (tw…

Tuesday Talk...

You wanna talk about something today?  Well, linkup with some fabulous girls for some Tuesday Talk - JessicaLizStephanie or any of the other hosts.  :)
I have no idea what to talk about today.  It's snowing like crazy here in Central Wisconsin.  I am debating on if I'm gonna do anything today.  I'm supposed to go tan at lunch & then venture to my grandparents' for supper but I am not too sure that I want to drive in this stuff & it's just supposed to keep going & going.  I loathe snow.  I really do.  The cold, I can deal with that, it's the snow that I cannot stand.  Grrr.
I did have this during lunch though:

I had some snuggle time with Chandler during lunch & she's my cranky girl so anytime she wants to snuggle, I oblige.  :)  Wish I was still home with her watching Netflix under my Badger blanket with her.

Musical Monday / Weekend Update...

Musical Monday:  The Hideous Exhibitions of a Dedicated Gore Whore by Rob Zombie.  Have I mentioned before that I love Rob Zombie?  If not, I love him...his music anyway.  His movies are a lil too out there for me & his latest one - 31 - with psycho clowns in it, don't think so!  Eeek!

Weekend Update:

    Friday - I was pretty crabby after work so I took the trip to Stevens Point - which is becoming more & more of a happy place for me -  to get some Starbucks & visit the Co-op.  I was on the search for Thieves essential oil but they didn't have any so I bought Jasmine.

  Then I got home so Paul & I could head out to the casino for some gambling & supper.  The best thing about being out there, I got a Chocolate Covered Cherry - hot cocoa, with almond liqueur, grenadine & whipped cream.  Delish!

Saturday - I got up & had a message from my youngest brother asking if I could cut his hair.  So, I did his hair & then my other brother came over as well fo…

Friday Five...

Why, hello, everyone.  'Tis that day of the week when we all pick five things to talk about.  So, if you would like to linkup you can head on over to Karli &/or April.

My five this week is ways to stay warm when it's frickin' freezin' in Central Wisconsin.

  1.  Drinking warm beverages - coffee, cocoa, tea.  Add some Rum Chata or Baileys for a lil extra warmth.  

  2.  Set yourself on fire...or sit really close to a fire &/or space heater.

  3.  Take a long hot bath maybe enjoy your warm beverage as like Olaf is doing.

  4.  Bundle up like Randy does in A Christmas Story - "I can't put my arms down!"

  5.  Just stay in your nice warm bed snuggled up with your cats & a good book or Netflix.

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful...that I got to spend some quality time with my Bestie, Kim, last night.  We met up for dinner & chatted away about this & that & then we headed over to Maurice's to do a little shopping.

I am thankful...that while shopping at Maurice's, I found a top that I really liked & didn't even look at the price tag just to learn that when I checked out it was on sale/clearance I got it for $5.28.  I don't think that Maurice's credit card was used to such a small purchase.  Ha!

I am thankful...that Trouble contacted me yesterday & that she is thinking about spreading her wings & getting out from underneath her grandmother (my MIL) & her father (my hubby).  I feel that my MIL & hubby, while they think they are helping, keep Trouble dependent on them.  Trouble wants to move to where her boyfriend lives.  He lives about two hours away & she really likes the area & has started looking for a job there.  I feel that it would be b…


Another month starting with another Currently linkup - awhoo hoo!  So, what does Anne have going on this month?  Well, come along & check it out!  :)

Gathering..."recipes" for my new oil diffuser.  Lately, it's been all about the eucalyptus because Paul has been sick for a week now & I got it a lil bit.  I told him that I'm gonna have a buy a new bottle of eucalyptus before I get a chance to crack any of my other bottles. 

Making...a whole lot of nothing.  We really have not had a sit-down meal in awhile because one of us has been busying doing something or we just don't feel like cooking.  Tomorrow, however, I do have on the menu to make chicken & rice with green beans.  So, we have that. with Sugar Cookie creamer.  It's delish but I am ready for something with some caramel in it.  I love me some caramel.  Yummy!

Following...lots on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.  My favorite to watch on Instagram/Snapchat is Taylor.  She cracks m…

Tuesday Talk...

You wanna talk about something today?  Well, linkup with some fabulous girls for some Tuesday Talk - JessicaLizStephanie or any of the other hosts.  :)

I'm gonna talk about the books I read throughout 2015.

I love James Patterson books. Not only are they good, they are such fast, easy reads.

I rarely read chicklit but when I do,  it's one of Meredith's.  I met Meredith through blogging on another site many moons ago & I love supporting her.  :)

Harry Potter for the second time. I decided that with our Spring Break to Florida & to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter I knew that it was a good time to reread the series.

Right after finishing Deathly Hallows, I was able to jump right into this gem.  I loved it & it was such a quick read.  I didn't really like the screenplay format but it's Harry & I would not resist.

I actually missed this book when I was done reading it! I really enjoyed it.  I finished it up before the movie came out & had a mo…

Makes Me Happy Pics...

& here are my feel good pics from the month of December:

My hubby got me a latte & a coworker brought in delicious donuts.

Sunshine out in the first snow of the season trying to build a snowman.

Downtown Stevens Point all decorated.

A yummy lunch & Gilmore Girls.

Tyrion playing in the snow.

Secret Santa Gift: Day 1.

Secret Santa Gift:  Day 2.

A cup of hot cocoa before bed.

Secret Santa Gift:  Day 3.

Sunshine & her gift from Greg, Jill & the kids.

My gifts from Greg, Jill & the kids.

End result of baking day with Jill.

More goodies from baking day with Jill.

All the cutouts made from baking day with my sister.

My Harry Potter book bag from Christa.

Attending the Packer/Viking game with the hubby, uncle