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#Blogtober: Superstitions...

Superstitions or OCD...can they be considered the same thing?  You be the judge...

  ~  When I'm driving at night & a streetlight goes out, I'm just waiting for bad luck...or vice versa.

  ~  "Make a wish, it's 11:11!"

  ~  My bra & underwear have to match.

  ~  When I walk, I still don't step on cracks.  I don't want to break my mother's back.

  ~  Itchy nose means that someone is thinking about me or that I'll kiss a fool.  My husband is a fool, that's for sure!

  ~  If the Packers lose, the soup we had that day cannot be eaten the rest of the season.

  ~  Having an itchy palm means that I should be heading out to the casino cuz money is in my future.  Ha!  My mom always told me that one.

  ~  Every Sunday I must paint my nails for a fresh new look for the week.

  ~  Still to this day, I will not look into mirrors when it's dark.  Bloody Mary really scared the crap outta me when I was younger & she's stuck with me.

  ~  When going through a red light, I hit the ceiling for good luck.


  1. Haha! I'm with you on the Bloody Mary thing, she scared so many young children - and a few adults! But the last one I haven't really heard of before today, It's quite a random one!

    1. Now, you're gonna have to start hitting that roof for good luck! :)

  2. I think I commented, but your word verification messed me up. (You should get rid of word verification, by the way) I basically said I don't think my bra and underwear have ever matched, lol.

    1. I think that I got the verification off now.

      But I have to have my bra & unders match...that's probably more OCD though. Tee hee!

  3. Ohhhh my god hahah i follow ZERO superstitions but my friend believes them all and it drives me crazy!!

    1. What about the matching bra & unders? Do you follow that? Ha!


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