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Thankful Thursday...

  I am thankful...that tonight after work, I'm gonna pick up some din-din for my sister & I & then we're gonna play some old school Nintendo games on her projection screen.  Awhoo hoo!  I am so happy that my sister is back home!  :)

  I am thankful...for Stan Lee.  I know that I've probably said it before but this guy is pretty dang amazing with the Marvel characters & stories that came to be from his mind.  I just wish that I had that kind of brain to think up all the crazy things/beings he does.

  I am thankful...that in four weeks, I'll be in Las Vegas.  Just me & my hubby hopefully catching a few shows, winning some dough & having some good grub.  We'll for sure be seeing Love by Cirque & then I wanna get him tickets to either Cris Angel or Penn & Teller as a birthday gift.  I tried talking him into seeing Britney but he hasn't caved yet, I'm hoping that he will cuz if I get to see Britney, it would be amazing cuz I love her!

  I am thankful...that Sunshine has had some type of reality check & has been really working on getting her grades where they should be & thinking about getting her worker's permit so she can start applying for jobs.  I do think that it has to do with the fact that she'll be sixteen in about six months & I told her that she will not lay a finger on the car I have in storage for her until she has a job & grades that are "C's" or better.  If either of those don't happen, that car will remain in storage or will even get sold.  Yes, I am that type of parent.

  I am thankful...that Trouble will still shoot me a message asking for advice from time to time.  Apparently, she must have gotten into a fight with her boyfriend last night & sent me messages right away this morning on what she needs to do to keep this relationship going.  Obviously, I told her that every couple fights but it's how you deal with it that will make or break the relationship.  I told her that yelling/screaming/texting doesn't take care of things, talking does & that if they are not in a good place to actually talk, they need to take a breather & cool down.  We'll see if she will take my advice, I'm always good for dishing it out & her not taking it but I know that I've done my part, she needs to do hers.

So, what are some things that 
YOU'RE thankful for?


  1. Oh man, you're a tough parent! My mom was tough on me too though, so I get it. Her tactic of choice was cutting off my cell phone at will (even when I was in college, until I finally got my own account)! When I lived with her like in high school, her punishment of choice physically taking the landline phone out and away and put in her her room (this was pre-cell phone days)!

    That's sweet that Trouble still asks for advice. I still ask my mom for advice too, but my questions are more of the job/work-related variety :)

    So excited to hear about you Vegas trip, I'm going for my birthday in December! I'm not a big gambler, but I really want to see the shows, especially Cirque du Soleile's "O" and of course Britney! Not sure about the 2nd one either... fingers crossed! ;)

    1. My mom was tough on me too & I'm thankful that she was or I wouldn't have become as independent as I did. I worked my ass off, had nice things, did fun stuff, had a pet & bought my first house when I was twenty-two years old. I want Sunshine to be able to do the same (her sister is a lost cause - ha!).

      "O" is amazing! I saw that the last time I was in Vegas & I would totally see it again! Anything by Cirque is pretty dang awesome. :)


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