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The Nineties (aka Simpler Times)...

I am TOTALLY stealing this from Nadine because - hello - best decade EVER!  I could not resist.

Favorite Disney Film.

Aladdin.  I had everything Aladdin - bedding, dolls, stuffed animals, wall stickers, etc.  I loved it so much!

Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie.

I'm totally making up my own rule here & going with Disney Channel show.  I loved the Mickey Mouse Club.  I used to pretend I was on it, not gonna lie.

Favorite Music Artist.

Paula Abdul.  I had Forever Your Girl & Spellbound on cassette.  One of my brothers almost lost his life because he pulled all the tape outta my Spellbound cassette ruining it.  I really did almost murder him & I remind him of him doing that from time to time.

Favorite Candy.

When I had to run down to the gas station to get milk and/or bread, I would sometimes get a lil extra money to get myself a lil treat & candy cigarettes were what would sometimes get.  As awful as that was, I loved them.  Oh, & the gum cigars - yes, please!  Ha, ha!

Favorite Game (Board Game, School Game, etc.).

The Oregon Trail...what a fun & exciting way to try to make it cross country without freezing to death, starving or shitting out your insides.  Man, if I could go back & do it again...I would kill everyone in my wagon & live off them until I made it to the west coast. Tee hee!

Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal Toy.

These lil things would transform to lil creatures.  We used to have a couple of them.  We didn't get to eat at McDonald's much when we were younger but when we did, there was four of us so we had a few.

Favorite Book.

Oh, RL Stine...I loved his books.  I had SO many of them.  Actually, every single one in the picture above, I had & read at least once.  To be honest, if I could, I would download them on my Kindle & read them all again...I should check to see if I can get them on my Kindle, that would be the best thing EVER!

Favorite Clothing Store.

I didn't really have a favorite store but I loved Z. Cavarcci.  Oh, I had jeans & shirts, one of my school pictures in junior high was in one of my Z. Cavaricci shirts.  I still wish I had that shirt.  Ha!

Favorite Show.

Oh, when Saturday night came around & SNICK was on - all was calm in our house.  I loved watching Are You Afraid of the Dark before heading to bed to read my RL Stine books.  Oh, the good ol' I would love to have them back.

Weirdest Fashion Trend.

The bodysuit.  It snapped between your legs like a damn onesie.  It was like dressing baby...that being said, I had a black one & a white one.  I hated them but, you know, had to fit in with all the other girls who probably hated them as well.  I see that they are making a comeback & this is one girl who will NOT following that fashion trend.  Blah.


  1. I was on the dance team in high school, and we had a dance to Paula Abdul's Cold Hearted Snake...and yes, I can still remember some of the choreography. ha!

    1. Well, I think that you need to take a video of that & post it for the world to see. :)

  2. Replies
    1. The 90's sure were great...I'd go back, that's for sure.

  3. Yay you did it too!!! I loved candy cigerettes and fun story, my sister found some last year at a nostalgia type store and bought some for me. Still tasted the same!!! I liked RL Stine books and Are You Afraid of the Dark too!

    1. Oh yea, we found some candy cigarettes a couple of years ago too & bought them, they still have that chalky, sweet taste to them. Ha, ha!

      I really want to sit down & read those books & watch AYAOTD to see if they are still good. :)

  4. HELL YES to R.L. Stine and the Oregon Trail!!! I think I had the majority of the R.L. Stine collection! And I was born in that weird time between Gen X and Gen Y (Millennials), and I detest being called a Millennial, so I often refer to myself as being part of the Oregon Trail generation! Also, did you know that you can still play it online today?! When I first heard about that, I found it and started playing immediately!

  5. Paula Abdul. I had Forever Your Girl & Spellbound on cassette. One of my brothers almost lost his life because he pulled all the tape outta my Spellbound cassette ruining it. I really did almost murder him & I remind him of him doing that from time to time.


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