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Makes Me Happy Pics…

Another month has come & gone & there were some great things that made me happy throughout the month of September...yea, I'm a lil late:

Me & the giant unicorn I bought "D" for her birthday...I might have to get myself one as well.  :)

My newest coffee mug which could NOT be any truer.

My big baby all spread out snoozing.  I love him!

Watching "C"'s first football game. I love watching lil kids play soccer, watching them play football may be even more fun to watch.  Ha, ha!

My newest tattoo for my babies -  Magic (RIP), Chandler & Tyrion.

Sunshine on her 16th birthday.

My cousin & I on our apple picking trip.

Watching the Packers beat up on the Bears with my Siser.  GO PACK GO!  :)

Tuesday Talk...

You wanna talk about something today?  Well, linkup with some fabulous girls for some Tuesday Talk:
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Musical Monday / Weekend Update...

Musical Monday:  Whatever It Takes by Hollywood Undead.  This song has been on my Starred playlist on Spotify & should have been moved to my Rockin' Tuneage playlist but I just cannot bring myself to bring it off the Starred one cuz I still enjoy listening to it when it comes on.

Weekend Update:

    Friday - my friend, Ashlee, has been having some issues with her husband & it was time for me to get up by her for a visit.  Without getting into too much detail, he has a drinking problem.  So, I headed to her place for some time in front of the TV to get caught up & eat pizza.  I love her to death, I just hope for her sake that her husband gets the help he needs.

Saturday - Paul, Sunshine & I went out for lunch & then picked up some pumpkins & such.  Because I am a horrible blogger, I did not get any pictures.  Plus, it was raining & yucky so not much to take pictures of.  Then Paul & I went out to watch the Badger game, came home & watched Spiderman:…

My Thoughts On...

IMDB's summary:  "Peter Parker balances his life as an ordinary high school student with his super-hero alter ego, Spider-Man, and finds himself on the trail of a new menace prowling the skies of New York City."

  My summary:  "the weinie of the Avengers gets his own movie where he, of course, does not listen to the advice of the very smart Tony Stark aka Ironman."

If you didn't get it from my summary, Spider-Man is not one of my favorite super-heroes.  I just think that he's a weinie.  Yup, a weinie.  So, the reason I watched the movie was to watch Ironman cuz I love him.  However, I was surprised, it wasn't awful.  Tee hee!  Was it one of my favorites?  No but we'll add it to the collection, I suppose.

Tom Holland wasn't  bad but, if I had to choose a Spider-Man, I would choose Tobey but that's just me.  
If you're a nerd, then yes, you should see it.
Spider-Man: Homecoming's Grade: B-