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Mandie's Marvel Rankings...

So, Ms. Kati Rose did this post ranking Marvel characters & I just could not get it outta my mind so I just HAD to do one for myself.  

Note:  this is just Cinematic Universe so it does not include The Punisher or any of the characters from the TV shows.  Also, they are in no particular order except for my main man:

  1.  Thor.  It should come as no surprise whatsoever if you've been around these parts that Thor is my favorite.  With each movie he's been in, I've grown to love him more & more.  I know in the comics that he's really nothing but a big, strong dummy but I really do believe he's more in the movies.  He's so torn between doing what is right & the love he has for his brother, Loki.  I really think that he's grown & I just love him SO much...especially when he has the long locks.  ;)

  2.  Shuri.  First, can we all just agree that she is stinkin' adorable?!  Oh my gosh, I wanna put her in my pocket & keep her forever!  Plus, damn the girl is smart!  She's supposed to be sixteen years old & the shit that she can do is just amazing!  I am super excited to see if she & Tony Stark will ever put their brilliant minds together cuz that would be insane!

  3.  Yondu.  There are many reasons I love Yondu & the biggest is one of his lines from the last Guardians movie to Peter Quill aka StarLord:  "he may have been your father but I'll always be your daddy".  Oh my gosh!  I frickin' cried a river cuz I can totally relate with him.  He showed his love for Peter in his own way & protected him without making him soft.  Love, love, love!

  4.  Loki.  I know, I know, he's done terrible things, yada, yada, yada.  But really, I think deep down, like REALLY deep down, he loves his brother.  Loki is just a grownup child that didn't feel that he got the attention he deserved from his father & that Thor stole that from him.  Plus, he's the God of Mischief.  I just wish that he would pick a side & stick with it, he's all over the place but I still have a piece of my love reserved for him.  :)

  5.  Ironman.  Now, here's where I am sure that Kati is grinding her teeth - she's Team Cap & I'm Team Ironman.  & that's okay, to each their own.  I've always more gravitated towards Ironman over Captain America & I think that it's because Tony is more of a rule-breaker who likes to test the limits & he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him.  He is who he is & that's it, take it or leave it.  Me, I'll take it.  If it weren't for the Stark name, where would The Avengers be?  I mean, really.

  6.  Scarlet Witch.  She is incredible.  She is one strong chick - emotionally & with her powers.  Plus, I'm just gonna lay this out there - she's hot!  Ha!  Seeing her in Infinity War just proved how much I love her.  She's not just some badass, she really loves Vision & there is nothing more in the World that she wants than him.  I really think that she could kick anyone's ass especially Black Widow...not much of a fan of Black Widow & I would love to watch her get her ass kicked.  Tee hee!

  7.  Black Panther.  As soon as I met him in Civil War, I was totally ready to see his movie & actually, while I worked on this list, I was watching the movie.  I think that he's well-developed & he has a kind heart.  I just think that he's a great addition to the crew especially with the technology & resources he brings with Shuri & Wakanda.  Plus, can we just all agree that the soundtrack to the movie is "off the hook"?!  Oh my gosh, it's SO good!  :)

  8.  Deadpool.  Yea, I know that he's really apart of the X-Men Universe & not The Avengers but, come on, how great would he be with The Avengers.  I think that him & Rocket together would be the best thing EVER!  Both so sassy & fun.  Like Ironman, Deadpool does not care what anyone thinks of him & he'll do whatever is necessary to get the job done.  It also helps that Ryan Reynolds plays him & I have been in love with Ryan for a VERY long time.

  9.  Ant-Man.  I was so iffy about this whole character.  I mean, a guy that is the size of an ant...really?  I wasn't buying it but because it was Marvel & it was Paul Rudd, I gave it a shot & fell in love!  He's awesome.  Scott doesn't have any super powers, just a smart guy with an awesome suit - thank you, Dr. Pym.  He's hilarious & after getting into some trouble, he's ready to right his wrongs especially for his daughter.  <3

  10.  Gamora.  One badass bitch!  She's tough, she doesn't take shit from ANYONE & she's got killer fashion sense.  Love her!  Of course, being the adopted daughter of one of the baddest guys in the universe has helped shape her & I love every part.  I mean, who else could put up with the other morons in Guardians?  She's the boss in that crew & it's quite apparent.  She too could totally kick Black Widow's ass!  Tee hee!

Okay, because I couldn't stop, I have some honorable mentions:

  1.  Thanos.  The biggest, baddest guy in the universe.

  2.  Rocket.  The biggest asshole "trash panda" in the universe.

  3.  Baby Groot.  Awwww, isn't he adorable?!

  4.  Okoye.  Another badass bitch...but she does all with no hair.  Beautiful!  :)


  1. So I'm literally a month behind, but I love this and am totally stealing.... erm, borrowing! Badass bitches are my favorite. A lot of these make my list too. And I don't care if Deadpool isn't technically part of any groups, he's in Marvel, he counts! Plus, he's hysterical. Also, I've never seen Ant-Man, but I want to before the new one comes out!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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