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Day in the Life...

I have fallen in love with doing these types of blogs.  I think they are rather fun.  :)
This was what my day looked like on December 13th:

Just a view of some bathroom art from atop "the throne" before jumping in the shower.

Sssshh, there may be a Rum Chata creamer in that cup of coffee.  Ha!

The view from my office window.

My mood calendar -  & I've been deprived of sleep lately.

My lunch with my ice pack in the background.

Heading back to the doctor for my second post-op appt.

Just hanging out in the waiting room.

A very delicious chicken pesto sandwich with Asiago cheese.  Delish!

On the way home sporting my Hufflepuff hat.  :)

Watching a lil Bates Motel in the comfort of the bedroom...

...while doing a lil coloring.

Reading the new John Green book: Turtles All the Way Down.

Makes Me Happy Pics...

I am a lil late to the show due to my surgery but I am really hoping to get back on the horse & get back to the blogging world.

Anywho, here are my happy pics for the month of November:

One of the best nurses a girl could ask for - Tyrion Peter.  :)

My recovery gift from my Southern Bestie, Ashley.

My recovery gifties from my friend, Christa. Another Kylo to add to my collection.

Tyrion somehow got the warning sticker off the walker I was using so I put a "You're Beautiful" sticker in its place.

Just cruisin' around with Tyrion.

My three favorite ladies on Thanksgiving -  Sunshine, my mom & sister.

Me & my Sunshine.