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Six Years Later...

Yup, I'm that little guy right there & I pushed the dominoes about six years ago & now they have crashed down upon me.

So, I was on another blogging site a long time ago, three years ago about.  This blog was negative by my hand, immature by my words & dramatic by the "queen" of that site.  I was not the queen but she did take me under her wing & I did what got me views - I was a major bitch!  Well, one of the topics I wrote about six years ago was Greg & now, I don't remember what I wrote but it has been found, read & hurt him.  I feel so bad now cuz I don't think those things now, I look at him as my older brother, the one I love but want to kick in the shins at the same time.  His wife, Jill, is one of my best friends & with this, I hurt her too & she is one of the last people that I would ever want to hurt.  I feel terrible for the person I was over on that site.  Here, I like to think that I take a more positive view on things.  I mean, I still bitch about people but is it anything so horrible that I don't want to be seen by anyone down the road...maybe some stuff about Trouble but, otherwise, I don't think so.

I guess that my lesson is that I just need to be aware that this is not private & anyone can find it so I need to be kinder & just stick to the positive stuff in life & my reviews of my monthly deliveries.  I keep the dirt in my brain only.


  1. I used to write the weirdest dumb shit on my LiveJournal that I was so so so embarrassed and ashamed to read years later. We all do stupid things before we mature and realize! Sorry that you're in this situation :(

    1. Oh, I read some of that crap I wrote & it was horrible...I mean, there was some good stuff but mostly just crap. So, I tried to deactivate it but had to email the site & ask them to get rid of it, I don't want it out there anymore. Blah!

  2. I'm sorry lady! :(. Just remember that, that was in the past & this is now! :). *Hugs*

    1. Right & I'm trying to remember that, I just hope that he forgives me for being so stupid. I'm sure that he will eventually but I'm still upset with myself for being such a bitch. :p


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