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September Goals...

There are a whole lot of people out there posting about their September goals.  Well, if you know me, you know that I like to steal blog ideas so I had to steal this one as well & it's my first one so I won't make my goals too high.

  1.  Mandie/Stepdaughter Dinner.  I want to take each girl out to dinner to connect & just have some one on one time. I think that's very important as they tend to open up a little more & talk with me about what's going on.

  2.  Donate.  I have tons of things to take to Goodwill, the humane society & some books to get into the "free library".  I need to take care of that stuff asap.

  3.  Craft Project.  I told my mom that I would make her a half corkboard half blackboard for her wall.  I got the corkboard but I still have to get my butt to the local Goodwill to pick up a frame to work with...& probably a trip to Home Depot for some more chalkboard spray paint.  :)

  4.  Reading.  I need to finish Allegiant & then start Dr. Sleep...unless I should re-read The Shining first.  Any suggestions out there on if I should or not?

  5.  Workout.  With summer being so crazy, the family & I have neglected our YMCA membership so we need to get back out there to do some working out.  I'd like to get signed up for a class as well.

  6.  Night Cleaning.  With the girls back in school, I'd like to keep up with a quick cleanup of the house before bed - dishes, counters wiped down, girls' vitatmins/pills out & ready for them along with anything else for school, clothes put out for the next day, etc.

  7.  TV/Movie Night With Goose.  Try to have a night at least once a month where I sit down with just Goose to view one of our TV shows &/or a movie.

  8.  Mailing.  Do a handwritten card or letter to a family member or friend at least once a week.  Everyone loves to see a little something in their mailbox that isn't a bill or junk mail.

  9.  Jimmy Fallon Time.  I want to get back into watching his show during lunch again.  I love him & his show so it's time to start viewing him again especially now that Chelsea Lately has left me.

  10.  New Music Tuesday.  Be sure to listen to the new music dropped every Tuesday & update my "Starred" playlist on Spotify.

I think that those things are lets see how I do!  :)


  1. Awesome list!! We just donated a bunch of stuff too and it seriously felt SO good to get it out of the house! :) I'm trying to get a cleaning routine down too-- good luck!

    1. Thanks, lovely lady! I'm sure that I can knock out at least half of this list, I think. :)

  2. Night cleaning sux while you're doing it but it feels good to wake up to a clean, organized place - that's for sure!

    1. True dat! I love going to bed and seeing how clean the kitchen can be for a few short hours. :)

  3. What a great list! I love all your ideas! I especially love the dinner date one on one with your step daughters. They will so love it. What special time with you guys!

    1. I've done that a couple of times & I really enjoy that time with them. They really open up & talk about this & that, good or bad. I think that they like it too. :)

  4. You can do all of the above! I love you pretty lady! :)

    1. I thought they were all pretty, time will only tell if I can do them all. Ha!

      I love you too! :)


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