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Weekending/Musical Monday…

I've decided to start linking up with Biana on reporting on activities of the weekend.  If you would like to join, hit her up!
So, on to my weekend...
Friday - my cousin, Scott, who lives out in Oregon came home on Thursday night for his brother's/my other cousin's graduation party so I grabbed him on Friday night to join us for dinner & such Friday night.  We went out, played some Fibbage out our place afterwards & watched Infinity War.  I loved having him home!
Saturday - I got my butt outta bed, got ready for the day & headed to Walmart for some groceries & such before heading to my cousin, Gunnar's graduation party.  We all had such a great time celebrating him - we ate a bunch, laughed a lot & just enjoyed the day.

Sunday - nothing too exciting except for typical Sunday chores & an argument with Sunshine about how much she's expected to work during the summer.  She was/is not happy with me at the moment but it is what it is & she can do…


Another month starting with another Currently linkup - awhoo hoo!  So, what does Anne have going on this month?  Well, come along & check it out!  :)

Traveling...I don't really have any plans at the current time to do any traveling any time soon.  I should really remedy that, I think.

  Grilling...with our busy schedules lately, we have not actually sat around the dinner table for a family meal.  Therefore, no time for grilling.  Again, that should be remedied.

  Exploring...the world of graphic novels aka comic books.  I had started out with reading The Walking Dead & I have since read a Captain Marvel & a Deadpool.  They are quite enjoyable, quick reads.  :)

  Planting...nothing...I am planting nothing.  I gave it another go & I think that I killed four more plants.  I just do not have a green thumb & it sucks because I love how pretty flowers are.  Luckily, my hubby is better & has some pretty flowers in our garden & even planted me some sunflowers.  <…

Makes Me Happy Pics…

Another month has come & gone & there were some great things that made me happy throughout the month of May:

Home runs at Miller Park.

Pictures with Kylo Ren.

How pretty Miller Park looks.

Nibbles from Tyrion Peter.

Reading my book on a cool, rainy day.

"Flowers" from "D".  <3

Watching this lil lady sing & dance.

My siblings & mama.

Seeing Deadpool 2.

Trying my "green thumb".

Introductions to new family members - meet Luna!

Watching Tyrion & Luna get along.

Pretty places for camping.

Spending a warm day at the beach.

Mandie's Marvel Rankings...

So, Ms. Kati Rose did this post ranking Marvel characters & I just could not get it outta my mind so I just HAD to do one for myself.  
Note:  this is just Cinematic Universe so it does not include The Punisher or any of the characters from the TV shows.  Also, they are in no particular order except for my main man:

  1.  Thor.  It should come as no surprise whatsoever if you've been around these parts that Thor is my favorite.  With each movie he's been in, I've grown to love him more & more.  I know in the comics that he's really nothing but a big, strong dummy but I really do believe he's more in the movies.  He's so torn between doing what is right & the love he has for his brother, Loki.  I really think that he's grown & I just love him SO much...especially when he has the long locks.  ;)

  2.  Shuri.  First, can we all just agree that she is stinkin' adorable?!  Oh my gosh, I wanna put her in my pocket & keep her forever!  Plu…

Ten Things Motherhood Taught Me...

I could not resist this linkup with Erin over at Simple Purposeful Living.  So, here we go with lots of pictures cuz, well, I love pictures.

  1.  When they are young, they can really capture your heart & not let go.

  2.  The being tucked into bed every night was VERY necessary.

  3.  Never borrow anything to a teenager cuz chances are you won't get it back in the same condition or get it back at all.

  4.  You'll miss the hand holding in the parking lots.

  5.  Moms cry in their beds at night too.

  6.  Sticking to your guns & following through with consequences are hard.

  7.  Sometimes, a little space is good.

  8.  I don't remember ANYTHING from math.