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I've decided to start linking up with Biana on reporting on activities of the weekend.  If you would like to join, hit her up!
So, on to my weekend...
Friday - Paul & I had dinner with our friends, Ben & Christa, & then went back home to play What Do You Meme.  It was pretty fun!  :)
Saturday - I went to a vendor fair with my mom, aunt & cousin in search of Christmas presents.  We then decided that our day wasn't complete with just that - we had lunch & hit up a few stores for more Christmas shopping.  Then home for Ben & Christa to come over for some cheese & more gaming - more What Do You Meme & Funny Deaths.
Sunday - I got my butt outta bed, did a few chores & then went to see Bohemian Rhapsody with my mom & stepdad.  You can read my review on the movie here.  I will just say that it was awesome!  Then home for some beef stew, the Packers & then the Walking Dead.

My Thoughts On...

IMDB's summary:  "a chronicle of the years leading up to Queen's legendary appearance at the Live Aid (1985) concert."

  My summary:  "a movie about one of the best entertainers ever to grace this Earth."

I saw the poster for this movie many months ago & I knew that I would need to see it.  I grew up listening to rock music & Queen was one of those bands.  I knew the story & appeal of Freddie Mercury at the age of ten.  He was amazing & just oozed greatness.  I was actually able to convince my mother to come to the movie & she never goes to the movies.  Ha!

I thought the casting was great.  Not only did these actors look so much like the people they were portraying but the acting was amazing.  Rami Malek had his plate full playing the amazing Freddie Mercury but he did a marvelous job.
I loved seeing how the band members worked together to make the songs that I love so much & what went into them.  It's just amazing to me to se…

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful...that I've been able to spend a lil time in this lil world with yall again.  I've really missed it & I really am gonna try to be here more & be in the know of what's happening with yall.

I am thankful...that today is Game Night with the family.  Every Thursday, Sunshine & I go to my mom & stepdad's with my sister for dinner & then dominoes.  It is so much fun & Sunshine really looks forward to it every week.  I am glad that she can see a positive family environment as her mother's side of the family are all crazy, dramatic people & Paul's family really doesn't do things together.

I am thankful...that my bosses have enough faith in me to train new people & teach them the ways of the ODC Legal Assistant.  Ha, ha!  The newest new girl & I have been concentrating on going through files & making sure things are up to date & such.  Right now, things are a damn mess.  Ugh!

I am thankful...that I have some fun…


I've decided to start linking up with Biana on reporting on activities of the weekend.  If you would like to join, hit her up!
So, on to my weekend...
Friday - I spent most of the day being upset with Sunshine as she got all teenager on me & told me not to talk to her because I wouldn't allow her to take the car for play on Friday night.  We have a rule that all grades need to be a "C" or better to use the car for fun.  Otherwise, it's just used for school & work.  Well, I stuck to the rule &, of course, I was horrible.  I know, it makes me shake my head.  
Right after I was done with work, the hubby & I went to see Venom.  I know, me being the nerd I am, it took us a long time to get to this one.  You can read my thoughts on the movie here.  We went out to dinner at Noodles & Company & off to home but not before having to take Sunshine to her boyfriend's & she gets in the car all talkative with me.  Teens are SO weird.  Ha!  Then we…

TBB Asks...

I am trying to get my butt back into this thing called blogging & I always love me a good linkup so when I saw this, I had to join in.  Would you like to join in too?  Well, go right on over & visit The Blended Blog to do so.
1. Have you ever kept a gratitude journal? Yes or no? Yes & it was a great way to find the positives in my life.  At first, I typed it out all out on a computer & then I went to handwriting it in a journal.  I think that I would really like to get back to doing that. 2. Hosting Thanksgiving at your house? Yes or no? Nope.  We host Christmas Eve every year so someone else takes on Thanksgiving. 3. Favorite food from the Thanksgiving meal? Stuffing, hands down.  I LOVE stuffing especially with some gravy.  Delish! 4. What one thing in nature are you most grateful for? Hmmm, right now, the slight chill in the air here in Central Wisconsin.  I love being snuggled up in a hoodie/sweater.  :) 5. Pumpkin pie: Yes or no? Yes, I love pumpkin. 6. Traditional coo…

My Thoughts On...

IMDB Summary:  when Eddie Brock acquires the power of a symbiote he will have to release his alter-ego "Venom" to save his life.

  My Summary:  man meets parasite, parasite meets man, parasite & man fall in love.  Ha!

I'm a fan of Tom Hardy & a fan of being a nerd so this movie seemed like a win-win.  I didn't know much about this story but was very interested to see how things happened & such.  While I enjoyed the movie, I am not real sure the staying power of this character in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).  Although, the end credits scene was a nice teaser in what could possibly come.  I won't spoil anything as that's not how I roll but if a sequel does come out, it shall be interesting.

Also, is it just me or does Annie aka Michelle Williams look a whole lot like Pepper aka Gwyneth Paltrow in Ironman?

Venom's Grade: B

Makes Me Happy Pics…

Another month has come & gone & there were some great things that made me happy throughout the months of June & July:

A delicious dinner at Christian's Bistro.

Cheese whips from the local cheese factory.  Yum!

Dominoes with the family.

Me & Tyrion.

My Kindle with the sticker from my tattoo place.

My stepdad, daughter, cousin & sister.  <3

Some of my favorite people in the whole world!

Luna getting some fresh air.

"D" enjoying some baseball.

"Z" playing some baseball.

My grandparents at their wedding shower.

This face in the morning...if she hasn't kept me up.

My babies.

Game/Pizza Night with these faces.

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful...that today I am actually able to post something!  I have been away for far too long.  Things over on this end have been insane & I am really hopeful that I can get back to this blogging world, I miss it!

I am thankful...for having the house all to myself.  The hubby has been gone since Friday & Sunshine has been gone since Tuesday & they won't be home until Sunday.  It's been pretty nice, I really enjoy my "alone time".  :)

I am thankful...for Stephen King.  I mean, I've been thankful for him for over fifteen years but I am really thankful that he did Castle Rock for the world to see & enjoy.  I devoured two episodes last night & it's pretty dang great...& weird. 

I am thankful...that tonight might be a good night to throw in Harry Potter & do some coloring...& maybe order a pizza from Domino's.  Yummy!

I am thankful...that my father-in-law came over yesterday & mowed the lawn cuz it was getting crazy & …

Weekending/Musical Monday…

I've decided to start linking up with Biana on reporting on activities of the weekend.  If you would like to join, hit her up!
So, on to my weekend...
Friday - my cousin, Scott, who lives out in Oregon came home on Thursday night for his brother's/my other cousin's graduation party so I grabbed him on Friday night to join us for dinner & such Friday night.  We went out, played some Fibbage out our place afterwards & watched Infinity War.  I loved having him home!
Saturday - I got my butt outta bed, got ready for the day & headed to Walmart for some groceries & such before heading to my cousin, Gunnar's graduation party.  We all had such a great time celebrating him - we ate a bunch, laughed a lot & just enjoyed the day.

Sunday - nothing too exciting except for typical Sunday chores & an argument with Sunshine about how much she's expected to work during the summer.  She was/is not happy with me at the moment but it is what it is & she can do…


Another month starting with another Currently linkup - awhoo hoo!  So, what does Anne have going on this month?  Well, come along & check it out!  :)

Traveling...I don't really have any plans at the current time to do any traveling any time soon.  I should really remedy that, I think.

  Grilling...with our busy schedules lately, we have not actually sat around the dinner table for a family meal.  Therefore, no time for grilling.  Again, that should be remedied.

  Exploring...the world of graphic novels aka comic books.  I had started out with reading The Walking Dead & I have since read a Captain Marvel & a Deadpool.  They are quite enjoyable, quick reads.  :)

  Planting...nothing...I am planting nothing.  I gave it another go & I think that I killed four more plants.  I just do not have a green thumb & it sucks because I love how pretty flowers are.  Luckily, my hubby is better & has some pretty flowers in our garden & even planted me some sunflowers.  <…

Makes Me Happy Pics…

Another month has come & gone & there were some great things that made me happy throughout the month of May:

Home runs at Miller Park.

Pictures with Kylo Ren.

How pretty Miller Park looks.

Nibbles from Tyrion Peter.

Reading my book on a cool, rainy day.

"Flowers" from "D".  <3

Watching this lil lady sing & dance.

My siblings & mama.

Seeing Deadpool 2.

Trying my "green thumb".

Introductions to new family members - meet Luna!

Watching Tyrion & Luna get along.

Pretty places for camping.

Spending a warm day at the beach.