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My Thoughts On...

Goodreads' Summary:  "In the pantheon of serial killers, Belle Gunness stands alone. She was the rarest of female psychopaths, a woman who engaged in wholesale slaughter, partly out of greed but mostly for the sheer joy of it. Between 1902 and 1908, she lured a succession of unsuspecting victims to her Indiana “murder farm.” Some were hired hands. Others were well-to-do bachelors. All of them vanished without a trace. When their bodies were dug up, they hadn’t merely been poisoned, like victims of other female killers. They’d been butchered."

My Summary:  "One scary bitch who didn't need no man...but to slaughter."

I had never heard of Belle Gunness before this book popped up as a free book from Amazon for being a prime member.  It got my attention right away & as soon as I could, I read it.  

What I didn't realize until I was almost done is that I also read the book by the same author about good ol' Ed Gein & enjoyed that one.  This one was no…

Weekending/Musical Monday…

I've decided to start linking up with Biana on reporting on activities of the weekend.  If you would like to join, hit her up!
So, on to my weekend...
Friday - the husband & I went out to dinner and for drinks with our friends, Ben & Christa.  & then headed back to our house for some games.  A nice quiet evening with some great people.
Saturday - my cousin, Jennifer, & I decided to take a last minute trip to Appleton for some shopping & such.  We had her youngest with her & he was perfect!  We had so much fun & while at Scheels, I educated him about Bucky Badger because he kept going over to the Wisconsin Badger stuff & by the end of our trip in that store, he was calling out "Bucky!"  My heart could not be prouder.

When we got back into town, Paul & I went out for a couple glasses of wine & then headed back home to relax & watch Baby Driver.  You can read my review here.

Sunday - typical Sunday, spent the morning hanging out in be…

My Thoughts On...

IMDB's summary:  "after being coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail".

  My summary:  "an action packed movie with an awesome soundtrack!"

I thought the cast was pretty dang great, the story was good, the soundtrack was amazing & the cars were pretty sweet.  Plus, I got to see my pal Jon Bernthal & he was fabulous & can we take a minute & realize how great Jon Hamm is as a bad guy?!  Ha!

Baby Driver's Grade: B

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful...that my vacation keeps getting closer & closer.  I cannot wait to get away from everything for a lil bit.

I am thankful...that I didn't murder my husband in his sleep last night.  He kept fighting me in his sleep & finally at 12:45 in the am, I had to get outta bed for a bit & cool down or I probably would have smothered him.  Ha!

I am thankful...that I finally made it out of an escape room.  I've only done two other rooms & didn't make it out.  Well, that ended last night.  My friend, Christa, & I got out of our room with twelve minutes to spare & only taking one clue.

I am thankful...that I have any appointment to get my hair done tonight.  I am going dark hair.  My gal said that darker hair tends to look more full & since my hair has no life to it whatsoever, I am willing to try anything.  Ha!
I am thankful...that the day is slowly coming to an end & that I am one step closer to being in my nice comfy bed about to pass out.  I…

Spring Is In The Air...Kinda...

Although it doesn't really feel like Spring here in Central Wisconsin with all the snow outside, I liked the lil Q & A that Sarita did & I knew that I had to partake.  :)

1. What 3 colors remind you most of Spring? Anything pastel colored - yellow, purple & green.
2. What is the first thing you’d add to your wardrobe in Spring? Short-sleeved shirts.
3. What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in Spring? My winter coat!
4. Who mows the grass where you live? My hubby.  I've only mowed once in my life & it was horrible.  Ha!
5. What’s Spring Like where you live? Well, right now, we have about of foot of snow outside. Oh, Wisconsin weather...
6. What’s Your favorite thing about Spring? Being able to have my window open.
7. Are you a Spring Cleaner? Oh yea.  I've already done some with the wardrobe.
8. Are you a Baseball Fan? Of course, it's only apart of my blog name - Brewers!
9. Tulips or Daffodils? Oh, both.  I love flowers.
10. Favorite Outdoor Spring Activity? Sitting on…


Another month starting with another Currently linkup - awhoo hoo!  So, what does Anne have going on this month?  Well, come along & check it out!  :)
Showering...lately with Chris Hardwick & Judd Apatow.  Yup, two men, every morning.  Tee hee!  I've been listening to Id10t podcast which is perfect for me cuz I just like listening to people I like getting interviewed.  That's why enjoy The Tonight Show & Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.
Cultivating...not gonna lie, had to look up the correct meaning.  I am having one of those mornings, yes.  Anywho, the first definition is about gardening & let me tell you, I do not have a green thumb.  I've killed aloe vera plants & cactus.  I hear both of those are difficult to kill, not for me.  Ha! go nuts while packing for Vegas next week.  We leave next Friday night right after I am done for work so I gotta start getting things together next Wednesday/Thursday night & already looking at the weather…

Makes Me Happy Pics…

Another month has come & gone & there were some great things that made me happy throughout the month of March:

Another successful trip to the Goodwill for books.

My baby brother & I just goofing around with Snapchat filters at the tattoo place.  :)

Getting back to working out at the Y.

Hangin' with my mama & sister at a baby shower.

The Mom-To-Be at above mentioned baby shower.

A new sign I made.

Sunshine lettering in gymnastics.

"C" & Paul getting their Brewer tickets for their birthday - Star Wars Night.

The great birthday cake Jill made for the boys' birthday celebration.

Celebrating Paul's birthday with some of our favorite people.

"The Puking Cat". This creamer belonged to my greatgrandmother I got it back in my possession.  I love this lil thing.